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About Pond Lighting

In the morning ponds look beautiful with visibility of fish and lilies floating lazily. At night after sunset, things turn out upside down with zero visibility. Thus, pond lighting helps you with clear visibility, and the pond becomes spectacular with lights. So, learn about the types & sizes of lights for your backyard pond in this article.

Pond lighting is the additional lamps for your backyard space, especially for the pond or fountain. However, it provides a daytime feel after sunset on your fish pond, including a fountain. Thus, it helps in illuminating the water, creating reflections, and give a bundle of safety features. Unlike the standard lighting models, these lights are waterproof, which remains submerged in the water. Besides, there are other models which come in a pack of 4. And each light comes with a fixed diameter and houses with high-quality LEDs. It also comes with a smooth customise controller to function properly. However, the lights come with premium-grade PC construction. So, if you are seeking to buy pond lighting online in Dubai, then we are here to help you out. But before that, let’s delve more into this product. So, keep reading till the end!

Know all about the underwater pond lights for your backyard pond

There are many houses which have a garden pond that gives a touch of the countryside. However, it looks elegant during the daytime with clear visibility of fish, swamps, and lots more. But during the night things turns upside down with the prevailing of the darkness. Thus, the easiest way to bring the pond to live during the light is through the underwater pond spotlights. It illuminates the pond water, plants, and fish brilliantly. Besides, it designs to provide illumination directly under the surface water. And it doesn’t harm your fishes as long as you use LED lights. So, the best underwater pond lighting is the one that suits your requirements. Let’s learn about the different kinds of underwater lighting for your usages.

Solar Pond Lights

If you are a pond owner, then you possibly wish to save some of the monthly savings on the electricity. Thus, solar pond and fountain lights play a vital role in saving your expenses on electricity. It is an excellent way to power a small lighting system with solar energy with solar panels. All you have to do is position the panel properly to get maximum sunlight exposure. Thus, during the daytime, it will collect all the sunlight. And at night it will power the submissive LEDs for several hours. There are many models available in the market, out of which some comes with high-quality LEDs. So, the best solar pond lights are good quality lights that provide enough brightness after a full charge to a large area of the pond.

LED Pond Lights

Do you wish to create a beautiful nighttime water garden experience in your backyard? Then, LED pond spotlights are the best choice for it which illuminates a large area. And the best thing about this lighting is it brightens your whole garden pond area with low costs in energy consumption. Besides, it is easy to install and comes with an automatic on/off photocell with a digital timer. However, you will get plenty of choices while seeking pond lighting for sale online in the UAE. There are some of the models which come with a lighting kit. Thus, the kit includes lights on the fountain, small pond, or traditional landscapes. And it includes pre-wired, permanently sealed, and 1W lighting fixtures.

Low Voltage Underwater Lights

When you have a beautiful home, you wish to decorate it at its best. So, not even a garden pond gets left out. However, during the night time after sunsets, your beautiful pond gets dim. Thus, you get the need for the lighting to brighten up the pond or fountain. Besides, underwater lights create a warm glowing look at night. It highlights the underwater area, waterfall areas, fish, and so on.  However, you can choose low voltage underwater lights to reduce power consumption.  Besides, if you wish to buy pond lights online at the best price in Dubai, then you will get many choices in it. There are some models which come with fibreglass along with the black exterior. It provides a clean and stylish appearance.

Tips on how to buy Pond Lighting online

Choosing pond lighting for your front yard or backyard pond isn’t an easy task! There are so many things that you need to keep in mind while picking the best underwater solar pond lights. From types, size, colour changing, space, right bulbs, price, and so on. During the daytime, you enjoy the clarity and elegance of the pond or fountain attached to it. But after sunset when the visibility gets dull you get the need of using lighting. However, you can choose between a submersible spotlight or the fountain lighting kits for clean illumination. So, picking the right product is tricky! You need to do a bit of homework like surfing the internet. And this all takes a lot of time! Thus, we did the task for you. Now all you have to do is read them minutely. Have a glance!

  • Types– There are different kinds of waterproof fountain lights for beautifying your pond. However, solar lighting doesn’t need electricity nor cord restrictions to brighten up space. In contrast, rock lights resemble the surface of the rock and designs to put it on the garden landscape. On the other hand, submersible light under the water, which makes the pond shine during the night.

  • Halogen or LED lights – Although it’s a tough job to select between these lights as both are highly economical pond lighting. However, a halogen submersible spotlight provides warm white light. And they are the choice when the bright beam or wide illumination is needed. On the other hand, LED lights to come with modern technology. And they are cool, durable, and take less Voltage.

  • Right bulbs – When you are looking for the pond lighting for your new pond, you will come across the LED lights/ bulbs. However, the LED pond lights don’t need to replace, and it lasts longer than the ordinary lights like halogen bulbs. But the LED lights are more expensive than halogen bulbs. Thus, you no more have to worry about changing the bulbs every few months.

  • Size – You will get innumerable size choices while buying the underwater pond lights for your backyard pond. But you need to choose the right size of the bulbs by taking into consideration the size of the pond and the features you wish to make on it. However, you have to consider the depth of the pond. Thus, the deeper the pond, the brighter the light will have to place to reflect better.

To sum up, these are some of the essential factors of water feature lights underwater. However, the colour changing lights or still lights and prices of the lights depends on your choice. But shopping economically is the best choice you can decide upon rather than lavishly. Browse It is the best online store in Dubai with 500+ brands & stores allied with it. Thus, you delve into the myriad collection of pond supplies products. Plus, you enjoy the exciting offers & deals at the best price in the market.

Question & Answer

How to install pond lighting?

Nothing can beat the amazement of watching the fish cruise around the pond at night. It just takes you to another level. Thus, installing the pond lighting comes under the simple DIY project. And installing the lights into your pond needs to be done precisely. First, you need to find out the water feature viewpoint. And base on that you need to fix the lights. So, you don’t get blind by the lights as well as ruin the pond viewpoints. Second, you need to take the measurement of the pond area and find out the power outlet. Next, you need to choose your pond lighting style. The lighting of the pond needs to be soft and subtle or bold and statement-making. Thus, you need to blend the style with the water feature. Last, you need to find out how far will your lighting units beam will go.

Where to buy pond lighting online in the UAE?

Shopping online is the best choice you can make for yourself. With the advancement of technology, you can do shopping blink of an eye with just one click. And the best thing is you can shop anytime anywhere at your convenience. You no more have to take out time for reaching to the shopping destination. And wait for your turn or shop from a limited stock. However, selecting the correct shopping platform is also vital for your shopping experiences. But choosing as your default shopping browser, you will remain worry-free as well as enjoy your shopping spree. We are the best shopping search engine with more than 500 brands & stores allied with it.  Thus, you get unbelievable discounts every weekend.

Which Pond Lighting do I need?

Aquascape is the leading name in the industry of pond lighting. And it’s known for its products from low voltage underwater lights, submersible spotlight, waterproof fountain lights, and lots more. Thus, you can complete your landscape and water garden with its products. Some of its models come with six powerful 1-W LED bulb. Besides, you can connect easily with the quick-connect 12Volt components. However, you can also choose to customise your pond and garden viewpoint with the adjustable spotlight or waterfall lights. So, you can brighten up the fountain with an LED fountain accent light. You can also check out other renowned brands products. And they are Oase, Jebao, Laguna, Hozelock, and many more.

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