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An excellent garden begins with the great garden fences and garden gates. While the purpose of the fence and the gate is to protect the garden, they do so much more than that. Much like the front door of your home, the garden gates to your backyard should be warm and welcoming. In this article we look at some stylish garden fences and gates which are ideal for a range of outdoor spaces. We also give you some quick tips on how to buy garden gates online in UAE. So read on! 

As mentioned earlier, the fences and garden gates are necessary for safety. However, they offer a lot more benefits for our home, business, and property in general. For instance, they’re excellent in protecting kids and animals. We all lover our kids and animals playing around in the yard. But let’s be honest, both kids and animals wiggle their way out of the garden easily. If your backyard isn’t fenced, you’re putting your pets and kids in danger. Apart from protection, the fences also allow you to mark your garden area. And above all, it offers you privacy. You can enjoy and be comfortable with your loved ones in your garden without the invasion of a third person. But, remember not all fences and garden gates are equal in quality, material, style, and types. That said let’s check out a few trendy ones that you can invest in. 

A few great garden fence gates for a beautiful backyard 

Apart from security, privacy, and protection the garden gates and fences are also an excellent decorative element. Today, you’ll find several types of garden gates in all sorts of shapes, sizes, materials, and styles. From classic wooden models to stylish metal and highly durable wrought iron models, the list is just endless when it comes to both garden gates and fence. You can even customise a few types. This sheer number of options is a boon to any property owner who wishes to add some spice to their regular fences and gates. Since, gates are the face of your entire fencing, we’re going to look at them in detail. Below, we’ve compiled a list that comprises the best garden gate designs. 

The modern stepped wooden garden gates and fences

A high-quality classic wooden gate usually creates a unique appeal that adds charm to any space no matter how or big it is. Wooden garden fences and gates both come in softwood, as this is most readily available and cost effective timbre available. However, today you’ll find several variations to this. The stepped fence and garden gates is an excellent example of this. The fences are tall enough to keep both animals and onlookers at bay. And the gates attached to the fences are stylish enough to add curb appeal to your home. Luckily, you can now buy wooden garden gates online in UAE. 

The stylish metal garden gates

Unlike wooden gates that add charm and character, the metal gates offer a starker appearance.  However, they do not provide you high level of privacy. Although, you’ll find a wide range of traditional styles, the metal designs fit perfectly with the modern properties. That’s because the metal garden fences and gates come with cleaner lines mirror your gardens far better than the natural properties of the wooden gate. Further, the metal gates create a strong and durable physical security barrier and provide years of trouble-free operation. Today you can buy cheap metal garden gates online. 

The strongest wrought iron garden gates and fences

If you wish to get yourself an easy-to-install iron fence, then go ahead pick the wrought iron models. It tends to be sturdy and durably. Besides, the black finish of the product is an elegant way to keep unwanted guests out of your garden. In short, the fence and the garden gate puts practicality over ornamental aesthetics. Yet, its streamlined straightforward structure fits anywhere on your property apart from your yards. Further, the iron gates have a classic style that you wouldn’t get tired of looking. Apart from that, the big plus point is that it helps you create an elegant entrance. 

The double garden gates for your driveway

The double wooden gates are a perfect addition to your garden fences if you want some extra security. Besides, they’re also suitable for all kinds of driveways at your place. Fortunately, you’ll find several types of double gates out there on the market. Some popular models include the square top double gates and the wooden estate gates. Both the gates come with an extra height compared to the others. This extra height decreases visibility into your home, thereby offering you the desired privacy. You can also opt for the classic curved top gates if you want to add a zing to your garden gates.

Tips on how to buy Garden Fences and Gates online

A garden gate isn’t just your route to the outside world, it’s also the first impression that people have of your garden. What’s more, it completes your garden fences too. If you take pride in the appearance of your backyard, then any old wooden garden gates won’t do. You need to choose a great gate that complements your garden fences and the rest of your garden. Here are a few quick tips to select a perfect garden gate from the numerous options out there on the market.

