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Sonashi Rechargeable Led Torch 2Pcs Combo Pack (SLT-1010)
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About Outdoor Lighting

Are you planning for the outdoor lighting in your garden area? Then, you need proper guidance to pick the right lights to enhance the look of your backyard. However, you will find a variety of range of lighting options to suit your preferences. So, let’s delve into it and explore the amazing facts about it. 

Whether you agree or not, the garden lighting can transform your outdoor into a stylish and unique personal space. And, it also has the power to change the look of your home into a contemporary style. So, by installing this outdoor lighting, you can get plenty of benefits. Starting, you can stay a bit longer outdoor after dusk. And you can get rid of the risk of tumbling into any plant in the dark. And you wouldn’t miss the chance of making your garden look magical at night. However, you will get innumerable choices while you seek to buy outdoor lighting online in UAE. So, whether it’s outdoor ceiling lamps, torches, outdoor pedestal lamps, spike lights or lanterns. All of these add numerous illuminations to your garden area after dark. Thus, to have an insightful shopping, stay with us! And help us to enlighten with the information.

Different kinds of outdoor solar lights to enhance the look of your home

Sometimes the decoration of your garden can lead to huge electric bills. Thus, to evade it, you can always choose these outdoor solar lights. And there is nothing better option than this in a cheaper yet profitable way. You can choose to fit them all around your garden to get the same range of lights and make things compelling. However, these solar lights rely on sunlight for power. It is sustainable, eco-friendly, and durable. So, the best low voltage outdoor lighting is all-weatherproof and performs automatically. Thus, if you are seeking the best for your modern home, then study the different kinds of these garden lighting listed in this article.

Landscape lighting for safety and illumination

Are you a barbecues party lover? Then, there is nothing better option than utilising your backyard for it. Besides, adding landscape lighting can make things more happening and thrilling. It is one of the easiest ways to take your garden decoration to the next level. However, it is best for all kinds of outside parties as well as illuminating the garden after dark. Besides, it kills the risk of stumbling on a plant, security, and safety. Thus, you will get many choices while you look for the best place to buy outdoor lighting online in Dubai. You will get choices like a combination of spotlights, underground well-lights, wide-angled floodlights, and so on. All these fixtures can illuminate your garden pathways at night brightly. 

Outdoor wall lights for your front and backyard

Apart from illuminating your house outside, it adds a tone to the architectural features or decorates your home. So, flaunting at the front door, lighting the backyard or brightening up the patio, adds extra to your exterior glow. Besides, whether it’s raining or shining, these garden lighting fixtures are designed to pop.  The right outdoor fixture for the front porch is all about design. Whereas the outdoor sconces for the back patio area have more light output. However, you will get many choices while you seek outdoor lighting for sale online in the UAE. All these fixtures models come in different styles & designs which can go with your preferences or style.

Outdoor LED lighting to add brightness to your garden

Lighting the outdoor space of your house is equally essential as your indoor. Besides, the exterior of your home is the first impression your guests going to have on you. Apart from that, the garden lighting illuminates your walkways as well as yard areas. Thus, it reduces the risk of the guests walking in the garden losing their way or stumbling on stones. However, LED lights have become the ideal choice for homeowners for their houses. It provides bright light and runs at a low temperature without getting overheated. Besides, this cheap LED outdoor lighting has longer longevity than traditional bulbs. And you don’t have to change or replace it often as it lasts longer. 

Tips on how to buy Outdoor Lighting online

Undoubtedly, the courtyard is the best place for family and friends to gather and spend some time together. Thus, outdoor lighting is crucial because beautifies not only your garden area but also increases security. However, you will get many choices on garden lights while you seek to buy outdoor landscape lighting online in UAE. And all these fixtures serve different purposes in lighting up the backyard of your house. Some of the models are meant to hang on the arbour and fences. In contrast, other illuminations are for decoration purposes on the garden pathways. Therefore, it’s tricky to select the right one for your backyard! However, useful tips & tricks can help you in choosing the best, but that might take a lot of time to find out. And that’s why we have listed some of them for you to checkout.

