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About Plant Growing Kit

Gardening is much more than just a hobby for those who love it. For some, it is almost like taking care of a pet. They enjoy it when they see plants sprouting and start developing leaves. However, not many people can afford a backyard garden these days because of the lack of space. Plant growing kits (or simply growing materials) can be really helpful in such cases.

In the last decades, we have seen electronic gadgets getting smaller and more powerful. If you thought that this only works for gadgets, you are wrong. A large portion of people these days live in apartments with no real land to grow plants on. For a while, they didn’t have many options when it comes to gardening. Many of them resorted to growing plants in pots near windows. But modern technology has given us better solutions. Read this article to find out more about plant growing kits. Having a better understanding of them will help you make the right choices when you are shopping.

Four best plant growing kits

The reason why plant growing kits are good enough for a variety of plants is because of the diversity among these growing kits. Here you might need to gain a bit of knowledge or ask for professional help to choose the best option for your plant. However, the same fact also makes it a bit tricky to find the right type of kit if you are looking for a kit to grow a specific type of plant. Below is a list of the four most common plant growing kits on the market right now. In this article, you will also find some really useful tips to follow while shopping for these kits.

Modern Sprout herb garden kit

These cute little jars provide a convenient way to grow your own little herb garden at home. The best thing about this kit is that it comes packed with everything you’d need for your mini hydroponic garden. Once the herb seeds have sprouted, the set’s water-submerged wick will keep your herbs safe and healthy. You don’t have to water the plants regularly because the wick will ensure that the plants get enough water as long as there is water in the container. This garden kit is a great way to grow herbs like mint, organic basil, oregano, cilantro, and parsley.

Pollinator indoor garden kit

How do butterflies, bees and hummingbirds help plants grow? Well, these organisms pollinate the plants and take the burden of manual pollination off the gardeners’ shoulders. In a well-balanced environment, they are all loved by gardeners. This special pollinator kit attracts bees and butterflies to your garden and makes pollination more efficient than otherwise. Make your garden an enticing home for these natural pollinators by planting this push-pop package with their favourite wildflower seeds. This is a fun, kid-friendly gardening kit.

Click and Grow smart garden kit

For someone who enjoys growing edible plants, the Click & Grow Smart Garden is a perfect gardening package. However, this smart plant growing kit does not have the ability to closely track the plants every day. If you have ever used a pod coffee maker, this garden kit is actually of the same form factor. The seeds and the soil for this kit come in the form of capsules that can be simply put inside the kit. The LED lighting system included provides the necessary light for plant growth. However, the light is not too tall, which means you don’t have to clear your windowsills. You only have to keep the bottom chamber filled with water and watch the progress every day through the app.

Back to the Roots mushroom-growing kits

These days, mushrooms are really popular among home gardeners. If you are somebody looking to add mushrooms to your home garden, then this easy to use kit is something to consider. This mushroom growing kit looks really simple, much like a science-fair experiment kit. But despite looking simple and amateurish, this kit will give you at least two harvests of edible, nutritious oyster mushrooms. The packaging is designed to be part of the process of development, and the instructions are clear enough to be understandable even by beginner gardeners.

Tips on how to buy Plant Growing Kits Online

At first, finding the right plant growing kits for your home might not seem like a difficult thing to do. However, gardening kits are as diverse as plants themselves. So, you will need quite a bit of understanding of different plants and their requirements to find the right kind of growing kit. You also have to know what factors to consider in them. Here are a few things to keep in mind while you are shopping for growing kits online.

  • Selection of plants – Not every plant growing kit supports all kinds of plants and herbs. Rather, most of them are designed with specific types of plants in mind. Because gardeners generally have strong preferences regarding what type of plants they want to grow, it is always essential to make sure that the kit you are buying allows you to grow the plants that you like.
  • Size – Generally, the size of growing kits depends on a number of factors. One of them is the type of plants they can grow. Kits that can grow taller plants are generally bigger. Similarly, the size of the kit that has bigger water and nutrient reserve tends to be on the bigger side, as well. As a gardener, you have to make sure that the size of the kit you are buying is suitable for you.
  • Design – Many people think that design is the last thing to look for in a gardening kit. In reality, the design of these kits can affect the decor of the room because most people tend to place the growing kits in their living room or kitchen.
  • Features – In the earliest days of gardening kits, they used to be just compact plant pots. However, they have gotten a lot better since then. Modern growing kits come with many useful and interesting features. Some growing kits have built-in lights that eliminate the need to place the plant near a window. More advanced kits even have trackers that track the growth of the plants and even their health.

If you love gardening, then you need many other things apart from plant growing kits. These include things like garden furniture, storage boxes, pest and dog repellent, mole trap, weed control, parasols, party tents, and pergolas. You can find any of these easily using our shopping search engine. It will also help you compare the sizes and features of different products and pick the best one among them. So, don’t forget to check out all the other amazing products from the Garden category.

Question & Answer

How to use a herb growing kit?

Herb growing kits are the simplest kits among all. They consist of simple glass bottles, seed packets, cotton wicks, and a plant holder. To grow the herbs, you should fill the glass bottle with water and place the wick inside the bottle. Then connect the wick to the plant holder. You should place the seeds in the plant holder. The wick ensures that the seeds get the moisture that is necessary for germination. To prevent the seeds from drying and to protect it from pests, you will have to cover the bottle with a sticker. After germination, you can remove this sticker to let the plant grow out.

How long do mushroom growing kits last?

There are two factors that determine the life of a mushroom growing kit. One is how long do the mushrooms take to incubate and fully grow into a harvestable batch. Second is how many cycles of mushrooms can the kit grow. Multiplying these two things will give you the actual life of a growing kit. Even simple growing kits like Back to the Roots will allow you to cultivate mushrooms for two harvest cycles. In the case of a typical mushroom growing kit, you will be able to use it for six months or up to one year.

Where to buy mushroom growing kits online in the UAE?

Given the desert climate in the UAE, plant growing kits are the best option for building a home garden. This method is much easier than the traditional gardening method because you don’t have to be as meticulous about watering the plants and adding fertilizer. Fortunately, there are numerous places where you can find mushroom growing kits in the UAE. One of the best places to look for them is of course, It is incredibly easy to find the right growing kit using our retail search engine.

If you are looking to buy growing kits online in the UAE, you are in the right place. There are more than 500 shops and brands offering them here on These shops offer products from popular brands like Grow Tent, Aerogarden, Modern Sprout, Click and Grow, Avoseedo, and Canna.