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About Garden Screens

Garden screens add a decorative touch to your garden area and define a captivating space. The garden screens are an interesting garden tool that can especially define your garden and its corners. It is a delicate way to create privacy in your garden or lawn area without building a wall. So, if you are looking to buy decorative garden screens online in UAE, then you are on the right page.

Most of the garden screens come with slats that allow natural lights to pass through the slats and fall into the garden. This garden tool gives you the best of both worlds, a well-lit garden and the privacy of your garden. So, if you are a gardening enthusiast and looking for outdoor privacy screens to safeguard your garden or lawn, you can hop on to It is the leading shopping search engine in UAE, where you can explore over 500 brands such as Gardman, 3M, Wonderwal, and many more to shop for garden products. Now, let us understand the types of garden screens so that you can make decisions for your garden easily.

Types of garden screen

Before you think to buy garden screens online, there are different types of them which you can prefer according to your needs and requirements. It is quite essential to consider some significant factors such as durability, maintenance, material, and degree of privacy before best choosing the best natural garden screens for your garden. So, here below, we have presented some of the best tips and pieces of advice which will help you to buy the ideal one for you without burning holes in your pocket. Keep on reading.

Bamboo screen

If you want to set an oriental look to the outdoors, you can do it with a bamboo screen. Bamboo screening is an effective way to add security to your garden or lawn. However, bamboo slat screening is the best option to opt for fences. It refreshes the whole look of a fence. And the best part is that bamboo screens are eco-friendly, highly durable, and cost-effective. Also, if you are looking for cheaper options in the bamboo screen, many people look for garden screens for sale in the UAE online to avail themselves of the best and offer the product. Don’t worry about the quality and material; we are the no. 1 in this and will provide you with the utmost quality at affordable prices.

Metal garden screens

Now, it is time to add style and some character to your garden with timeless metal fencing. Metal garden screens add interest to your garden scenery. It will look stunning with your favourite plants and add a spark to your garden. The metal garden screen provides the privacy that you need without compromising the sunlight for sure. Also, it is waterproof, so it can protect your garden from unpredictable weather. So, what are you waiting for? You can buy them online in the UAE with affordable rates and offers. Our online store is one of the leading stores available in the UAE. We offer 100% genuine products with a detailed product description.

Brushwood screening

If you are looking for an ideal and natural garden fencing option, then brushwood is what you are looking for! It supports climbing plants. Moreover, the young heath is tied with galvanized iron wires. This brushwood screening is relatively easy to install against a chain-link fence. It generally comes with 5 meters heather screening rolls which are wide and available in various heights to fit your garden. They are eco-friendly and easy to shorten both in height and in width. And this garden screen is ideal for growing climbing plants. You can buy this garden privacy screen on our shopping search engine to avail some amazing deals too.

Louvre fence panels

If you want to add some contemporary touch to your garden, then without any doubt, go with louvre fence panels. They provide full security and privacy to your garden. They are highly compatible with timber fence posts and are perfect as a stand-alone. You can install it on the top of garden walls for giving additional height and seclusion. They mainly come with 90mm x 20mm slats with rounded edges. If you are searching for a cheaper option online, you can search for cheap wooden garden screens and will get on the top of the list on the search engine.

Tips on how to buy Garden Screens

Garden screening is a popular garden tool and way to create privacy at your outdoor. They have many functions. So, if you are thinking of buying garden screens online, you will need to secure the safety of your children or pets from bumping them into the garden. Also, many people are unaware of using and installing garden screens. Here are some of the best tips for you, which will help you understand the garden screen properly and things to know before buying it online.

  • Figure out the need – First, ask yourself what the need for buying the garden screens is. If you want to design or create a boundary at your property, you may want a tall and solid garden screen to avoid people watching your garden or to protect from animals.
  • Types of garden screens – After understanding the needs and requirements, you can decide which garden screen you are going to buy online. For instance- metal fencing is a solid option for keeping your garden safe. Also, it is water-resistant. So, the choice is yours!
  • Size does matter – Height is the essential factor when you are about to buy fences for your garden. If you are more concerned about its security and privacy, go with the taller fence.
  • Material – This element is one of the significant thoughts of concern when it comes to the product you are buying online. Know the material that can be best suited according to your needs. And ask yourself whether you need strong and pressure-treated timber for your fencing. Do some research online and will get your answer.
  • Installation – You must go through our product description to get an idea of installing the product at your outdoor. Do not worry! We have provided you with brief information on installing it that will make it easier for you to install it properly.

So, these are the tips and best bits of advice which you can follow in order to buy garden screens online. However, our shopping search engine has got all your answers. You can explore multiple stores on and get yourself the best of them online. What are you waiting for? Order it today and give a new makeover to your outdoors. Happy shopping!

Question & Answer

How to install garden screens?

To install garden screens properly at your property’s place, you will need first to dig the post holes to give support to the screen’s weight. Insert the posts in the holes and pour some water in concrete, and mix it well. Now, ensure that the posts are straight and have the correct width apart. Once the concrete part gets over, you can fill the holes back up with dirt. The next step will be to attach the brackets to the screen and make sure you have two on each side of the panel. Without any doubt, attach the screen panel to the posts, and voila, you are all sorted!

Where can I buy garden screens online in UAE?

There are many online stores that are available online in the UAE to shop for garden screens. But if you are reading our post, then it is sure that you have trust in our products. Fret not! You can buy the best garden screens for your garden with the topmost quality of the product only on our website. On, you can explore over many brands who are offering this product with the premium quality. We believe in providing 100% authentic products with superior quality material. Please don’t get confused about the installation of them. You can do it quickly after going through some procedures which we have already mentioned in this product description. Don’t wait much. It is time to give the ultimate treat to your garden that they deserve.

How to choose the right garden screens?

It is imperative to figure out the objective behind buying the garden screens. If you want to get your hands on the right product, then you will need to know some of the best tips, which we have also mentioned in this product description section. First, you need to figure out the need. Then search on various types of garden screens available online. Know the size of your garden to keep it secure and safe from animals and pets. The material should be of superior quality and authentic. And lastly, the installation should not be a hurdle for you. Apply one by one step to install the product successfully in your garden.

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