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About Kliko Conversion

Discarding unwanted waste materials is a regular feature at our homes. The waste materials can be plastic, paper, glass, or organic wastes from our kitchen. To ensure we dispose of the wastes in a way that protects the environment, we can reuse and recycle the glasses, plastics, and papers, or we can treat the waste to ensure they are harmless to the environment. But did you know you can make use of the organic kitchen wastes in your home to the advantage of the environment? Yes, you can be the champion of environmental protection. Having a compost bin is a better way of disposing of wastes, which can be reused later to make the soil more fertile. In this post we look at some benefits of having various types of kliko conversion bins at your home. Plus, we also give you a few smart tips to choose them right. 

Having a compost bin is a natural and inexpensive process that helps you to transform and convert your kitchen and garden wastes into essential nutrients for the soil. Since more than 60% of home waste comprises organic materials, having a kliko conversion bin is the best way to dispose of your home wastes. If you have a home garden, you can save on money by using the compost box waste to improve your soil’s fertility, which is cheaper and reduce dependence on synthetic chemical fertilizer. Regardless of your reasons for choosing a kliko conversion bin, it is always a win-win for you and the environment. Buying a kliko conversion bin online can be very difficult since there are many options in the market, but if you know the specifications you want for your space, you can get one that fits well. 

The reasons for buying a compost bin for your household 

With a considerable percentage of your home wastes coming from the kitchen and garden wastes, you can save some funds by just having a compost bin. You will always have less garbage waste to take out since most of it will be going into the compost box. With a significant percentage of people doing this, imagine how much garbage waste can be reduced in landfills and city dumps. It is also very easy and cheap to adopt the use of a kliko conversion bin in your home. In recent years, as the go green initiative spreads, various kliko conversion bins’ prices have reduced to ensure most can afford them. If you are a small gardener, having a kliko conversion bin will help you get cheap and environmentally friendly fertilizer. The advantages are many. 

Make yourself an excellent compost box to reduce your expenses

Making yourself a compost pit is not that difficult and does not cost that much. All you need for this are the materials, a good plan, and space for the compost bin in your garden or back yard. The best thing about making a kliko conversion bin by yourself is that you decide on everything by yourself to fit your wants and needs perfectly, like making compartments. Also, you can make improvements when the need comes. One thing you should always consider when building a compost bin yourself is the material. Making a wooden compost bin will be slightly more expensive because you will need it to be treated first to prevent it from being eaten out by pests. The best type of compost bin in terms of costs is the one made from metal and specifically wire mesh. It can be a good type of rat-proof compost bin. 

Compost more organic waste in less time using the Bokashi bin

The use of a Bokashi bin is one of the cheapest and fastest composting systems available, even cheaper than using a cheap wooden compost bin. If you lack space, this can come in handy as it utilizes a small compost bin that is airtight. It is the best compost bin for a small yard. When you use the Bokashi bin for composting your waste, you use good bacteria found in the Bokashi bran to speed up the composting process. The use of the Bokashi bin is more advantageous since it takes a little time, 10-12 weeks, to compost your waste when compared to others. The Bokashi bin takes any waste from various meats to vegetables and anything other organic waste from the kitchen. With this kind of kliko conversion bin, your garden will be receiving the various nutrients it regularly requires, leaving it fertile for your gardening. 

Keep your kitchen space neat and tidy with a small compost bin

You don’t have to always throw away the organic wastes in your kitchen as you can store them to compost for more use. With the various kitchen kliko conversion bins available in the market, you can do this without worrying about the bad odours and smells. They have tightly fitted lids to ensure the bad odours are trapped inside. They also come in various designs to ensure they match the kitchen decors, and they are not out of place when placed in the kitchen. The most common type of kitchen kliko conversion bin is the ceramic compost bin that comes in different colours and designs to ensure that there is always something for every user taste. Whatever your demands and wants are on compost bins, you can always get if you buy compost bin online in UAE.

Tips on how to buy the best Kliko Conversion Bins online

Now that you have learned some necessary information about the different compost bins and how they can help your household, and the environment. You can now read about the tips and considerations to make to have an easy time deciding on the kliko conversion bin of your choice. The market might be tricky since many general stores are selling different types of compost bins. But here at, we believe giving required assistance can give you guidance and set you on the right path when buying the best garden compost bin that best fits you and your environment.

