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About Flower Bulbs & Seeds

Fruits and vegetables satisfy your nutrients needs, and flowers benefit our soul and many other beneficial insects. Especially in the spring season, you can see beautiful butterflies hovering over the flowers, and sweet fragrance mixed with the wind. It can be in your garden if you buy flower bulbs & seeds wisely. 

Flowers add charm and please our eyes. Everybody loves sweet fragrance and blooming colours. And starting a garden on your own is the most rewarding thing you can do nowadays. You can plant floral aromas, and smell the natural scent every morning. But if you’re new to gardening, everything can be a little difficult for you. Still, you don’t have to make it more complicated. If you will break down your project and divide the tasks, you can ease the gardening at your own pace. And soon you’ll start seeing rewards in the form of a beautiful garden filled with flowers. Learning about various flower bulbs & seeds can benefit you, and you can use this wisdom to plan the design. 

Different types of flower bulbs & seeds

Before selecting flowers based on their colour and appearance, you must consider some of the other crucial factors. For example, you must choose their colour, flair, fragrance and decide if you want to grow annually bloom flowers or perennials. You have to replant the annual bloom flower bulbs & seeds every year and take care of them. Each flower can make a stunning garden, but each one has different requirements. So why not before buying anything know about some common flowers in detail and start with something small until you become an expert or knowledgeable enough to do experiments. 


Tulips are the most beautiful spring blooming perennial flowers. They’re showy, bright and large flowers and often used as ornamental plants and cut flowers. These flowers come in all sorts of colours such as red, yellow, pink, purple, and white. These flowers cultivated in Europe and with time moved to central Asia. You can plant freesia with tulip, and they also bloom in every spring. They have a habit of turning into the right angel. It’s a lovely smelling flower like a strawberry or other summer fruits. It’s easy to take care as well, once the blooming season finishes the bulb turns yellow and then you can stop watering them until it starts sprouting again. 


Ranunculus flowers are too perfect to be real. They bloom like a rose and have fragile tissue-like petals. These flowers come in a variety of colours including pale yellow, burgundy, orange, pink, red and apricot. This exquisite flower isn’t easy to see easily at home, but if you love this flower, why not grow on your own? With ranunculus, you can grow gladiolus. It’s known as summer tulip and easy to grow. It grows in sandy soil and likes a sunny location. It is the best flower bulbs for full sun. It would help if you planted this deeper because they have tall sheaf leaves. It will anchor them and protect from the strong wind. You can also buy poppy flower seeds online UAE for planting with them. 


Daffodil flowers belong to spring perennial plants. It means intoxication, and there is greek mythology behind the name. This flower named after a young man who fell in love with its own reflection. This flower has six petals and looks like a trumpet. They are usually yellow or white in colour, but some of them are orange and pink as well. however with daffodils, you can plant amaryllis. They give a compliment to each other. You can plant the bulb in the soil and provide water, indirect light, and it will bloom uptight. It starts giving flowers after 6 to 8 weeks and easily grows 6 to 8 inches in the pot. 


Crocus is a flowering plant from the irises family. It grows from a bulb in winter, spring and autumn seasons. You may be surprised to know that we obtain saffron from this flower. They found from woodlands to sea level and meadows to alpine tundra. You can plant purple hyacinths with it. They’re beautiful bulbous flowers which are known for their fragrant vibrant colours. We can use these flowers as ornamental plants. They’re urn-shaped blue colour flowers which look like a bunch of grapes. These are some common examples of ornamental plants, and you can use them indoors as well to confuse your guests because they look like artificial plants.

Tips on how to buy Flower Bulbs & Seeds online in UAE

We hope that the knowledge about some common flowers may help you understand them better and you might start browsing them. Although just liking them is not enough; you must know about buying the right flower bulbs & seeds so that they turn out right at home. With this guide, you get to know some tips and tricks which help you select the right product.  
  • Make a choice – Do some planning before you start buying anything online. Select which type of colours you want in your garden plants, decide whether you wish to grow annually bloom flower bulbs & seeds or perennials. Every kind of combination has a different requirement, so choose wisely. If you’re new to this, you can start with a small garden and then expand it with time.
  • Pick the right spot – You must observe the garden before planting the flower bulbs & seeds. Choose the sunny spot for flowers who need more sun and choose a shady spot for shade lover plants. You can’t grow tomatoes in the shade so don’t skip this step. And prepare the soil before planting bulbs based on their needs. You can also buy the best summer flower seeds to sow in the sun.
  • Explore stores and products – Online stores have a vast collection of flower bulbs & seeds and renowned brands offering flower bulbs & seeds from around the globe. It means you have an opportunity to explore a dozen flower options before you settle. Although it’s better to compare and review the products before you purchase anything.
Above all these tips, your budget is the primary concern even if you’re heading to buy simple flower bulbs & seeds. If you’re concerned about the budget, you can explore our product search engine where more than online 500 shops are available such as Newchic and more. You can compare the price on more than one site. Isn’t it incredible?

Question & Answer

What are the best flower seeds?

The best flower seeds are those who are tested and qualified. You can find these sorts of sources offered by brands such as Giant Dahlia, Ice Follies, Alfresco, Thalia and more. So you must select from the brands. The good seed is in firm form and does not float on the water. These brands make sure that seeds are healthy, sun-dried and give a good bloom.

How to plant flower seeds?

Using seeds for growing flowers is a very easy method. You must buy planters and fill it with the fertile soil. After this take sundried hardened seeds, bury the seeds in the soil. Make sure they’re not overlapping each other. Sprinkle the water. Do not flood them. And wait for flowers to grow. You can read the instructions on the pack.

What are the different types of flower bulbs?

Many people mistook the bulbs with a fleshy underground storage structure. In reality, they’re plants that have an underground storage structure and complete the life cycle in it. They’re usually perennials. Some of the examples are true bulbs and tunicate bulbs. Tulip, hyacinth, Muscari daffodil are some of the flowers that grow from a bulb.

Which flower bulbs are edible?

It is one of the most common questions that pops in our mind. Let us clear that not all the flower bulbs are edible. You must read the instructions carefully before popping any bulb into your mouth. Some of the edible bulbs are grape hyacinth, tassel hyacinth, camassia lily, dahlia, and tulip. But we suggest you to not eat without an expert’s opinion.

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