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A fence is a popular means to mark the boundary of your home and the garden. But fences don't have to look boring. You can turn your fence into a beautiful addition to your garden using the right type of fence parts.

Every gardener knows the pain of seeing the flowers and plants you put your heart and soul into gnawed by stray animals. The best way to keep out those animals from your hard is to build a protective fence around the garden. This will give you peace of mind and also can be an aesthetic boost to your home. Read this article to find out more about garden fences and fence parts. Having a better understanding of them will help you make the right choices while you are shopping for them.

Essential components of garden fencing

Do you know the hardest part of building a fence around your garden? Well, the hardest part is deciding what type of fence you want and what type of materials you want to use for building it. Moreover, this can dictate the aesthetic and physical properties of the fence. Each type of fence has its own look and feel. The trick is to find the right combination of materials and design that goes well with the design of your house and also your neighbourhood. Here is a list of the essential fence parts that you will use for constructing a fence.


The most important part of any kind of fence is, of course, the vertical post that supports all the horizontal elements. In order for the fence post to be sturdy enough to support the weight of the horizontal parts, the posts should be planted sufficiently deep inside the ground. Also, the post themselves should be strong enough to support them. Therefore, you should be careful while buying posts as well as fixing them in the ground. Furthermore, if you live in a place with extremely cold winters, then you will have to fix the posts further deep in the ground to counter the effects of heaving.


Basically, rails are the primary horizontal structures of the fence that runs parallel to the ground. It is the rails that hold the spanking wooden pieces. Rails connect one post to the other and also provides support to the fence boards and other fence parts. The number of fence rails can vary. In some cases, you will find three or four fence rails. However, the minimum number of rails that a fence should have to support the fence panels is two. Fixing fence panels on just one rail will cause too much stress on the rails will result in structural failure.

Panels and boards

This is the third essential component of a fence. After installing the posts and the rails connecting the posts, you need panels and boards to fill in between them. In fact, it is these panels that make the fence functional. The good news is that installing panels and boards is easier than installing rails and posts. So, in case you are doing the fence work all by yourself, the hardest part is over by the time you start nailing fence panels to the rails. You can either use traditional wooden boards or more modern prefabricated fence panels for this purpose.

Fence decorations

Keep in mind that the fence is also a part of your house and therefore can significantly impact the design and look of your house. While it takes less work to build a basic looking fence, you might be ready to put in a little more work if you want it to look good. There are several ways to decorate a fence. You can either add decorative elements to the fence boards and panels or use a completely different method of fencing, as the picket fence. In some ways, picket fences offer much more flexibility than post and rail fences. By varying the height, thickness, and arrangement of the pickets, you can create interesting patterns and shapes.

Tips on how to buy Fence Parts Online

It can be a difficult process to choose a fence form then style with each offering their own advantages according to its intended intent. Our realistic expert advice will guide you through each specific type and help you make an educated buying choice about what kind of fence and design you may like, but more importantly, need. In three types, Solid Fencing, Semi-Solid and Decorative Fencing and Garden Trellis, we have picked fencing and panels. In order to break down the material, each of these elements was split into separate sections and colour coded as well.
  • Type of fence - There are a few different types of fences, namely wooden post and rail fences, picket fences, wrought iron fences, and chain-link fences. All of them vary in terms of style, strength, and most importantly, cost. Among these four types of fences, the most expensive one is wrought iron fences. Also, these fences are installed for security purposes against intrusion. Unlike wrought iron fences or chain-link fences, wooden fences are really affordable and easy to install.
  • Materials - Well, this one is obvious. You should have a very good idea about what kinds of materials you are going to use for fencing. Even if you are installing a wooden fence, it is not possible to install it without using things like nails, brackets, and gate lock latches. Moreover, the materials that you choose can affect the aesthetics and durability of the fence.
  • Size and shape of the parts- Choose the size of the fence parts depending on how tall you want the fence to be and how wide each board or panel should be. Furthermore, you can also choose to have designs on the fence parts. This will give a better aesthetic appeal to your fence when you complete it.
  • Quantity - Before you start shopping for fence materials, you should know how much area you want the fence to cover. Only then you will be able to buy fence parts in the correct quantities. If you order fewer parts than you need you will end up with an incomplete fence and will have to order for new supplies to finish the job. On the other hand, buying too many parts end up, costing you more than what is necessary.
If you are planning to give a makeover to your garden, then you will need more things than just fence parts. These include things like garden tools, grass trimmers, wood splitters, mesh panels, garden ornaments, sundials, leaf blowers, and cultivators. You can find any of these easily using our shopping search engine. It will let you compare the prices and features of different products and pick the best one among them. So, don't forget to check out all the other amazing products from the Garden category.

Question & Answer

How high should a garden fence be?

There are some legal limits to how tall the fence can be in some places. So, you have to refer to your local laws before deciding the height of your fence. Apart from the legal side, the height of the fence should depend on what your intention for creating the fence is. If the fence is just for demarcating your land from your neighbours, then a two feet picket fence is sufficient. But some people want to keep other animals from getting inside their yard or to keep their cats or dogs from wandering outside of the yard. In that case, the fence should be one or two meters tall. However, there are some fixtures that you can install on the top of the fence to keep animals from getting out or getting in.

How to choose fence parts?

There are a wide variety of fence parts that you can use for your own fence. Because of this choosing, the combination of fence parts is indeed a difficult call to make. You have to consider a few things here. Firstly, make sure that the parts you are choosing are compatible with each other. The brackets, bolts, and screws should be of the right size and of the right material. Secondly, check the quality of the material. As they will be subjected to all kinds of weather conditions, poor quality fence materials won't last for more than a couple of years.

Where to buy wood fence parts online in the UAE?

It is necessary to have a fence around your house if you have a sizable garden and you wish to keep stray animals and intruders out. But as the fence is something that everyone will notice, it is imperative to build them well and make them look good. Luckily, there are numerous places offering fence parts in the UAE. However, one of the best places to look for them is, of course, It is really easy to find the right type of fence parts using our retail search engine. Moreover, you will also find them here for incredibly affordable prices. If you are looking to buy fence parts online in the UAE, look no further as you are in the right place. There are more than 500 shops and brands offering them here on Explore them from shops like Menakart, Newchic, and many more. These shops offer products from popular brands like Everbilt, Polaris, Veranda, and Fencemaster.