Float Switches

About Float Switches

The float switch is a device used to detect the level of liquid within a tank. It can be used to control the pump as an indicator like an alarm. They come in different types such as magnetic, micro float switch, and more.

There comes another switch application which is of sump pumps. It detects the rising level of liquid in the tanks and energizes the electric pumps. It then pumps out the fluid until the liquid level is subsequently reduced. At this point, the pump gets switched off. So, there are many more switches that can do wonders to detect the level of the liquid in the tanks. If you want to buy float switches for water tanks, then you can search for tank switches online in UAE to avail the best deals. You can also hop on It is your one-stop destination for shopping pond supplies and garden tools from top-class brands.

Things you need to know about float switches

They come in a wide assortment of options. One type comes with a mercury switch inside a hinged float whereas, the magnetic type contains a magnet that surrounds the tube.  Some of the best brands of float switches are Everbilt, Arduino, Flygt, Bosch, Omron, Menards, and more. These brands offer excellent quality products at affordable ranges. It comes in various materials like nylon, polypropylene, polyphenylene sulphide, Nitrophyl, PVC, and stainless steel. On this page, we are going to unveil more things you need to know about them.

Magnetic float switch

It is a device used to detect the opening of doors and windows. If we talk about the primary magnetic switch, it consists of two parts- a magnet and a magnetically sensitive switch. A magnetic sensitive switch is usually a reed switch that is enclosed within a glass envelope. This switch is made of plastic or stainless steel. In a flat magnetic switch, when the magnet comes close to the two contacts, they get attracted to each other. This process allows the current to pass through. If you are looking for lower prices in the magnetic float switch, you can search for cheap variety or directly hop on to our product search engine . You will never regret it!

Flygt float switch

It controls the switch in a plastic casing that gets freely suspended at a certain height from its own cable. When the water level reaches the float, the plastic case gets tilted, and the mechanical switch breaks the circuit. In return, it stops the pump by activating the alarm. This float switch regulator is the perfect choice to control the most challenging applications such as wastewater pumping stations and groundwater. Moreover, many online shopping users search for float switches for sale online in UAE, so if you are the one, you can explore our shopping search engine to avail some great deals too!

Micro float switch

If you are looking for the most compact switch, then the micro float switch is what you are actually seeking online. The micro type comes with the FS25 liquid level sensors that are perfect for general use. This miniature switch is built with white polypropylene with a silicone O-ring. It comes with an ultra-small stem which is easy for mounting on either a through-hole or a bracket. This basically has approx. 10-watt switching capabilities and is a budgeted product.

Bilge float switch

They are being used for monitoring the limit levels in industrial applications and shipbuilding. If we talk about its maintenance, this float switch device enables the manual triggering of the float by a movable wire bracket. The bilge switch turns the bilge pump on there is the water in the boat. And then it turns it off once the water has been pumped out. However, most of the bilge switches come on automatically. They come with an automatic switch that automatically turns the bilge pump on water levels in the bilge start to rise. So, if you are planning to buy a bilge float switch online in UAE, is your one-stop shopping platform. Explore thousands of brands on our website and select from the wide range of products.

Tips on how to buy Float Switches online in UAE

Before buying a float switch for a liquid level sensing application online, you will need to consider several factors. Those factors included float switch materials, physical arrangement, electrical ratings, cable types and more. We have mentioned some best tips and factors that will allow you to make an ideal purchase for yourself. Keep on reading.

  • Physical style and arrangement – One of the significant factors while buying the float switch is considering its style and physical appearance of it. The float switch consists of mounting positions. It comes with horizontal/side mounting and vertical mounting. The horizontal one has a fixed housing that passed through the tank sidewall. On the other hand- vertical mounting comes with a fixed vertical stem, which can be installed through the top or bottom of the tank.
  • Selection of material – To avoid the breakage of the float switch, consider buying the best material if you can. The material which float switch comes in are- nylon, polypropylene, polyphenylene sulphide, Nitrophyl, PVC, and stainless steel. The selection of the float switch depends on the chemical compatibility level. So, choose the material based on your needs and requirements.
  • Electrical – It is essential to ensure whether the float switch is capable of handling the load of the electricity or not. Most of the manufacturers provide float switch which is purely loads resistant. Moreover, any load that has either inductive or capacitive components must have the appropriate contact protection measure applied.
  • Cables – Sometimes, there is a chance that aggressive liquids may spill onto the external wiring. In that case, you need to specify certain materials for the cables that can be used to connect to the float switches. The available cables are standard and UL-approved cable that has low smoke and zero halogen risk.

We hope, these tips and informative bits of advice will help you to get the best and ideal float switch for your water tanks and other related tasks. So, what are you waiting for? Go and explore our website now and avail some fabulous discounts on the products.

Question & Answer

How to install a float switch?

To install a float switch, you need first to detect is the high and low points. The second step will be to mount the float switch by fixing the cable above the well or tank. Now adjust your weight as it determines how much space is there between the two higher points. Once you are done figuring out the weight position, it is time to install float switch wiring. You will install it in your waterproof enclosure. Ensure to seal the cable entrance with a cable gland. In this way, you will install the float switch and you are sorted.

Can you reverse a float switch?

Yes, you can reverse a float switch. Online you will find some universal mechanical float switch that fits most sump and sewage pumps. It can turn on and off through a 90°reverse action arc. A Reverse-action float switch will allow you to pump, refill and maintain water depth. This float can be installed easily. If you are looking for cheaper options in float switches, you should definitely check out our shopping search engine. Our website offers 100% authentic products with robust materials at affordable prices. You can trust our products. We also provide product descriptions of almost every product so that people can get an idea of the product before buying it online. We assure to provide you with an amazing shopping experience which you won’t find on other websites.

How long does a float switch last?

The old float switches don’t have many operations. Therefore, they need to be replaced every three years or so, which makes them expensive sometimes to keep up with them. However, nowadays, many float switch manufacturers have come up with water level control technology. It is now getting rid of old float switches for good concern. If you are planning to buy a float switch, go ahead and place an order with us. Our shopping website is the UAE’s leading online portal where you can explore thousands of pond supplies, products and garden tools, all in one place. So, what are you waiting for? Start shopping with us today and avail some great deals too!

Why use a float switch?

The float switches are being used to detect the level of the liquid in the water tank. The use of the float switch is to control the pump or other devices as an indicator. Float switches float on the top of the liquid surface and act as a mechanical switch as the level of the liquid goes up and down. Float switches are cost-effective and reliable. They can be used with a wide variety of liquids. The objective behind opting for this product is to open or close the circuit when the level of the liquid rise or falls. The float switch comes with a magnetic reed switch which is hermetically sealed in a stem. They are made of plastic or stainless steel.