About Gravel

Are you thinking of improving your garden landscape? The initial thing that will come to your mind will be mulch or plants. Well, these both are excellent choices. But what about the gravel?

What if you add gravel in your garden which makes it more appealing and helps you save money on maintenance and water. Gravel is the perfect material to select for your garden for every purpose. Choosing gravel for your garden is a natural, cost-effective, low maintenance solution. If you want to create a rustic appearance in your garden, adding gravel stone is an excellent option. So, if you wish to give a contemporary look or create a traditional style, attain it with different kinds of gravel. Each of these is unique in its look, feel and properties. Therefore you need to understand the different types before buying one for your garden area.

Types of gravel to choose from

There are numerous reasons to select white gravel or pink gravel for your garden since it looks appealing with any landscape style. If you want to enhance the look, then you need to know the types and tips to buy the right gravel for your garden. It can make your landscape more adorable. Plus the variety of options in the market makes it easier for you to make a unique layout in your garden landscape. So, if you are thinking of adding these stones or gravel for landscaping to your residential garden, then take a look at the types of stones available in the market.

Pea gravel

It is one of the most popular types of rock used for patios, gardens, pathways, as ground cover. These stones are rounded in shape, and their name is pea as the rocks are the size of a pea. The size of the pea rock ranges from 1/8 to 3/8 inches with different colours including medium grey, dark grey, caramel brown, and sand. Additionally, this gravel is known for its fantastic crunching sound. You can buy cheap pea gravel for your garden and give it an excellent appearance that suits. These gravels are readily accessible and not much expensive. You can easily purchase the gravels from different recognized brands at

Crushed gravel

It is not like pea rocks which are tumbled to create rounded edges, but they mainly feature more jagged edges. These edges can provide the benefit of assisting stone compact and lock in place, minimizing rolling underfoot and travelling. The size of the crushed rocks ranges from 1/8 to 3/8 inch and are available in several colours such as off-white, reddish, tan, brown, buff, and slate grey. The texture of this rock is not smooth as pea rock, but the rock has larger particles. But it is a fantastic choice for an attractive garden.

Decomposed granite gravel

The decomposed granite and often known as path fines has the smallest particles. The size ranges from sand-size grains to 1/8-inch particles and create a stable surface, compact, appropriate for rolling anything with wheels. The colours differ from dusty tans, dark slate, bluish tones, and red-brown. Decomposed granite is sandy and reddish-tan in colour and offers landscapes with a rustic and soft look. This granite is majorly used in the garden to beautify its appearance at an affordable price. So, buy cheap gravel online and embrace the look and feel of your garden.

Drainage gravel

If you want quick drainage in your garden, drainage gravel is an ideal option for you which is over three-quarters inches is useful. These gravels are utilized to facilitate the movement of water around a property or away from it altogether. The typical usage is behind retaining walls or sub-surface drainage trenches underfoot gardens. Additionally, this rock is vitally used in spaces where you need water to move freely without any resistance. All the landscapes are distinct and require different sizes and quantities of drainage material. The primary colours of drainage stone include dark and light grey, reddish-brown, and sandy tones.

Loose gravel

It is ideal for country gardens and mainly suits contemporary gardens and is a highly affordable option. Additionally, it is more preferred for gardens and pathways. Unless the stone your purchased is contained, it still wanders, taking stones back into place will become regular job maintenance. If your garden is on a slope or familiar experiences the snowfall, the loose gravel is not right for you. How to keep the rock in place? Please make use of the cellular grid over the weed membrane lay gravel directly over it. You might find that the rock requires topping now and then.

Tips on how to buy Gravel online in UAE

Finally, you have made a choice to decorate your garden with gravel. But here comes the real challenge, which is you will find lots of options when it comes to colours and types. Thus, buying gravel online in Dubai is a big task for people. We will be telling you some tips and tricks which can ease down your tension of making a choice. Read the whole and know the information to buy the best gravel for your garden today.

  • Consider budget – The price of the gravel differs with its type, size and availability. Thus, considering your budget before selecting the right rock for your garden is a vital option. You can now avail gravel for sale online in UAE without putting much effort and visiting If you want to buy the stone at the lowest or cheap prices, just visit and grab exciting deals and discounts on different products for your gardens. This will help you buy rock that suits your need under your budget.
  • Accommodate wheels – Do you want to use the rock in an application that requires regular traffic? Then, select a kind of gravel that is less prone to rolling underneath or getting stuck in the wheel. Ensure that the gravel your purchase can be installed adequately on a compacted base. This incorporates rocks used for gardens, pathways, driveways, or patios which you want to be secure for strollers, wheelchairs, walkers, and wheelbarrows. If you are looking for a wheel-friendly application, select which has a large size such that you won’t be disappointed.
  • Mix it with pavers – If you are selecting a stone to go with the flagstones, choose the colour which goes with pavers. Additionally, texture and size will not travel up onto them. As in path fines and decomposed granite works perfectly as they are compact and delicate that it does not even matter if some grains of sands are underneath on pavers. If you are selecting small or medium-sized rock choose crushed rock than rounded pea rock.
  • Rock tracking into the house – Do you want to save hardwood floors by selecting a rock type that is less likely to monitor inside? Then, take a small show test while choosing Flip over your shoe and take a glance at the size of treads. The piece of the stone if it s of the same size or smaller than prints on a standard show that can be picked up, lodged in sole ad monitor into the house. So, make sure to select the one which does not track inside your home and looks more elegant and stylish in your garden. The more massive particles rock like ½ drain and crush rock have size and gravity as per their benefit and will less likely to track. Choose from different types like white or limestone gravel and many others.
  • Colour – The colour is the last and vital consideration while choosing the best rock for your garden. Make sure to select a colour that works with other hardscape elements in your garden landscapes, be it stone, wood, or brick. Additionally, you may utilize warm-toned rocks to make your garden visually warm. It may act as a backdrop for lush green foliage and purple and blue flowers. The cool colours such as made of crushed slate that make pale blossoms stand out via contrast.

So, now you know the tips and tricks to buy cheap garden gravel. You might have more clear ideas to choose the best one without any effort or hassles. If you want to ease down more, select from the different brands like B and Q, Breedon, Hanson, IMI, Kellys, Lafarge at Apply all the above tips given and buy the best one online by sitting at your home.

Question & Answer

What is self-binding gravel?

Self-binding gravel works in both kinds of gardens, whether it is temporary or traditional. It mainly works by knitting together once to form a solid surface and base. The self-binding gravel looks more appealing and natural as compared to the resin-bound. It is permeable as well as is utilized on slopes which are less than one in 15. Additionally, there is pink gravel available in the market online. Pink colour rock has incredible texture and different shades of pink.

Where to buy pea gravel online UAE?

If you want to purchase pea gravel online in UAE, then without thinking more visit Here you can find different recognized brands and shops available. Here at this website, you can find a rock at the lowest prices as compared to others. Additionally, you can grab amazing discounts at your purchase. So, what are you waiting for? Visit shopping search engine and seek over 500 brands to shop at affordable rates. Undoubtedly, they provide you with the best quality products which you never regret buying.

How much gravel do i need?

If you want to know the requirement of rock for your garden, it is initially crucial for you to see the size of your yard. Fix the measure in which you want to decorate with rocks as per the size of that space; you can accordingly calculate the amount of rock which you will need for it. It’s straightforward, know the area you require to cover, depth of the stone and your postcode. These details will help you in shopping online.