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Tiles are an excellent way to decorate your outer floor, specifically in patio and deck areas. Most people prefer tiles because they are durable, low maintenance and are permanent, stable, and subtle than pavers. Luckily today we can find a wide range of outdoors tiles, including garden tiles in the market.

On a general note, a tile is a thin hard object, usually in a rectangular or square shape. A tile comes in a variety of materials including stone, metal, ceramic, baked clay and sometimes in glass. The main intention of using tile is to cover the floors, roofs, walls, and other flat and exposed areas in and outside of a building. At times tiles also refer to similar units made from a lightweight material like mineral wool, wood, or perlite. This type of tile is usually used to decorate the ceiling. There is also segregation between inside and outdoor tiles. Here garden tiles are remarkable and the most widely used outdoor tiles that you will find in the market.

Common material in outdoor tiles for garden

Today we can witness a vast majority of open-air patios that are constructed with some masonries like poured concrete, stone paver or bricks etc. But those who are serious about the outlook of their home and office garden/patio area will always choose garden tiles for floor decoration. These outdoor decorative tiles are the most durable, lasting, and creative way to add aesthetic value to your property. And considering the different needs of the consumer, the floor, and the situation of the ground, the manufacturers, offers a wide range of material to meet your needs and help you decorate your floor. Some of these are mentioned below

Porcelain garden tiles

These are much denser tiles and are the most potent form of ceramic. Due to their durability and look, these tiles can work fine on most of the patio and floor types with a variety of applications. The most popular choices include textured and matt tiles with glossy loess surfaces. However, one slight drawback is that they get a bit slippery when wet. Most of the porcelain tiles are thick and sturdy enough to be used on floors. But it would help if you were sure of using the top-rated product. Here the price of porcelain garden tiles will vary based on thickness and other aesthetic features.

Ceramic outdoor path tiles

Traditional ceramic floor tiles are also a widely accepted choice for outdoor patios. The reason for the popularity is that they carry a PEI rating indicating considerable strength. Typically these ceramic tiles are best suited for light use patios; it will not be a strong choice as compared to many other available options. But if you still want to go with ceramic tiles, make sure that it is a floor tile and is sturdy enough to be used on a patio. Here you can look for products titled outdoor ceramic floor tiles and be knowledgeable about identifying and avoiding wall tiles. Just like porcelain tiles, the material costs vary in ceramic tiles and is generally based on size, quality, and aesthetics.

Quarry garden decking tiles

Despite what the name depicts, these tiles are not mined from natural quarries. Instead, they are made from a dense type of unglazed clay. These are strong and works well as a paving material for patios. These tiles are created explicitly for outdoor use, including decks and courtyards. Unlike many other options, the quarry garden decking tiles are available in minimal hues. So, you will need to choose from Gray, brown, or red. These tiles offer a traditional Mediterranean look. They also have an impressive water-resistant feature, and their texture prevents them from slipping when wet.


These are an ideal option for natural stones in outdoor patios. The term slate is a metamorphic rock that is created under excessive pressure and heat.  These garden stone tiles are impressively strong, hard to break and water-resistant. Unlike some other natural stones, you can buy these tiles with a natural texture that also prevent slipping on when wet. Besides primary hues like black and dark Gray, these stones are available colours like green, purple and orange etc. Hence you can add a colourful natural feel to your patio and yard floors with slates.

Tips on how to buy Garden Tiles for sale online in the UAE  

When you head to buy tiles for the yard, the choices are endless. While purchasing it is important to consider the fact floor tiles installation take a lot of time and investment, and it will stay with you forever. A wrong choice can make you regret it for years to come. So instead of wasting your time regretting, spend a bit more time searching buying the best outdoor decorative tiles for walls and floors. Today we are here to share some tips on how you can deal with the purchase process like a pro and get an ideally durable, lasting tile that makes a perfect match for your property.

  • The strength of tiles – Unlike tiles, you can use indoor walls and floors, the outdoor decorative tiles are supposed to be more vital to withstand varying temperatures and other weather conditions. So always try to choose the most durable material as mentioned in the discussion earlier.
  • Budget – A patio can be an expensive space, and if you tend to cover it with expensive tiles, it will surely add up the cost. So, when you decide to decorate your patio, keep a reasonable amount aside for buying quality tiles for the floor. Try to adjust the budget in other tasks but never compromise on quality.
  • The style of the patio – Tiles do not only offer a finish to the floor but will also have a clear impact on the environment you are planning to create in your yard. Always choose the material with texture and colours that are consistent with the look of the property.
  • Slip resistance and texture – The material and texture have a lot to do with the slipperiness of the tile. And outdoors, you should not opt for a slippery tile because moisture is often inherent. So chose a product considering all the said aspects.
  • Consider the weather conditions – If you are living in an extreme weathered region, pick an outdoor tile that can withstand the extreme freezing and thawing changes nicely. Porcelain, for instance, has a low water absorption rate, whereas sandstone is relatively porous. If water is absorbed by a piece of tile and then freezes there, it will cause a crack in the tile. So, choose a tile texture and material according to weather conditions in your locality.
  • Consider the light exposure of your tile – Although it is ignored fact the amount of sunlight a patio get plays a considerable role in life and performance. So, if you are about to install tiles in areas with no shade at all, look for darker tiles. At the same time, you can opt for brighter material for shady and dim areas.

In the end, we always recommend our customers to read the product description section with care. This section helps the buyers to understand the basics care, installation, size, and material specification of the selected item. Suppose the product looks satisfying in every way, head to the customer review sections. This is where you will come to know what previous users have to say about the performance, durability, and other aspects of the tile. Try to pick a product that has higher reviews.

Question & Answer

Which tiles are best for the outdoors?

The material of a tile explains if it is the best option for your particular needs or not. You can choose a tile from material options including granite, marble, slate, limestone, travertine, porcelain, wood and natural stone tiles. For aesthetic values some of the trending items that you can find online are Basilea Marengo outdoor slab tile, Dakota dark grey outdoor riven porcelain slab, Andalucia patterned porcelain wall & floor, and Kashmir natural outdoor slab.

Can I put ceramic tiles in my garden?

Yes, you can use ceramic floor tiles in your garden. However, there is a special type of ceramic tiles that are designed with added strength to sustain on your garden floor for a longer time. The experts also suggest that while buying porcelain tiles for outdoor use but anti-slip tiles with matt finish. Also, make sure the tiles can deal with the weather conditions of the area you are going to install them in.

What are the main types of garden tiles?

The garden tiles vary based on material. Some of the standard materials that you can find in garden tiles include Porcelain; Ceramic; Quarry; Travertine; Slate; Granite; Limestone; Soapstone; Sandstone; Interlocking Plastic Tiles; Decking Tiles; Rubber; Concrete; and Carpet. You can find variations in size, thickness, cut, colour, and aesthetic of these tile materials. To choose the best type of garden tiles, you should consult an expert to search online for suggestions.

Where can I buy garden tiles online in the UAE?

When it comes to buying garden tools and accessories, it is essential to do an in–depth market search to find the best price for high–quality products. Luckily, there are dozens of brands offering a wide range of garden tiles suitable for any patio, garden, or backyard. At , you can explore and buy products from top brands likes Ikea, Action, B & Q, and Home Depot. Here you can also use the unique price comparison tool to compare the price of products from different brands and pick the best possible option for your dream home.

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