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Nothing slays the days of summers like the lazy afternoons in the garden. But then you always need something to keep you cool. Nope, we aren’t talking about the chilled drinks and juicy fruit cuts! We’re talking about something more practical and stylish – the garden parasols. A suitable parasol could be the finishing touch to your perfect lawn setting.

Three thousand years ago, a bunch of talented individuals created umbrellas and parasols in ancient Egypt, Assyria, India and China. They later migrated to Europe, where they developed in design, material, and popularity. Concerning the vocabulary, you’ll find that people use the terms’ umbrella’ and ‘parasols’ interchangeably in different nations. However, each has a different structure and use. Modern umbrellas come with heavier waterproof materials, whereas parasols incorporate more delicate fabrics such as cotton, lace, silk, plastic, or canvas for their construction. Apart from that, the symbolism of both the umbrella and parasols varies between periods and various cultures. And today, whatever your need may be, you’ll find a garden parasol that matches your style. That said, let’s take a look at the few best parasols to buy online in the next section.

The different types of garden parasols 

These umbrellas not only offer shade to your outdoor dining tables but also offer respite from the summer rays when you use them over a bistro set or in a luxury lounge area. Besides, not all of them are equal. You’ll find large parasols that come with a user-friendly crank mechanism. It offers you a handy tilt function and saves you from struggling under the heavy canopy. Similarly, there are smaller options too. Whether you’re planning to place them in your terrace, patio, backyard, or garden, there’s a size and shape that suits every outdoor space. Keep scrolling if you wish to discover our roundup of the best parasols for the garden. Trust us; you can while the hours in your chic outdoor oasis if you have these models in place.

The adjustable LED parasol with Bluetooth speaker

If ever there was a parasol that’s made for socialising and to spruce up the after-dark parties, the Suntime 2.7m adjustable parasol with Bluetooth speaker and LED lights has to be the one. The product comes in a modern style and allows you to adjust the height correctly. Apart from that, it comes with a crank and tilt and mechanism. This will enable you to control the places that need more shade and cover. But the best bit? It also has LED lights that run along with the canopy frame. They’re great for setting a fantastic evening ambience. And to top it all, it also comes with Bluetooth speakers so that you can play your favourite tunes from the phone. In short, it fuses functionality and funkiness all in one.

The overhanging parasols

There’s nothing more fun than having a hanging parasol. They’re great to own if you’re on a budget but still need a large version. Argos has you covered in such cases. They bring to you some of the most excellent models of hanging umbrellas. The sleek black option is perfect for popping over outdoor dining tables. These models do not require parasol holes, sofa-set-ups or sun loungers. However, you’ll need to purchase the base separately. But, they too cost you less, and the overall price of the model still costs you less than some of the other models on the list. In short, this easy to wind up and height-adjustable versatile piece is a wise investment.

The freestanding large garden parasol

Thanks to this super-sized three-metre Henley by KETTLER 3m freestanding parasol that ensures to protect everybody from the heat at your alfresco family lunch. The product is not only big but comes with an attached canopy that offers UV50 sun protection. This way, you can eat your summer BBQ without the slightest sunburn. What’s more, this handy model also has an easy wind-up mechanism. It comes with size locking positions that allow you to find just the right amount of shade. Apart from that, it also has a sturdy firm that comes in durable, weather-resistant aluminium. This construction makes them a long-lasting investment.

The square garden umbrella

Not all the umbrellas are round; you’ll find some that are unique in shape. Take, for instance, this square one from M&S. The umbrella is ideal for popping six-seater or four-seater outdoor dining furniture though. This classic garden umbrella has now been given a contemporary update. It now comes in a gorgeous green hue. Besides, their ability to offer UV50+ protection makes them an ideal companion for brunching or lunching in style. Again, their strong build makes you worry-free in any kind of climatic conditions. Their unique, square wood frame is a nice contrast with the canopy. Plus, they’re now available in grey tones. 

Tips on how to buy Parasols

Now you know that there are parasols explicitly designed for a garden table, whereas there are some that are leaning, freestanding, or the ones that come with bases. Either way, regardless of what your style and practical needs may be, there’s a version that helps you stay safe in the shade this summer. However, choosing them isn’t as simple as you think. But, don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Below are a few tips that’ll help you buy parasols online in UAE in a hassle-free manner.

