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About Disposable cameras

A major chunk of today’s population has forgotten disposable cameras due to digitalization. They work on a fantastic concept where you can take pictures and discard the camera body after submitting the film for processing. 

Cool, right? A disposable camera is a film camera for single usage. Like other film cameras, disposable cameras also have three main parts- shutter, lens and body, except that one can discard the whole camera housing after processing the film. They have straightforward functions and fewer features than their reusable counterparts. It is effortless to use a reusable camera. The user must advance the film through gear at the top of the camera. After that, the user sees through the viewfinders and presses a button to open the shutter so that the camera can allow light to pass through the lens for image capturing. So, if you want something cheap, easy to use and fun, then this is the camera for you. Read on to explore more.

Everything you need to know about the use and throw cameras

In the mid-1980s, a company named Fujifilm introduced a disposable camera. Those were a lot similar to the ones in use now. There were over a million units of Quick snap cameras sold in just one year after the release. Their Quick Snap line used 35 mm film, whereas Kodak’s Fling had 110 films. After releasing the 35 mm version, they renamed Fling Fun Saver. Since then, they have been popular till the time digital image technology appeared. However, they still have a lot of popularity alive at weddings, beach vacations, trips, and even at places where you do not get enough time to worry about your expensive cameras. So below, we will unveil everything you need to know about these disposable cameras before purchasing one. 

Using a disposable Kodak camera

Kodak disposable camera, specifically Fun Saver, is cheap and extremely easy to use. Like all other use and throw cameras, it has a simple plastic lens, disposable housing, manual film advance and 27 exposures. It also has a flash feature that you can use while taking pictures. This comes with a pre-loaded film. The user has to advance it to make a camera ready for a new picture. Once you have advanced it, you can look through the viewfinder and take a snap. To use flash, you can push the button on the front and wait until the top’s red dot turns red. When it is red, you can snap. 

Processing film of the fun disposable camera

The problem with a fun disposable camera is that the film needs to be processed to get pictures. However, the process is similar to any other film camera. The lab person will open the film in a darkroom or any other light-tight compartment to process the film. Then, it is processed using some chemicals, drying and finally printed on light-sensitive paper. Nowadays, you will not get a darkroom in most studios. However, a few big retailers, such as Walmart or Walgreens, can have processing options. 

Ways to buy single-use cameras online

Single-use cameras are prevalent when you want to enjoy the moment and not indulge in protecting your expensive cameras or technical stuff like shutter speed, aperture and focus. The best part is that many popular camera brands have them in their collection. You can find the best models of KODAK, Polaroid, Fujifilm, Xiaomi, Olympus, Konica, and Nikon right here at Browse through an extensive collection and also compare prices for a quick and budget pick. 

Tips on how to buy Disposable Camera

Disposable cameras are fun, easy and inexpensive. You can get your hands on a wide variety ranging from simple to flash, waterproof and more advanced styles. If you are having a hard time deciding which one to pick, here are some guiding tips to help you get through it easily.

  • ISO  ISO is the light sensitivity of the camera. Your selection of ISO depends upon where you want to take pictures. The lower the ISO, the less sensitive the camera would be to light. If you’re going to take photos in daylight, a low ISO will work, but for darker atmospheres, you can go for 800 to even 1600 ISO.
  • Several shots  Most disposable cameras have 27 or 39 shots available, but the price may go a bit on the higher side as you increase the shots.
  • Flash  If you take pictures in daylight or anywhere where a lot of lighting is available, you can go for no-flash versions. However, for night shots, you will have to choose flash counterparts. The best disposable camera for the night is the one with flash and good range. If you are choosing flash, consider the flash range. While capturing distant objects, you will need a camera with a high flash range. For example, if the flash range is 15 m, you will not light the object farther than that.
  • Price – Disposable cameras are fairly inexpensive. Although the one with some advanced features like memory card application, more ISO or more shots, the cost may move to a higher side. So, consider your requirements while choosing one.

Now that you are aware of what disposable cameras are and how they function, you must be eager to purchase one. Well, you do not have to any far. Right here at, you can get a huge collection of disposable cameras offered by popular brands in the industry. Moreover, you can get all the varieties in one place, eliminating the need of moving here and there to find a particular model. If you feel overwhelmed at any point, you can use filters to narrow down the choices swiftly. So, go ahead and have an effortless shopping experience ahead.

Question & Answer

Is a disposable camera good?

Disposable cameras are good when you want to enjoy trips and events without caring about protecting expensive cameras. They are cheaper than their reusable or digital counterparts. Moreover, you can find them useful for functions like weddings and other parties. If you buy disposable cameras for the wedding, you can keep them at guest tables. The guests can take images and hand over the films to the host for processing at the end. They are even suitable for camping trips, beach vacations and any other trip. However, it is important to consider best-reviewed brands to make the most out of disposable cameras.

Can you use an expired disposable camera?

Disposable cameras come with a “use by” date which is basically the expiry date. You can still use them after that, but the camera would not produce as good images as expected. The colour of the image would degrade, and hence, they will lack contrast. Hence, it is better to buy a new one whenever needed. They have straightforward functions and fewer features than their reusable counterparts. Plus, they are cheap, and you have a wide range of options to choose from.

Which disposable cameras are the best?

KODAK, Polaroid, Fujifilm, Xiaomi, Olympus, Konica, Nikon, and Pentax are the best disposable cameras you can get on the market. You can find them wide from simple versions to flash, memory card applications, more ISO or more shots variations. As the features increase, the disposable camera becomes more advanced and convenient to use. However, it is essential to keep your requirements in mind so that you do not unnecessarily spend on high-end models.

Where to buy a disposable camera in Dubai?

You can find disposable cameras in any online or offline electronic store or marketplace. However, if you consider brick stores, you will not get as many varieties as you will get in an online store. If you are unsure where to find the best collection, you can come to us on You will find more than 500 trusted online stores selling disposable cameras at affordable prices on our product search engine. You can find the best brands here and buy a small disposable camera from their latest collection. Moreover, it is easy to compare prices offered by various sellers for a budget pick. Additionally, we have got a direct searching feature to search any particular brand you are looking for effortlessly. So, go ahead and enjoy effortless shopping.

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