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About Pond Hoses

Having a pond in the garden is a dream for every homeowner. However, constructing the pond is only half of the job. You should also put a lot of thought into the pond hose that you select for the pond.

A good pond hose not only should deliver water efficiently but should also have the strength to overcome the mechanical stresses. In fact, the piping system and the hose is the central part of the water delivery system in the garden. Rather than going for a cheap quality hose to save money initially, investing a bit more effort and money in a reliable hose will help you save more money in the long run. Read this article to find out more about pond hoses. Having a better understanding of them will help you make the right choices while you are shopping for them.

Different types of pond hoses

While pond hoses are just flexible piping that allow you to basically extend the garden faucets, they do have a fair bit of diversity within them. Hoses differ from each other, mainly on the amount of water they carry within a given amount of time. The more water a hose carries, the stronger it should be. Because of this, the material and moreover, the whole construction of the hose changes. Here is a list of the four most common types of pond houses.

Vinyl pond pipes

This is probably one of the most common types of pond pipes. The key reason for their popularity is the affordability of these pipes. For additional durability, these pipes are usually lined with nylon mesh in several plies. Because of the presence of this protective layer, it is ideal for connecting garden pumps to sprinklers. This way, you can keep the water switched on all the time with the use of a timer. However, one downside of vinyl hoses is their rigidity. The presence of a nylon mesh layer makes the hose a little too hard to move around.

Pre-Coiled polyurethane hoses

This type of hoses is pretty common in greenhouses and sunrooms. As the pre-coiled pipe has the ability to stretch four or five times to that of its original length and also shrinks back to the coiled form when you release the hose, storing and managing the hose is not a hassle. It is the ideal hose for watering the garden on a regular basis. But be careful not to store one in a single heap to prevent the hose from getting tangled together. Instead, carefully coil it from a hose hanger before you store it.

Metal pond pump hose

Metal hoses are, of course, pricier than vinyl hoses. But the extra money you spend on them is worth every penny because they are tough and very lightweight. Unlike vinyl hoses, a metal hose doesn’t kink. You can drag it around and uncoil it easily without causing any damage. Even if the hose happens to heat up the sun, it will cool quickly as soon as the water starts flowing through it. That being said, you should be careful to avoid sharp corners or gaps in the pavement as the hose might get snapped. Despite all its advantages, metal hoses tend to have less diameter than synthetic pipes.

Expandable hoses

There are many variations for this. The most common one is the rubber hose covered with a sturdy, and flexible fabric. So, what is the benefit of using an expandable hose? Well, the most obvious one is the ease of storage. You can easily store a hundred-meter-long expandable hose in a five-gallon bucket when the hose is fully retracted. You’ll further love an expandable hose if you hate coiling your hose after every single use. However, it is not as strong or durable as a normal rubber hose. If you are not careful to keep the water pressure under check, the house might burst while you are pumping.

Tips on how to buy Pond Hoses Online

At first, finding the right hose for your garden might seem like a simple task. However, in reality, it might be harder than you might think. As there are so many of them out there in all kinds of materials and sizes, searching for the right hose can be an overwhelming experience. That being said, it can be easier if you know what factors to consider in them. Here are a few tips that you should keep in mind while shopping for pond hoses online.

  • Length – In fact, the original purpose of a hose is to carry water from the garden faucet. In effect, you are actually making the faucet portable using the hose. Therefore, the hose should be sufficiently long so that you can take the water anywhere you want in the garden. As the hoses come in standard lengths, it will be very difficult for you to find a hose with the perfect length.
  • Material – As you might have already understood, hoses come in a variety of materials. Some are flexible and soft, while others are firm and sturdy. Each of these types has its own set of pros and cons. Some types of materials are more suitable for some specific situations than others. For example, if a flexible hose is not necessary for you, then it is better to choose a sturdy hose because they are more resistant to mechanical damages than flexible hoses.
  • Diameter – The diameter of the cross-sectional area of the hose determines the flow rate of the hose. A hose with larger diameter can, in turn, carry more water within a given amount of time. However, you don’t need the largest hose out there. The hose that you choose should be suitable for the type of work you are doing.
  • Quality and price – Well, not all hoses are of the same quality. Some are clearly better than the others. Probably one of the key factors that determine the quality of a hose is, of course, the material itself. Keep in mind that materials like vinyl and metal come in different qualities. There are vinyl hoses that are weather-resistant and tear-resistant and also those that do not hold up so well against these factors.

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Question & Answer

What size of pond hose should you buy?

The size of a pond hose consists of two factors: the length and the diameter. It is the length that determines how far you can carry the water using the hose. If the plant or whatever else you want to water is far away from the hose, then naturally you want a longer hose. Because it is almost impossible to find a hose that has the exact length that you need, you should be going for the one that is longer than the minimum length that will work for you. You can figure out how much diameter you want. If you are going to use the hose for watering a plant, a standard hose will do. On the other hand, if you are going to fill up a large pool using that hose, then the diameter of the hose should be significantly more.

How to repair a pond hose?

Being a simple device without any complex moving parts, there isn’t much that can break inside a hose apart from the hose itself. Therefore, most of the time, fixing a broken hose involves sealing the cuts. It is not uncommon for pond hoses to break or develop punctures because of usual wear and tear. So, how do you fix it? Well, that depends upon how big the damage is. In the case of a small puncture, it is better to use some kind of sealing material. If the break is substantial and beyond what can be repaired with a sealing material, it is better to cut the hose into two and use a hose coupling to join them together.

Where to buy a pond pump hose in the UAE?

There is no doubt that pond pumps are an important thing to have if you have a garden with a pond or a pool. However, it is also imperative to make sure that you are buying a good hose that is going to last for a long time. Besides the quality of the materials and the hose, the place where you buy it from also matters for that reason. Fortunately, there are numerous places where you can find them in the UAE. One of the best places to look for them, however, is You will be able to find some really good pond hoses for incredibly affordable prices on

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