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Spending quality time in your garden is by far the best way to make use of the afternoon sunshine or fresh air in the morning and evenings. Nonetheless, too much sun is also harmful, making it essential to set some space for some shade. Your garden patio can use an attractive umbrella. But you need a robust garden parasol base or parasol feet to ensure that you don’t experience any issues after installation.

Even though many individuals only consider their parasol’s design, colours, and appearance, most complain of their parasol’s stability. A sturdy base is vital to keep your garden umbrella in place, but you cannot buy any patio umbrella base because your choice depends on several factors. Otherwise, you might end up with a product that will disappoint you in the long run. For example, if you have a sturdy garden table designed to accommodate a parasol, you might assume that you don’t need parasol feet. However, a quality base is critical because you should protect your umbrella from factors like wind and burglars. In addition, parasol bases have several other benefits that you can enjoy with a quality product. Our expert buying guide will give you some ideas of what you should consider.

Parasol base buying guide

Garden umbrellas and their accessories are for outdoor use. Therefore your patio umbrella base should be able to withstand all the harsh conditions within your environment. Before you start your search for the best base for your umbrella, you should know the different types of parasols and the recommended parasol feet for their features. There are three types of garden parasols; upright, tilting, and cantilever parasols. Upright parasols have an umbrella with a fixed pole made of wood or aluminium. Tilting parasols are similar to upright parasols, but they have an adjustable canopy with a swivel joint. Cantilever parasols are more complicated as you should mount them on the side of your table or space. A wood or plastic parasol base is sufficient for an upright parasol. However, cantilever parasol bases are better off with higher quality robust materials like granite, concrete, or cast iron.

Types of parasol bases

There are two types of parasol feet that you can use on all parasol types depending on your preference; fixed and mobile bases. Although some mobile bases are heavy, you can move them from one spot to another with ease. The most decadent portable bases have wheels to facilitate movement. Mobile bases are usually rectangular, square, or round. On the other hand, products with no base are not movable. That makes them ideal for commercial outdoor umbrellas because they offer adequate stability in regions with strong winds and other risky environmental factors. A fixed parasol feet has an attachment kit that you should use to fix it in a specific location. The types of fixed base products are wall-mounts, in-ground, and floor mounts.

The appropriate weight for your parasol base

Most individuals pay attention to their products’ size and shape, but they forget to consider weight. An appropriate weight for your patio umbrella base is essential to keep the canopy steady. A smaller base with a weight of about 15 kg is sufficient for parasols with a pole diameter of less than 42mm, especially if they go through a table. However, suppose you have a cantilever parasol that stands beside your furniture with a pole diameter of more than 42mm. You will need heavier cantilever parasol feet of at least 25kg. Weighted parasol bases are portable, and they have compartments that allow you to add water or sand to make them heavier. Fixed base types have screws that you can tighten to ensure that they stay in place.

Recommended patio umbrella base materials

The materials used to construct parasol feet are critical because they determine their usability. They should be sturdy and weather-resistant since your parasol will spend most of its time outside. Concrete, metal, or cast iron parasol bases are the top recommendations if you are going for a heavy base. Nevertheless, you should ensure that your metal parasol base has a rust-resistant coating to protect it from abrasion. Alternatively, you can go for granite bases, wooden bases, resin, and hardened plastic. Each material has its unique features. So, try to select a type that you can easily clean and maintain for ideal convenience.

Ikea parasol bases

Ikea is known for some of the most significant high quality products on the market. They specialize in cantilever parasols with weighted parasol bases. The Ikea parasol feet allows a 360-degree turn of your umbrella. So whenever some parts of your sofa are getting less shade than they should, you can rotate it to accommodate the space. Ikea parasol bases also hold your parasol firmly using a metal system at its centre that you can lock and adjust. Therefore, you will get optimum stability at an affordable price. Ikea products also promise durability as their raw materials comprise high quality. Additionally, they have a range of other products with different specifications. You can browse through products in Ikea’s top categories through our online product finder.

Tips on how to buy Parasol base online

Buying a parasol base online in the UAE can be a tricky experience because of the multiple variants available online. So, there have to be some parameters set to narrow down your purchase. Eventually, a proper pre-planning can save you time and money. Here, we have compiled some for your convenience. We hope these will help you to make an informed decision.

