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About Pergolas

A pergola is an outdoor garden item that forms a shaded passageway, walkway or sitting area of vertical posts or pillars. It usually supports crossbeams and sturdy open lattice often upon which the woody vines are trained.   

The literal mean of the word “pergola” refers to a projecting eave. At times it is also considered as a type of gazebo as it can be an extension of a building or serves as a protective cover over an open area or as a link between two or more pavilions. At times pergolas are also confused with arbours, and the terms are also used interchangeably. An arbour is referred to as a wooden bench seat with a roof that is usually enclosed by lattice panels forming a framework for climbing plants. On the other hand, a pergola is a larger and comparatively open structure that normally does not include an integral seating setting.    

Reasons to use pergola canopy at your home.   

The pergolas have emerged as highly fashionable and in demands outdoor style accessory for patios, yards, and decks. From a common neighbourhood to HGTV hosts, you can see pergolas everywhere. It also inspired some stylish homeowners to wonder what the purpose of Pergola is and why are they so popular. It works on just about everything. A pergola can be a purely decorative addition to your home, or it can serve a much practical purpose. Here we will discuss some of the most common ways a pergola can add value to your backyard, pool area or deck.    

Adding shade   

Everyone loves to and must get out in the sun from time to time. But there are times when the rays get oppressive, and you need some relief. A pergola single handily can provide a different degree of shade from the sun. Meanwhile, it also offers a slim, stylish profile of sun and shade to your location. Also, without any major updates, the latticed roof of a pergola can offer partial relief from the sun. However, if you upgrade it to a full canopy, a pergola can provide you 100% shade from sun and rain.    

 Adding contrasts   

Having a sprawling and massive backyard is awesome, specifically if you are planning to throw a party. But some house owners believe that the extremely open style becomes monotonous. So, if you own several hundred square foot decks without any porch or any other type of large structure or decoration, you may feel the same. And these are the times when designers and architects recommend building a pergola on the deck. It adds a distinct and fashionable vertical profile. Here you are many options to choose from. Even if you choose to attach Pergola or keep it freestanding, the contrasts will look amazing.    

 The colour   

Despite there being a huge variety in colours, the signature clean white vinyl looks the bestselling. It is the most common in pergolas and provides an amazing colour enhancement to monochromatic outdoor living areas. For instance, the bright white vinyl structure looks gorgeous with the earthy brown deck boards or tan vinyl siding. Ease of mixing and matching white is the most popular hue and can easily complement the interior of any home. In other cases, tan and clay pergolas are also appreciated. Besides practical benefits, many house owners use pergolas to add colour to outer space.    

Added privacy with pergolas   

Privacy can be a necessity at the time. To many, it is important when they want to enjoy the backyard oasis they built. So, if you are willing to enjoy some private time, close to nature, right in your backyard, a pergola is all that you need. You can install a pergola with shades to enjoy complete privacy from the eyes and a nosy neighbourhood. You can open the shades when you want to welcome the outdoors. Besides complete and convenient privacy, these wrapped shades can give you a feel of spending time in a beachside luxury cabana.

Tips on how to buy Pergola online in the UAE    

Finding the best Pergola for sale is the best way to give your property a modern look. We know it is a problem for many to find an equal proportion of shade and light to enjoy their leisure time with peace. But what is more, problematic is to find the most appropriate Pergola on the dock that can match both your budget and needs. To help such shoppers, we are here to share some words on how to make the best of the pergola shopping experience online. The below-listed tips will give you an idea of what you should consider while choosing a pergola online.

  • Evaluate the size of your space – A pergola is a must to be of an accurate size of the space you want to buy. So, before you head to purchase an item online, evaluate the space, you will install it in. Also know the appropriate size for space and start your search accordingly.
  • Consider installation type – Here you have options including anchored, freestanding, and wall-mounted types. The type of installation depends on the size of your space and the type of Pergola you are planning to install in your place.
  • Additional features of Pergola – Here you need to decide if you need weather-resistant items with/without canopy or louvres. You can also decide if you need an arched roof style or want a flat style. Choose the one suggested by your interior designers, or that matches your home.
  • Brand and price – The price of Pergola varies based on the brand you are planning to buy. It also depends on the size and style of the Pergola you like to own. Also, there will be a difference in eh price based on the material and process of installation.
  • Read customer reviews – Pergola are multipurpose items, and thus it is important to double-check everything before paying. You can develop a further understanding of your product by reviewing what customers have to say about the items you choose to buy.
  • Cost and brand – These grills are a one-time investment and thus have more significant price tags. But if you are limited on budget, explore more than one brand for the size of the barbecue you are looking for. You will indeed find varying prices and features. A bit of research gives you better options to buy.
  • Read customer reviews – When you go online shopping, it is essential to look into what other customers have to say about the product. These reviews from existing users can give you a better idea of the performance and pros and cons of the model you are planning to purchase.

In the end, we always recommend our customers to read the product description section with care. This section helps the buyers to understand the basics care, installation, size, and material specification of the selected item. Suppose the product looks satisfying in every way, head to the customer review sections. This is where you will come to know what previous users have to say about the performance, durability, and other aspects of the tile. Try to pick a product that has higher reviews.

Question & Answer

What is the point of having Pergola?   

Pergola is freestanding roofing structures that are not attached to any wall, home, or any other permanent structure. These are designed to provide semi-permanent sitting areas that allow breeze and sunlight to pass through. They also offer protection from the harsh glare of direct sunlight. Also, because they offer space to plants for climbing, they are believed to be multifunctional items for smaller and compact living spaces.    

What is the difference between a gazebo and Pergola?   

The main difference lies in the function of the roof. A gazebo offers full coverage from the sun, whereas Pergola allows the sun to shine through the slatted roof. Generally, a pergola offers partial shelter and shade over the garden, patio, or pathways. The cris-cross wooden roof also offers optimal space for plants and vines to climb. On the other hand, a gazebo completely covers the designated seating area in the yard that offers more protection from elements.    

What is Pergola famous for?   

At first, they are appreciated for their low maintenance as they do not need repainting or re-staining to look great. They are also the easiest and most economical option to add property value and increase the resale value. Additionally, they are easy to install and versatile so you can add them anywhere and at any size of space. With its versatility, you can find them everywhere including the backyard, patio, decks etc.    

Where can I buy pergolas online in the UAE?   

When it comes to top-quality gardening products like a pergola, it is better to buy pergola shades online. A comprehensive retail search engine is the best option. Such platforms help you explore and find the best products available in the market. For instance, at, you can find bestselling products from top brands like Hampton Bay, 3M, Allen and Roth, Garden Winds, and Garden line. Here you can also use the price comparison tool to compare the price of products from different brands and ensure budget-friendly party product shopping.     

Some other brands that you can search at include Sun joy, Equinox Louvered Roof, Apollo Pergola, and Craigslist.