  • Keep an eye on the materials used – For the sake of the environment, you should go for a compost bin made out of recycled plastic material. They are good at absorbing heat and preventing moisture loss, which are the two most critical ingredients for good compost. But this is only for small scale production like a kliko conversion bin for small yard. For a large scale, you can install one made from wood. For wood, you should select one that is rot resistant and not chemically treated.
  • Consider the shape of the bin before buying – The compost bin’s shape can determine a lot of things, like where you will place the compost bin and if it can be easy to turn and mix the decomposing material. Round shaped kliko conversion bins make it easy to mix and turn with any tool since there are no hard-to-reach spots. They allow for maximum turning and thus accelerating the decomposition speed. When you look at the square bins, they can be easily placed in the garden corners and along the fences, and look good. With your preferences, you can get what seems very suitable for your situation.
  • Pick a model with good ventilation – Since air circulation is critical for proper decomposition, you should go for a bin with many slits and holes that cater to this purpose alone. Since micro-organisms are the ones responsible for decomposition, it’s crucial to have an adequate supply of oxygen to facilitate the process. Some other conditions are also necessary but more effort should be put to ensure the ventilation is perfect. Otherwise, you will end up with a big slimy and smelly mess which cannot help your environment.
  • Select the right size – The size of the compost pit will be determined by the size of your yard or garden and the amount of organic waste. Go for a bin that can handle all your organic wastes. If it’s a big one, it comes with its advantages and disadvantages and so is the small one. All that should matter is that it caters to all your waste. The size is also dictated by how much compost you need, for a warehouse you need a kliko conversion bin that can provide the much-needed compost material. For a backyard a small kliko conversion bin is sufficient.
  • Consider the amount of work you want to spend on the bin – You can go for the basic types of kliko conversion bins if you don’t mind doing the heavy lifting work of turning and lifting with a pitchfork. But if you are looking for something that easy to operate, bringing an easy job turning the decomposing heap in the kliko conversion bin. You can go for the other models with handles for turning or even electrical turners to make work easy. However, they can be very costly. It can also depend on how much time you have to take care of turning the compost heap.

You are now ready to start your search for the compost bin of your choice through our product search engine with the above considerations in your mind. You can access different stores and look out for the best deals on the kliko conversion bin of your choice. We also simplify your shopping by providing some customers’ reviews on various compost bins available.

Question & Answer

Where to buy compost bin online UAE?

You can get a compost bins online UAE at our search engine. Through, you can get in touch with various general store retailers who can give you some of the best prices for the best garden compost bins available. Since we bring most retailers under one roof, you can check the quoted prices and check to see a price that suits you. We will ensure to make your shopping easy and fast and what makes things better is that you can get various discounts and promotions from the retail traders. These discounts help you spend as little money as you can on some of the best products available in the market. Also, while you’re here do check out other garden tools out there.

Which compost bin is best?

If you want to know the best kliko conversion bin, you should look at how efficient it is in decomposing your waste and the work it needs to operate efficiently. But at most times, what makes a kliko conversion bin best is if it works to fit your preferences and handle all your organic wastes. There are many brands in the market, all fighting for the top spot. For one, a small kitchen kliko conversion bin is enough for the household, and for another, the kliko conversion bin for a greenhouse is enough for the greenhouse needs. It all depends on how well a compost pit works to satisfy the purpose you are buying it for. Some of the popular brands that you can consider buying the kliko conversion bins from include Exaco, Algreen, GEOBIN, Earth Machine, Miracle, and GRO.

What size of compost bin do I need?

It all depends on the amount of organic garbage you want to decompose in your kliko conversion bin. For small scale decomposing, like just kitchen wastes, a small compost bin can work. For more demanding and vast amounts of organic waste, like in a back yard or even a greenhouse, larger and more complex compost bins are required. It would help if you also looked at where you are going to place the decomposer. Some are made for indoors, like the ceramic compost bins, and others like the compost bin for small yard, which can just be left outside. There are many things to consider before knowing the compost bin that you need.

Conserve your environment and save on money to buy fertilizers by buying a compost bin for decomposing all your household’s organic wastes. Get one of the best online shopping experiences here at as you get the best deals from the many general online stores dealing with compost bins, leaving you want to shop even more?