  • Decide on size – It is the first thing to decide while you shop for outdoor string lights online. However, it is important to determine the size of the space which you wish to illuminate. So, whether you want to light up a large patio or small porch area. Thus, this will help you in deciding the number of lights and the bulbs type which will work best.
  • Choose the style and design – Apart from lightening your home backwards, these fixtures add an aesthetic touch to your home décor. Thus, considering the style and design of this fixture are essential. However, you need to make sure that these outdoor wall lights’ models match your settings and blend with your outdoor décor as well.
  • Pick light bulbs – Some people choose energy-efficient models of fixtures for outdoor to save money on electricity bills. Thus, choosing the right energy-efficient light bulb is all you need, especially for all homeowners. So, you can choose outdoor LED lighting bulbs which consume less power than ordinary bulbs, and lasts longer.
  • Select motion sensors – It is one of the interesting factors which you can think of choosing while you head to purchase landscape lighting. However, for maximum security and to conserve energy, you can choose lighting with motion detectors. Besides, these lights will turn on whenever they suspect any motion like anyone approaching the house entrance.

Apart from all these factors, you need to decide on the budget for purchasing solar garden lights. However, this will help you narrow down the products and assist you in choosing the best within your price range. So, how long would you think? Browse And explore the mind-blowing collection of all kinds of garden products with the best price tags. So, commence with your shopping spree today!

Question & Answer

How much does outdoor lighting cost?

There are certain factors which you need to keep in mind. And it comes along with the garden lighting installation prices. However, this will help you with better knowledge of how much money you need to shell out. First, you need to think about the cost of labour. When it comes to installing lights in your backyard, a licensed professional can save many bucks of yours. Second, you need to think about the price of the materials which entirely depends on your choice of items. Next, you also need to keep in mind that replacing the old fixtures takes lots of time than the new ones. Thus, approximately it might cost around $77.50/hour. However, for the downlighting, it might cost almost $67.50/hour. In contrast, LED lighting installation price around $72.50/hour on average.

How to choose outdoor lighting?

Garden lighting is an integral part of decorating your home, which makes it best for others. So, apart from beautifying your home, it provides safety to your place. Thus, starting with, you need to keep different kinds of lighting in mind. Ambient lighting is for hanging lights, post lights and wall lights. Whereas, task lighting is for pathway lights, plus deck, and security lights. And accent lights are achieved through landscape kits and spotlights. Next, you need to calculate in total how many lights you need to light up your outdoor. However, try to use LED for less power consumption but bright illumination. Next, while choosing the lights, keep in mind the safety and decoration. That will help you to pick the lights correctly!

Which outdoor lighting is the best?

Philips is a notable brand name in the industry of outdoor lighting. Besides, it’s known for its guarantee & consistent with its high-quality and beautiful design products. However, all of its collections are designed with the utmost care. So, you enjoy the beautiful & mood-setting lighting in your backyard. You can rely on it as it has an experience of 25+years of serving the best with durable products for your house. Apart from that, its exterior lighting is pretty easy and safe to use in your garden areas.  Thus, you can choose from smart lighting, mood lighting, wall lighting, driveway lighting, garden path lighting, floodlights, and many more. However, you can choose other reputed brands’ products. Some of them are Ikea, Altair, Duracell, and many more.

Where to buy outdoor wall lights in Dubai?

Shopping online is the best way you can get your things done! However, technology has a huge impact on our lives, and the best example is online shopping.  You can shop at your convenient time and place with the help of your Smartphone or tablet. So, for hassle-free shopping experiences, you need to choose a reliable shopping platform like We are the best retail search engine with 500+ brands & shops allied with it. Thus, you explore mind-blowing lighting products like lampposts, torches, garden spotlights, or floodlights.