  • Assess your landscape – Before you start your search for the best parasols, carefully assess your landscape and outdoor space. Check the layout, the hardscape, and the plants that grow in and around the area. You could take specific measurements. Assessing and measuring your space before starting your online search allows you to buy an umbrella that’s perfect for your outdoor space.
  • Explore the styles and types – You can find a wide array of parasol types and styles on the market today. Each style comes in many colours and styles. Some of the most common styles include upright, cantilever, and tilting. Apart from the structure, it also has different specifications and uses. Therefore, it’s best to check out the various types before you start your search online.
  • Check out the size – The parasols come in a variety of sizes. It would be best if you thought about the height and diameter of the version you intend to buy. Typically, they’re about 2 meters in height. At the same time, some allow you to adjust the height. Also, the diameter of the umbrellas tends to be around 2 meters and can go up to 4 meters.
  • Keep an eye on the canopy material – The material and type of fabric used on the canopy play a vital role in the selection process. That’s because it determines the quality of the parasol itself. Polyester is one of the most common materials used. It’s usually waterproof. But, most of its colours start to fade away after a few years of constant use. Some of the other prevalent canopy materials include woven cloth, olefin, and acrylic.
  • Check out the frame – Besides the canopy materials, it’s essential to carefully check out the frame materials too. You do not want a frame that degrades by wind or corrosion. Some of the standard frame materials that tend to be sturdy and durable include wood, aluminium, steel, and fibreglass. You’ll also find frames that come in a combination of these materials.
  • Set aside a budget – Parasols come with different features and thus are available to you in different price ranges too. You can find expensive ones as well as cheap ones. Therefore, it’s best to set aside a budget for yourself before you begin your search. You can get the cheap parasols for sales if you’re an economiser and want to save some bucks.
  • Go for branded products – One of the easiest ways to be sure of the quality of the product is to purchase them from popular brands. Brands like Bambrella, Bloom, Coors, Emu, Eurom, Ezpeleta, Fatboy, Florabest, Outsunny, Sungarden, and Tuuci bring you a comprehensive collection of parasols of all kinds.
  • Read the review online – Many people who purchase these umbrellas take time to review them online. It’s a good idea to go through this feedback and comments. It will help you put yourself in their shoes and experience what they experience. If you find a majority of good comments, then you can go ahead and make the purchase. But, if it’s otherwise, you need to assess the product carefully.

Parasol with LED lights, or not, you should pick one that strikes a perfect balance between modern style and substance. Go with your heart and the one that suits your outdoor setting. We hope the above tips will contribute to an easy purchase online. Remember, in the end, it’s always your personal preference. So make sure to carefully weigh the pros and cons of the product before you settle in for your choice.

Question & Answer

What parasol base do I need?

There are a few key factors you ought to consider when you’re buying the bases for the umbrellas. Firstly, you shouldn’t pick a very heavy model. Secondly, consider how you’re going to use them. If you’re planning to use a centre pole or cantilever model, then you can choose the base that weighs ranging from 30kg to 120kg. Similarly, the most common sizes for parasol poles vary from 38mm to 48mm in diameter. Also, make sure to buy the right base for narrow spaces. In short, you need to own a parasol that’s ideal for your outdoor space.

How do cantilever parasols work?

Unlike other models, the cantilever versions do not have a pole at the centre. But, you’ll find them supported by a pole and base at the side with a rotating arm. Now, this means that you can easily rotate the umbrella as the sun moves. Thus, you can enjoy the shade as per requirements without having to move the base itself. All you need to do is to move the pole and keep the base stationary. This is quite different from other versions. You can call it a customised version and very flexible in the job of providing shade. You can enjoy the sunny day and prevent yourself from the rays effectively.

Can parasols get wet?

Yes, they can get wet. This happens during rains, snow, or humid climatic conditions. Ideally, the best time to use parasols is during the summers. These umbrellas help you stay out of the sun and protect your skin from harmful UV radiation. Moreover, you can shade yourself during the rains too. But, it doesn’t withstand heavy rains or snowfalls. This means you should store them inside during those seasons. However, make sure to dry them before you store them. If you store them wet, then there are high chances of mould developing on them. This could damage the various part of the product.

Where to buy parasols online?

The modern era brings to you numerous online shops and e-stores from where you can purchase various types of parasols. However, browsing through the numerous sites for selecting one single product can be tiresome. So, if you do not want to take the pain of visiting multiple sites, then go ahead and visit Our product search engine brings to you some of the best models from popular brands, all under one single roof. What’s more, you get to buy them from your favourite online shops and enjoy a seamless shopping drive.

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