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About Party Tents

Tents are shelters consisting of sheets of fabric and other material draped over and attached to a frame of poles. Previously used as portable homes by the nomads, a variety of tents are now used for recreational purposes including camping and temporary shelters. Today these tents are also used for parties, weddings and other ceremonial settings.

These tents may be free-standing or attached to the ground while larger tents are usually anchors using guy ropes or tent pegs. Modern party tents come in a variety of shapes, styles and sizes. This is why selecting a perfect party tent is not an easy job. However, with a little bit of knowledge about the basics of these tents, you can make a smart choice of tent for any occasion. Today we are going to talk about different types of tents to help you narrow down the selection process, knowledgeably. The following discussion will address different aspects to help you pick the perfect part canopy.

Types of outdoor part tents you can buy online

Party tents are a broadly defined category of tents and canopies. Technically speaking, any shelter that you can throw a party under is a party tent. However, this inclusive term has four main types. They are tension tents, pole tents, frame tents and canopies. Each of these types has its individual pros and cons. Luckily with online stores and sellers, you can easily find endless options. These options come from brands that the world trust for their quality and price. Today we will talk about some commonly used types around the globe.

Canopies and pop-up party tents

Both pop-up party tents and canopies are designed with an emphasis on convenience. These are the lightest and cheapest of all party tents. With accordion-style frames, the pop-up canopies can be set up and taken down in just a few minutes without the help of any type of tool. Some models also come with storage bags for compact and easy transportation. With the ease of transportation, they are ideal for every situation and weather conditions. Commonly they come in size larger than 20×20 inches which is why they are not ideal for larger events where more space is needed.

Pole tents

These types come in an extensive range of sizes from as small as 10×10 to a massive size of 100×310. These tents use poles to support their weight. They are installed with a tension created by stakes and it keeps the tent stable and upright. With poles located around the perimeter and in the centre, these lights and easy to use tents are highly cost-effective in covering larger areas. Another benefit of these tents is the variety in colours and other versatilities that make them ideal for customization. However one of the downsides is the difficulty with placement, and chances of collapsing in case of bad weather loss installation.

Frame tents

Rather than stake based tension, the frame tents use tubular metallic structures to support the canopies. It allows them to work without the support of the centre pole and give them better flexibility in their placement. Hence you can use them right next to the building or even indoors. They also work ideally for semi-permanent structures. However, all this flexibility comes at a price? These tents are significantly expensive than tension and pole shelters. Plus they are heavier and require a lot of effort to install. It will also need the aid of special tools to install or lose a single component. And if broken you will need to get a replacement from manufacturers which is an additional cost.

The tension tents

These are similar to traditional pole tents. They come with a centre pole for support and use perimeters. Also, they rely on tensions from tie-down to stand up-right. These tents share simple portability and installation for standard pole-based structures. We can say that the real structural difference between the pole canopies and stations tents is the size of their peaks. Tension tents are much taller than many other shelters and are therefore referred to as high peak tents. However, they are appreciated for their elegant and dramatic look. Hence you can find them in many formal and business events.

Tips on how to buy Party Tents online in the UAE

When you head to look for party tents for sale online in the UAE, you will find a variety of options in colour, size, material, and other features. Besides the important fact that the tent must match your party theme and the type of occasion you are hosting, there is much to consider. Unfortunately, not all of us have the idea of what to consider while buying a party tent online. Therefore we are here to help such individuals make a smart purchase. Let’s review the points that are important to consider while making a purchase.

  • Consider the climate conditions – If you are planning to sue tent on your next party, checking on weather is the first thing to do. The main purpose of a tent is to protect those under it from harsh weather conditions like rain or sunlight. So check the weather prediction on the day of the event and look for an appropriate tent.
  • Review your guest lists – The type and size of tent for your party will mainly be determined by the guest list. The more people you are inviting, the bigger your tent will need to be. But if you need something smaller for 2 to 4 guests, we will suggest inflatable tents and canopies etc.
  • Evaluate your needs – Besides capacity you need to check on your priorities and about what type of party you want? Or what ambience do you want for your guests? Asking this question will help you decide how and what type of added space you need like the dance floor or DJ etc. and type of sitting arrangements?
  • Breaking down the budget – Arranging party’s demands a lot of time and money. If you are arranging it outside, the more comfortable you want to offer to the guest the more money it will take. So try to get a tent with higher quality yet economical rates. You can explore to find reliable options online.
  • The colour of your party tent – Tents come in varying colours and designs. Here you need to consider different factors like the theme of the party, the age of guests, interior and other elements that will be part of your venue. Generally, they are available in five shades: green, blue, beige, white and red.

If you are a frequent party organizer you might need tents to use again and again. In such cases, the quality of the tent is of core importance. So you should consider investing in the best quality product rather than trying to save a few bucks. Also to increase the longevity of the test it is important to ensure that it is anchored tightly and secured well during installation. For more tips and tricks you can consult professional advice.

Question & Answer

What size party tent do I need for 80 to100 guests?

The ideal size of a part tent depends on the number of guests along with a few other factors. For instance, if you have an estimated 80 guests, for seating only you will need a 20×40 tent for seating only. But for a tent with a bar and buffet you will need a 20×50 or 1000 sq ft tent and a dance floor of 12×15 inches. Likewise, for about 90 guests you will need a canvas party tent of 30×30 inches or 900 sq ft for seating only and 30×50 inches or 1500 sq ft with a dance floor and DJ. But if you are expecting 100 guests you will need 20×50 inches or 1000 sq ft tent for seating only and 40×40 inches or 1600 sq ft tent for dancing and DJ.

What is a big tent called?

Commonly these tents are called marquees. These are temporary buildings used for parties and wedding occasions. At times these marquees are also used for conferences and other commercial meetings. These are larger and heavier tents that need mechanical aid for installation and dismantling. Some specialized tents also have spring-loaded poles and can be pitched in seconds but they take longer time and added efforts to take down and pack.

What do you call a tent without walls?

A tent without walls is also known as a “fly.” Here the term fly refers to the outer layer of a tent or the piece of material that is tied up using a rope. These are the minimalist and standalone shelters. At times purpose-made standalone flies are also referred to as bivvies, bivouacs, hootchies or tarpaulins. These tents are normally used for keeping moisture like rain or condensation of the sun off the guest. At other times we can see them in use as groundsheets.

Where can I buy party tents online in the UAE?

When it comes to buying top quality gardening products like commercial party tents for sale online in the UAE, a comprehensive retail search engine is the best option. Such platforms help you explore and find the best products available in the market. For instance at you can find bestselling products from top brands like Outsunny, High Peak, Home Depot, Groupon or Menards. Here you can also use the price comparison tool to compare the price of products from different brands and ensure budget-friendly party product shopping.