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About Barometers

Atmospheric pressure is a key indicator of weather changes. However, one does not have to be a weatherman to get a barometer. Outdoor enthusiasts, farmers, and hikers across the world use barometers for different reasons.  

These days, it is not necessary to use a barometer to know the atmospheric pressure in your location. You can check any basic weather to know the present atmospheric pressure in your area. However, there is an authenticity in using a barometer that only an enthusiast can acknowledge. Moreover, you might not have access to the network when you are on a remote hiking trail. This article will tell you everything you need to know about barometers. Having a better understanding of them will help you make the right choices while you are shopping for them.  

Four best barometers that you can buy 

For centuries, barometers have been invaluable to human progress. They helped us predict weather patterns and helped farmers and sailors to plan ahead. Pilots used this data to navigate the flights. These are only a fraction of the benefits that barometers have brought about. These days, you can use one even as interior decor or as a fun gadget in your garden. Here is a list of four of the best traditional barometers that you can buy. This article will also give you some tips that you can use while shopping for them. 

AcuRite Galileo Barometer 

Probably the first thing that anyone would notice about this barometer is how beautiful it is. It consists of an eleven-inch Galileo thermometer and a frosted glass globe, which is there for just aesthetic purposes. Even the Galileo thermometer is glass from top to bottom. To make the whole thing even more appealing, there is some strategic use of contrasting colours as well. All of these factors together make this a great piece of artwork and an atmospheric pressure measuring device at the same time. This device will suit well if you pair it with antique-looking decorations.  

TRAC Fishing Barometer 

Atmospheric pressure affects the feeding habits of fish. Therefore, it is possible to narrow down the spot in the sea where you have a really high chance of finding fish using barometer readings. This one is more suitable for fishing purposes because of its compact size and water resistance. Also, you can easily wear it around your wrist as it comes with an adjustable strap. This device alone won't make you an expert angler, though. You should also have the know-how of how to locate the fish using barometer readings. This will take years of practice to do well enough.  

Ambient Weather Wall Mount Barometer 

Traditionally, weather stations used to have wall-mounted barometers similar to this. But modern weather stations have moved past this primitive technology. However, they do still make a really good household barometer so that you can use it to predict the weather yourself. Moreover, this can also improve the aesthetics of your interior. So, you can kill two birds with just one stone. This tear-shaped glass barometer uses a blow coloured liquid to measure the difference in pressure. There is also a small spout at the bottom of the device.  

AMTAST Analogue Barometer 

When you buy this device, you are in fact getting a mini portable weather station. Apart from the barometer, this device includes an analogue thermometer and an analogue hygrometer. One downside of this meter is that the dial only features imperial units. Being an analogue meter, there is no option to switch between units either. So, if you are not comfortable using imperial units, you might want to skip this. But on the positive side, the built quality and the measuring accuracy of this device is very impressive for its price.

Tips on how to buy Barometers

Looking for the right barometer for your needs might feel like an overwhelming task. There are, literally, hundreds of different pressures measuring devices out there. There are the really high-end ones that are used for research purposes to extremely cheap ones that kind of works. In order to choose the one that works for you, you need to know what factors to consider in them. Here are a few tips that you can follow while shopping for them.  
  • Accuracy - You need a barometer that displays the atmospheric pressure with the level of accuracy that is sufficient for your specific need. For example, if your job demands you to check barometer readings more than a few times a day, then you need a decent level of accuracy. If you are drawn more towards the design, then the response time and accuracy might not maintain you considerably.  
  • Build quality - Consider the build quality of the device when you buy. It should be strong and sturdy but should not be too heavy. However, all these requirements change depending on what you are using it for. If you want it to double as a wall decoration, then a really lightweight device might not be the ideal choice. However, if you are sailing, you need a small device that you can put in your pocket or tie around your wrist.  
  • Measuring mechanism - Mainly, there are two different mechanisms of measurement that barometers use. Traditional devices almost always use mercury to measure the pressure. Such devices use the height difference of the mercury level to indicate the pressure. Aneroid barometers, on the other hand, use the expansion of metal to measure the pressure difference. 
  • Design - The ideal design for a barometer varies depending on where you are going to use them. If you want to use it outdoors in unfriendly watchers, then be sure to get a device that is weather sealed. But for indoor devices, which often double as the house decoration, looks will take precedence over features like water resistance or compactness. 
There are plenty of weather gauges that are useful for your garden and outdoors in general. These include anemometers, outdoor thermometers, hygrometers, infrared thermometers, window thermometers, rain gauges, and weather houses. You can find all of them easily using our retail search engine. That will also allow you to compare the features and prices of them and pick the right model that suits you. Finally, don't forget to check out other useful products from the Garden category.

Question & Answer

How are manometers different from barometers? 

Both manometers and barometers can measure atmospheric pressure. However, both of them are not the same. People have been using both of these devices for several centuries for measuring atmospheric pressure. The major difference that a barometer has from a manometer is that the former is close-ended while the latter can be either open-ended or close-ended. While manometers can measure the pressure difference between a variety of different fluids, barometers can only measure atmospheric pressure.  

How to set up a barometer?  

The exact method of setting up a barometer depends on its type. The aneroid version uses the expansion of a metal corresponding to the change in pressure for measurement. You have to calibrate the android version before it can work. To do this, you will need another calibrated device. Then use a screwdriver to adjust the reading based on the calibrated device. Digital meters, on the other hand, come pre-calibrated and do not need to be recalibrated for a long time. More than the actual number on the dial of the barometer, what matters the most is the direction which the needle is moving.  

What is a mercury barometer? 

Mercury barometers were the very first devices that people used to measure atmospheric pressure. It basically consists of an upside-down vacuum u-tube that contains mercury. One end of this tube will be exposed to the atmosphere. So as the atmospheric pressure increases, the air pushes down the mercury at the open end of the tube. To counteract this pressure, the mercury level rises on the closed end of the tube. This rise in the level of mercury column corresponds to the change in atmospheric pressure. Using this simple theory, mercury barometers measure atmospheric pressure.   If you are looking to buy barometers online in the UAE, look no further as you are in the right place. There are more than 500 shops and brands offering them here on Explore products from shops like MenakartBrands for LessNewchic, and many more. These shops offer products from popular brands like Samsung, Vaisala, Barigo, Fischer, Acurite, Sputnik, and Suunto.