  • Portability – Portable and fixed products are intended for different environments. If you have unlimited space or a perfect spot where you will never have to move your garden parasol, you can purchase a fixed variant for added convenience. Otherwise, it would be best to go for portable parasol feet with enhanced portability features like small size, lightweight, light construction materials, and wheels to facilitate movement. Our market provides several options for the best product according to your preferences.
  • Weight – The appropriate weight for the product will depend on three factors; the size of the parasol canopy, presence or absence of a supporting table, and expected environmental conditions. You can pick the right weight by contemplating these factors, but it is senseless if you use a small patio umbrella intended to be portable. A free-standing garden parasol should have a base of at least 10 pounds per canopy foot. You can reduce this to 5 pounds per canopy foot if your pole runs through a table.
  • Construction materials – A-weighted base made out of plastic, resin, or wood that you can fill with water or sand is sufficient for an upright patio umbrella that is relatively small. On the other hand, cast-iron, concrete, or granite bases are advisable if you are going for heavy-duty bases for your garden. The shape relies entirely on your taste. But a parasol with a larger base area is better as it will share the umbrella’s weight. Cantilever parasol bases are crossed to increase stability. Irrespective of the material type, always ensure high-quality construction for the best value.
  • The pole and tube size – Since you will purchase your base and your umbrella separately, you should consider the tube size because of compatibility issues. Most poles vary in size from 38mm to 48mm. Tubes that attach to the top of the base vary from 40mm to 58mm. Before your purchase, you should measure your pole’s diameter and confirm the base’s diameter to avoid issues and ensure that your patio umbrella base is fixed tightly for maximum stability.
  • Cost – After laying out your desired product qualities, you must consider the product’s price because you will have several options. A more expensive solution does not guarantee durability, but most costly products use materials like concrete, cast iron, metal, and steel. Nonetheless, you can find cheap cantilever parasol bases that use simple materials like plastic. Alternatively, you can search for cheap metal parasol bases for the top solutions your budget can accommodate.

A heavy-duty product is essential for keeping your patio umbrella upright and secure. However, the best one will only meet your needs if it considers your preferences. You can use our tips to buy a reliable base online in the UAE. But it would help if you depended on shops that you can trust because many brands promise deals that they cannot deliver.

Question & Answer

How do you assemble and install a parasol base?

Despite parasol bases being different, they serve the same purpose: to anchor the parasol and its pole. They have a straightforward assembly and installation process. The installation process will slightly differ depending on the parasol base type you have. When installing a fixed base, place it in the intended position and mark the points you will have to screw. Afterwards, use a drill to screw appropriate holes and bolt down the plate tightly. You can then fix the pole onto the base hole and screw it up for stability. In-ground parasol bases are usually reinforced with concrete to ensure their stability. When dealing with weighted parasol bases, place it in your desired position and fill it with sand, or water, then fix the pole tightly and its umbrella last.

Which parasol base is the best?

The best parasol base for you is one that will not present any issues. The top-rated garden parasol base on the market may not be your ultimate choice as individuals have different preferences. It is always advisable to go for the best value parasol base, but you must consider products in relevant categories. It would help if you consider whether your work would be easier with a fixed or portable design. Additionally, will you use it for personal or commercial use? You should never compromise quality, primarily if your parasol base is intended for commercial use. Always ensure that it can withstand harsh environmental factors. You can easily find cheap cantilever parasol bases and other solutions on our product search page.

Where can you buy the best parasol base online in the UAE?

Searching for reliable parasol feet online can be hectic because unreliable sellers deliver contrary to their promises. It isn’t delightful to buy a product that presents challenges immediately after installation. Our online search engine is optimized to find products from trustworthy shops and brands. You will find a range of offers for cheap metal parasol bases, cheap weighted parasol bases, among other products. Some of the top brands you can rely on for high-quality products are Homeworks, Paradiso, Ikea, and JYSK. These brands have been on the market for generations, and their products promise high levels of resilience and exemplary performance. All you have to do is specify your preferences for the best products in their categories.

A parasol base is essential because it ensures that you have the perfect shade and security since some patio umbrellas use heavy materials in their construction. They can be lethal in case of accidents. Our platform will help you to pick the best value parasol base according to your preferences. Browse through reliable offers from the best brands and shops for a fantastic experience!