  • Sort out your preferences – This is one of the first and foremost things to do before an online purchase. It’s no different for garden fences and gates. You should know what you want before you head to store or start browsing on an online platform. In case of garden gates, see if the design, materials, and style suits your backyard. Similarly, consider your environment before buying them.
  • Get to know the basics – Once you sort your preferences, the nest step is to get to know the product itself. Not all of us are experts and require adequate information about a product before we set our online shopping journey. That’s why, try and figure out the places from where you can buy the product, its variations, and the different price ranges that you buy them from.
  • Explore your options – As mentioned before, not all gates offer you the same functionality, security, sturdiness and privacy. Each model is different and comes with different characteristics and features. Therefore, it’s best to check out the available options on the market and pick one that best suits your requirements.
  • Consider the material – Garden fences and gates both come in different materials. Some common materials include wood, metal, and wrought iron. Many a time you can also find a blend of these materials. Whichever material you pick, make sure that it’s sturdy, durable and long-lasting. Also, ensure that it withstands the weather conditions of your place.
  • Get the right size – Just like the material, you’ll find gate sizes to suit various needs. For instance, you might want a gate that just protects your pets and kids from running out of your backyard. In such cases, you wouldn’t need a very tall gate. However, if you have a pool in your backyard, and require some extra privacy, you surely need to pick a gate that’s taller than the others.
  • Check out the detailed spec – Each gate comes with a specific feature. Some might be sturdier than the others, while others offer you much more privacy. Some even come with extra features and functionalities to suit your various needs. Always make sure to go through the detailed specifications given on the online platform against the product.
  • Consider the design and finish – From stepped to curved and arched you’ll find garden fences and gates in all sorts of designs and finish. Although, often overlooked, the design and finish of garden fences and gates are very important. That’s because, it’s the first element your visitors would see while visiting backyard, and you certainly do not want to make a bad impression.
  • Quality is prime – Regardless of which design you pick, you must always consider the quality of the garden fences and gates. Any substandard product will not stay with your for long and may spoil in a few years. One of the best ways to ensure that you have premium quality garden fences and gates is to get them from popular brands.
  • Pick an affordable model – Every garden fence and gate is different. Which means, you’ll find them at different price tags too. Therefore, it’s best to set aside a budget for yourself before you begin your garden gate search online. By the way, you can find some cheap garden gates for sale during seasonal or festive offers. Remember, customised gates cost you more, when compared to online purchase.

Picking out the ‘best of the bests’ isn’t an easy thing to do, particularly when it comes to garden gates and fences. We get it! The numerous options do overwhelm you at times, but following the above tips for evaluating your choice of gates can surely get you the finest among the lot. But, remember, as with any online purchase, the final decision depends on your personal preference. Therefore, carefully weigh the pros and cons and then make the final call.

Question & Answer

Which wood is best for garden gate?

Wooden garden fences and garden gates are an essential and elegant home improvement that offer a certain grandeur to your property. How a wooden gate ages, whether you can paint on them, the ease of installation all depends on the kind of wood you choose for your gates. Ideally, softwoods are the most popular timbre used for building wooden garden fences and gates. Don’t let the name fool you, softwoods, in particular, the common redwood or ‘Scots Pine’ are extremely sturdy. Likewise, you can also pick Red Cedar as your raw material for wooden garden gates.

How do you hang a garden gate?

Whether keeping an impertinent canine in, or keeping the intruder’s at bay, you ought to install the garden gates in the right way to benefit from it. Take the exact measurements and pick the right size before you begin your installation process. You might need to follow a few steps to hang them securely. Firstly, prepare the frame. Next, fix the hinges to the gate or the mounting post. Finally, secure the shutting strips and latch. Make sure you have the right tools and equipments to do so. Although, fixing your new gate on your own is fun, it’s best to seek a professional help for accuracy.

How do you replace garden gate?

Just like any other product the garden fences and gates too, deteriorate in quality over the years. In such cases, you might have to replace them with the newer versions. And getting a new gate for your backyard garden is both fun and tiresome. When purchasing a new gate, you should pick the right size of garden gates that match your old models. Once you have the right model, the installation process wouldn’t be difficult. Of course you can do it yourself. But, it’s best to approach a professional who can carry out the replacement easily.

Where to buy garden fence gate online in UAE?

The online stores in UAE have an abundance of garden fence and garden gate models from different brands like Blooma, Scotland, Jewson’s, Lockey, Specrail, Walpole, Woodford timber, and Yardgard. If you’re actively looking out for one, then do check out the options on Our shopping search engine brings you some of the most stylish and charming garden gate options from famous brands. Better yet, you can buy them from your favourite online stores too.

Your garden isn’t complete if you do not have the right garden fences and gates. We hope you must’ve figured that out by now. We believe this post has offered you enough information on garden fences and gates to get them online without any hassle. So, are you ready to give your gardens a stylish compound with an elegant gate? Yes? Then, begin your search right here on and choose the best garden gates for your unique garden fencing.