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About Garden Pumps

Plants, flowers, vegetables all need to be watered regularly for them to thrive well. Plus, who doesn’t love to walk into a backyard that greets you with a gentle splashing of waterfall installed in a pond. Irrigating your plants, or having a proper water feature on to your gardens – you need a quality garden pump to make all this a reality! But beware, you’ll find several types of them online and choosing one among them wouldn’t be an easy task. Fortunately for you, in this guide we shall take a look at a few trending types that you can invest in. Plus, you’ll also find a few quick tips on how to buy garden pond pump online in UAE. So read on!

You can utilise the garden pumps in numerous ways. Firstly, as we mentioned earlier, you can use them maintain your garden water features – for instance, a pond or a fountain. Here, the pump keeps the water circulating around your pond. This action, in turn, keeps the water in the pond fresh and prevents algae build-up. Secondly, you can use them in your lawns to irrigate the large parts of your backyard. That said, garden pond pumps come in a variety of types that perform different function apart from the above stated two basic functions. Let’s take a look at the few popular types that you can invest in.

The top-selling garden and pond pumps to choose from

Garden pumps come in a variety of types and styles. The major ones include – submersible, magnetic drive, statuary, external, solar powered, fountain, debris handling pump. Each model has a specific purpose pertaining to their features. For instance, magnetic drive pumps circulate water and uses electromagnetism to do it. On the other hand, the statuary pump create small fountain. Similarly, the submersible pump is an inaudible and submersed in the water. However, external pumps require maintenance and tend to create noise when compared to the others. That said, below we’ve compiled a few pump types that you can consider buying. 

The outdoor pond pump

Installing a pond in your backyard or garden is a great way to add another visual dynamic to your space. You can build a fishpond filled with koi, or you can build natural water pool for swimming. Either way, you might need to install an ideal water filtration system to keep the pond or pool clean. So, if you’re planning on building a pond, then there are a few models that you can invest in. For instance, the TetraPond water garden pumps are apt for waterfalls, fountain heads, and filters. Similarly, another energy efficient model from TetraPond is the debris-handling type.

The finest solar fountain pump

Do you live in a sunny place? Then there’s nothing better than installing a solar powered garden pumps. There are several reasons you should consider buying them. One such advantage is of course, their eco-friendly nature. Besides, you’ll save money. When you use solar power, you only have the up-front costs of the solar panels and equipment. Above all, they’re easy to install. Most of their basic models require just a few simple steps to install that probably anyone can do. Some of the best solar garden pump includes names like Solariver, Sunnydaze, Lewisia, Roadtec, and Solatec.

The perfect water feature pumps

Installing a pond, pool, fountain, or waterfall in your garden, ups how your backyard looks. However, for this to happen you should feature a great garden pump for water feature. But there are a few things you should keep in mind while you buy the water-feature pumps. For example, the flow rate plays a crucial role. The flow rate will affect how much of a water stream is created if you are using a water feature. Similarly, the running cost, and power source play a part. Some of the best water-feature pump models include Blagdon minipond pump and AITOO submersible water pump.

The large pond pumps

Large water features require larger garden pumps. Similarly, you’ll need a larger model your backyard. Either way, the large pond pumps bring many benefits. First is of course, they ensure better quality of water. We all know that without proper water aeration and circulation the quality of water spoils. Secondly, the large pumps make sure to control algae growth and get rid of any foul smell. Moreover, it also reduce the mosquitoes that tend to develop in stagnant water conditions. Fish Mate 1900 pond pump and Algreen MaxFlo 5500 GPH pond and waterfall pump are a couple of popular large pond models.

Tips on how to buy Garden Pumps online

Purchasing a garden pump can often be a large investment, that you ought to do it right. You might have to take many things and factors into account before you settle in for the final one. To make things easier for you we’ve compiled below a few tips that you can keep in mind while buying them online. These tips will help you assess the product before you buy them. 

