Garden Hose Reels

About Garden Hose Reels

If you are planning to do any work around the garden, you will surely need a hose. But from six to one-ply and drip lines, reinforces or automatic models, it is much easier to lose your way. And this is where a modern garden hose reel can come to deal with the chores in an organized and mess-free manner. 

Garden hose reels are cylindrical spindles. These are either made of fibreglass, plastic or metal. They are mainly used for storing the hose before during and after use. The most common style of hose reels is self-retracting (they are spring-driven). Other known types include motor-driven and hand-cranked hose reels. These reels are categorized by diameter and length of the hose they hold, rewind method and pressure rating. These reels can either be fixed in a permanent location (wall mounted hose reels) or portable and attach to cart hose reels.  

Types of garden hose holders  

Having a garden hose holder is an important and sensible decision for several reasons. Most people prefer using it for safety reasons. This is because a hosepipe reel can keep the hose organized and ensure minimal hazards that come with scattered garden hoses. An organized hose will also prevent kinks in it as it will remove all the excess water and store it in the right way. And with proper storage, there will be lesser as leaks from the hose and will cause no leaking and water spillage anywhere in and around the garden and storage area. Here are some common types of hose reels that you can plan to buy for your home or commercial space needs. 

Wall-mounted hose reels   

These reels are designed to stick to the wall using aluminium brackets.  In most cases, the hose is reeled in using cranks or spring actions. It is a highly suitable type as it is a set and forgets system. Even if you ever want to relocate it the process is more straightforward and involve unwinding little some bolts and screws. This is one of the most appreciated choices for many homeowners. They can hook to the most suitable wall near the yard and enjoy it for the rest of their life. Additionally, they are neat and look neat. Many owners also recommend this type because of its ease of use and cost-effectiveness.   

Retractable hose reels   

These types of reels have intense spring action built into them. These springs help in easy reeling of the hose when not in use. a special locking system is used in most modern models that help to keep the hose from being pulled while you are watering the garden area. These types of reels are usually enclosed in a casing that is meant to keep the heat, cold and other weather conditions. With the additional cover, these hosen add more life years to the pipe. Also if you own pets, this casing helps protect the hose from the claws and keeps the pets away from the hose to play with.   

Portable hose reels   

If you are expecting to move the hose reel often, a wall-mounted option is nothing to consider. Instead, you need to opt for a portable version of these garden hose reels. Here you can consider options like cart hose reels.  Also, if you feel the need to carry your revolution in and out of home – to protect from weather or other environmental conditions – you may want to buy a portable option. An excellent modern hose cart reel comes with high-quality rubber tires and a handle to push or drag with. Besides, they also have a durable and reasonable looking frame that can work well for a long time in any weather conditions.  

Powered garden hose reels   

Besides standard manually operated hose reels, there is a wide range of mechanical and electric power-operated reels available in the market. They are a bit expensive yet advanced and extremely convenient version of garden reels to use. Here you can use a motor to wind up the hose after use. In most cases, the hose needs an external supply to drive the motor that spins in the piece. It is also a common practice to have an electric powered wall-mounted setup. Such types make it easier to attach to the power source while keeping a large amount of hose neatly packed.

Tips on how to buy Garden Hose Reels online in the UAE  

A hose reel plays an important role in prolonging the life of even the most moderate-quality hose. It is done by protecting the hose from extreme environmental conditions like sun, rain and extreme cold. These reels also protect the user from tripping and mowing over them. And such a variety of benefits come with different types, styles and features of the hose. So when looking for the best hose reel to buy, it is important to consider some points to ensure the best return of your money invested. In the below pointers, we have shared some tips on how you can make a smart purchase easily.

  • Consider the length of the hose – You should start by considering how long the hose you have or need is. For hoes longer than 100ft you will need a heavy-duty reel. But for smaller hose or areas of the garden, a moderate size hose hanger will be enough.
  • The manoeuvrability of hose reel – Now decide if you want a portable hose reel or a wall-mounted option that will be more suited for your need. If you need to water larger areas but don’t have a longer hose, a portable hose reel is what you need to do the watering job precisely.
  • Check for durability – The material of the hose reel should depend on the weather conditions in your garden areas. Also consider the fact that the hose reel will be dealing with weather, heat, water and rust etc. so heading for a cheap quality will push you in the loss. So for durability, look for higher quality.
  • The ease of assembly – Hose reels are all about assembling the hose quickly and nicely. Both portable and wall-mounted styles offer a different level of comfort and ease to deal with the wrapping and unwrapping process. The choice depends on the level of comfort you are looking for.
  • Lockable or slow wind – Some retractable hose reel comes with padlocking. Buying such models mean additional security. Otherwise, you can install it inside the shed and feed the hose through the hole on your wall to address security concerns. Likewise, look for retracting with a slow rewinding feature.

In terms of additional accessories, we can suggest you look for a garden hose reel with an extra fitting that gives an individual specific flavour to the operations. For example, some reels come with a rotational piece that can change the direction of water flow without any additional efforts to change the lay of the hose pipe. You can read the product description and customer review section to find such hidden benefits of the hose reel you have shortlisted to buy.

Question & Answer

What is the best Garden Hose Reel?

Some of the bestselling items include   Sun-cast Swivel Smart Trak Hose Hideaway and the best heavy-duty model ley Wall-Mount Garden Hose Reel. In wall-mounted items, people like to have Liberty Garden Decorative Garden Hose Reel whereas Sun-cast Mobile Hose Reel Cart is the best-selling when it comes to comfortable wheeled option. At other times customers have best-ranked models like Hose-link Automatic Retractable Garden Hose Reel, Liberty Garden Navigator Garden Hose Reel and Sun-cast Commercial Pro Hose Reel.

What is a hose reel used for?

Garden hose reels are special plastic or metallic equipment mainly used for rolling garden hoses up. These reels are meant to keep thoroughly drain out all the excess water from the hose and roll it in a neat, careful manner to add more life years to the product. Besides these hose reels are also helpful in keeping your garden or backyard area clean and mess-free.

What is a standard garden hose fitting?

A standard thread used for yard hoses is known as GHT or garden hose thread. Officially it is titled NH or national hose. These come with two designations. The NHR has a very thin-walled coupler on the hose the are formed from thin, rolled material. Whereas the NH is for full-formed threads cut into thicker material and are typically used for bib cocks, and female hose ends. On the other hand, the male threads are also known as MHT (short form of Male Hose Threads) and the FHT for female hose threads.

Where can I buy Garden Hose Reels online in the UAE?

When it comes to buying cheap yet high-quality gardening tools and accessories, a retail search engine is the best place to search. You can explore to explore and buy garden products from brands like Mini, Karcher, Stanley, Craftsman. As an additional perk, you can take help from the price comparison tool to find budget-friendly garden hose reels and related accessories for all your gardening needs.

In the meantime, you can also search and buy products from brands like JD, Kubota or Makita. You can also search for products from top shops.