Rain Barrels

About Rain Barrels

Rain barrels are the one and only unit of rain catchment systems. If you are thinking to mount one, you first must understand that this purchase has multiple aspects to ponder upon. Your local climate, rain frequencies, or the aesthetics of the barrel itself, everything is worth noticing. You can begin your shopping drive by grabbing some useful information about the product. Even if you are an expert, you can still go through the information to capture the latest advancements in the marketplace. Or maybe get to know about more brands about which you have never heard of before. Whatever the case may be, a little research does no harm.

Typically any rain barrel is capable of storing water collected on the rooftop. All you need to do is mount the product in the correct way if you are doing it all by yourself, or you can seek an expert’s help as well. Once mounted, you can lower your water bills by using the barrel water for anything other than drinking, cooking, and bathing. All you have to do after mounting is wait for the rain, so the water accumulates enough to carry on with the tasks. Right now, the priority is to buy the best-rated rain barrel, so let’s discuss the anatomy of the product.

Components of rain barrels

Knowing the components will help you read the specifications list clearly. There are a total of six components of the products. Three of the components include a spigot, a bottom drain, and an overflow hose. It also has a screen to keep debris and insects out and a downspout diverter to carry the water into the rain barrel. The quality of all these components together makes the purchase worthwhile. However, do not expect every component put out in detail in the specifications list. For that, it is imperative that you shop from an authentic platform and brand. Maybe check out their guarantee and other features that show the brand trusts their product and believe in aftersales service. As of now, let’s dig in more into the product.

Decorative rain barrels

You can either have a foldable and collapsible tank to store the rainwater or get your hands on some decorative stuff. For example, a wicker basket style barrel is something worth investing in. Another wicker basket style plastic tank is also very much in trend because of its exterior sheen. There is another product that won’t even show that it is some sort of rain barrel. The product is in the shape of a Waterstone that can also beautify your garden. The best part is you can even link one or more Waterstones to collect more water. Likewise, you can search and buy a decorative rain barrel online in the UAE and level up the aesthetics of your house exterior.

Rain barrel kit

If you have a container, you can make that a rain barrel. Of course, there are other things needed. And for that, you can buy a kit that makes the product complete. So, you can buy the kit separately and do it yourself. The kit will include a spigot kit, including a fitting adapter and ball valve, and it will also contain two pieces of thread filler. You have to make sure that the parts you are buying are non-toxic and durable. The one that does not fade, crack, peel, and be good for all the seasons. Once done, you can make a perfect rain barrel for the garden, water plants and clean the tools as well. If you wish to explore more kits, you can visit our product search engine.

Rain barrel system

After exploring and buying the barrel that fits best, you need to invest some time in their installation also. The barrel’s mounting needs a part of plumbing work too. The whole rain barrel system works when the rainwater flows through the gutter of the house, which is then diverted towards the barrel. This can be done either by using a rainwater diverter kit or by attaching flexible downspout tubing. The right procedure will depend on the kind of barrel you are going to purchase. So, you may buy a wood rain barrel online in the UAE or plastic, wicker or any other material, keep the installation in mind and buy relevant products if needed.

Tips on how to buy Rain Barrels

It is very much appreciated if you believe in using only non-potable water for cleaning and other applications. And that you have decided to buy rain barrels, the product will definitely help you on this purpose. However, buying one or maybe more, depending on your requirements, need you to consider a few facts. We have compiled the pre-requisites in bullet points for you to keep handy while shopping. Despite these points, if you find something else important, include them too and try to grab yourself a product that will last long.

  • The amount of water your roof will drain – When it comes to buying a barrel, you will first stumble upon the size requirements. This is where your roof measurements will be necessary to determine. Once you know, you can predict a certain size for the placement.
  • Plan to not waste the water – In any case, if you get yourself a big-sized barrel but use only 10-15gallons a day, the rest of the water will go waste. You should know that untreated water gets stagnate quickly. So, you need to roughly estimate your water usage, and if the applications do not come out as big, you can choose to have a small size barrel, irrespective of rain storage on the roof.
  • The typical amount of rainfall – What if the amount of rainwater is comparatively less than you calculated before buying? You must not miss this step. Check with your local climate administrators; probably check their website or ask an expert. Consider the step as a mandate if you are new to the town. The feedback from everyone or your research can narrow down your purchase in a profitable direction.
  • The frequency of rain – Despite the annual rain, you should also get to know the frequency of the rain. In case the rain is infrequent, you will know that you got to preserve the barrel water. In case the frequency is more, you can consider draining the tank completely in order to avoid stagnant water.
  • Consider the right placement – Some of you may need high-pressure water, for which an elevated barrel would be perfect. But in that case, you need to be careful about the weight, or you can buy a small barrel that needs to be elevated and another for ground placement.

We hope the tips will lead you to the right purchase. These were surely some practical points, but having them handy will prove useful when you start scrolling through the products. As the marketplace is flooded with products and all worthy enough, the decision becomes a daunting task. But with your sorted preferences, you can save on both your time and money. You can also begin searching for some cheap rain barrels for sale online in UAE and move on to some high-end products.

Question & Answer

Why use a rain barrel?

The rain barrel has many advantages, including the water it stores is soft water that is perfect for your plants’ health. You can also water your lawn and garden through the downspout. Another good usage of the rain barrel is that the water they hold can be used for cleaning your car, where you usually waste so much of your tap water. You can also wash your tools, be it those greasy workshop tools or your gardening tools, with this water. Likewise, you can plan other usages as well. But overall, using a barrel would prove fruitful.

What is the best rain barrel?

The barrels that do not mould, rot, and rust and that stands firm in your lawn or outdoor garden amidst heavy rain are the best. Irrespective of the size you choose, the best quality parameters always include a long-lasting product. You can check out brands like Cosmoplast and Algreen to get the desired results. You will find both these brand names or even more on our shopping platform, If you are not a brand conscious customer, you can just explore the platform by applying other important filters, such as budget and material.

What size rain barrel do I need?

The size of the barrel solely depends on the capacity you have for rain catchment. However, 50 or 60gallon product is the most common. As a rule of thumb, the capacity should be enough to catch the inches of rainfall on the rooftop area other than the water losses due to evaporation. So, one inch of rain on a 1000aquare foot roof can yield 600gallon approximately. This is one example so you can measure the size you would require. You may have to contemplate your decision thinking about your local weather conditions. The advice you read online may be limited to a specific region, so keep that in mind.

Where to buy a rain barrel online in the UAE?

Rain barrels can be easily found on our shopping platform,, and under one roof, you can expect to see multiple brands and their unique products. Not just your purchase would be the best-in-quality, but you can even grab amazing deals too. The authentic shops that we have under our umbrella will make you reach the product you have wanted for a long time. So, hop on it and start scrolling the products now. Here, not only rain barrel, but you can expect to see all of the garden supplies, so you can shop everything you need in one go.