  • Know what you need – Even before you begin your search online, you should figure out what you need. Are you planning on creating a large waterfall with the pump? Or is it for a small outdoor mini-pond in your garden? Either way, your requirement determine the kind of product you choose online. Therefore, make sure have them sorted beforehand.
  • Research a bit – Once you know what you need for your space, the next step is to research about the product. Do you know the various aspects of garden pumps? Are you familiar with the technical jargons? If not, make sure you at least have a basic understanding of how they work, their top sellers, and manufacturers. The more you know about the product the better it is for you to buy them online.
  • Explore the various available options – Apart from the general search, it’s important to explore your available options. Garden pumps come in several types. We did discuss some in the section above. There are many more apart from those that come in various styles, materials, and shapes that offer various functions. You could buy submersible garden pump online in UAE, external, magnetic & direct drive models.
  • Check out the pump flow rate – The flow rate of the garden pump plays a vital role when you’re buying them for a waterfall or a fountain. Therefore, make sure to take the time to understand about maximum flow and pressure for your pump. This way, you can avoid taking any hasty decisions and will not end up buying the wrong one.
  • Look out for pump sizing – The garden pump size plays a crucial role in establishing the kind of water feature you need for your pond. If you have a large garden and a pond, then it’s best to for larger models. However, if it’s for smaller gardens or ponds then a small garden pump will do the job. Either way, the pump sizing as well as the size of your garden and pump plays a critical role in this.
  • Go for the best quality – Garden pond pumps in general come in robust designs that work in harsh outdoor climatic conditions. However, it’s still better to check out the quality and stick to the one that has the best features and quality. Some of the brands that offer you premium-quality, high-performing pumps include Hozelock, Blagdon , Oase, Tetra, Gardena etc.
  • Set aside a budget – Garden pumps generally are a huge investment. However, you could also find a few cheap water garden pump models out there. Which is why, it’s best to set aside a budget for yourself. This not only curbs overspending but also narrows down your choices. Of course, you could purchase garden pump for sale online in UAE if you’re a serious economiser.
  • Keep an eye on the running cost – Apart from the product price itself, you will also need to think about the running costs too. You can easily calculate them yourself. You can normally find the wattage used by the pump on its box itself. If not, look for the amps used on the label attached on the pump body. You can convert amps to watts by multiplying amps x volts.
  • Read reviews online – Serious gardeners and pump buyers take time to review their performance online. It’s a great idea to check them out before you settle in for a particular product. Reading the various feedbacks and comments online helps you put yourself in their shoes and understand the quality and performance of the product you’re about to buy.

Remember, there isn’t one-pump-fits-all-ponds scenario. Therefore, you should know which one to choose depending on your requirements. And for that, you must at least consider the above tips before you buy them. Do not take hasty decisions. Take time to carefully weigh the pros and cons of the product you intend to buy. You could also take an expert’s advice if you feel you need one.

Question & Answer

How does a garden pump work?

The garden pumps comprise of three basic parts that include the impellor, the water intake pipe, and the pump. Each one plays a specific role. The impellor spins and drives the water. On the other hand, the water intake pipe that’s also attached to the filter cleans the water before it enters the pump. The pump then then guides clean water to the outlet pipe that delivers the cleaned water back to the pool or the water feature.

How to clean tower garden pump?

Sedimentation, formation of planktons or algae is common when water is involved in any kind of machinery. The garden pumps aren’t an exception. Therefore, you need to make sure you clean them regularly for them to function properly. Luckily, you just need to follow three steps to keep your pumps clean. First, drain and disassemble the pump. Next soak the pump and scrub off the stuck debris. Finally, rinse it and repeat if needed.

What size of pump do I need for garden waterfall?

The pump size for your waterfall depends on the size of our waterfalls. For example, if you have an 18-inch wide waterfall, you need to install an 1800 gallon per hour pump. However, if you have a gentler waterfall then you can go for the pumps that spew 900-1800 water per hour. But, if need a more aggressive flow use a 2400-3600 gph garden pump. In short, the size varies depending on how big your waterfall is.

Where to buy garden pump online in UAE?

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Water features in your garden are an added asset that enhance your backyard aesthetics. However, you should care for them to look stunning, and the garden pumps help you do just that. So, do not wait, hurry and own your perfect model today on And yes, do not miss to check out several other products from over 500 online shops and brands right here!