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We all have that one garden plant that always has its head in the dirt, especially in the heavy rain. You can put that plant in the hanging planter to save its head from dirt and give your home or balcony a new look. Whether you’re finding hanging baskets to keep this plant or running out of space because of too many plants and still want to buy more, it never fails to impress you. So let’s know about them in detail so that you can start selecting your favourite ones. 

Nature lovers find ways to create homes for plants. Hanging planters are one of the easy ways to decorate a home or patio, especially when you have a small space. You can display them on ladder plat stands, plop on the top of a table, or stick them to the terrarium homes. If tables and sides are also packed, you can use the ceiling for decoration. Many plants work in hanging baskets, but not all of them look good. So it’s crucial to choose the right one. Because you don’t want to make it, it seems terrible while hanging. Let us guide you through the types of plants and baskets which you can use to decorate. 

Types of hanging planters

Hanging baskets give a beautiful look to your porch, and you can also keep an eye on your sensitive plants. You can choose wall planters or hanging planters; they look gorgeous and don’t take so much space. If you’re looking for indoors and don’t want the mess, you can also go for plastic ones. There are lots of options available. You can choose based on your needs. The best part is you don’t have to hog the markets for finding your favourite plants. You can select online at our product search engine, and everything will be delivered to your doorsteps. But before you start buying, go through this guide. It will help you know about hanging planters in detail.

Wall planters

If you’ve covered every inch of the floor with the plants, it’s time to think vertically and start using walls creatively. Wall-mounted vases and pots can turn the greenery into living wall art. You can rewrite the ecosystem of your room. Whether you’re looking forward to adding a new twist or finding a place for your prettiest plants, hanging pots can make the difference by breathing a new life into your design scheme. Pocket wall planters give you an option for turning 10 or 15 plants in one place, and it looks aesthetic on the garden wall and offers a new look to the garden decor. You can put different types of shrubs or cacti with flowers in the pockets to give it a unique and colourful look. 

Macrame hanging planters

Macrame hanging planters mostly weave with a combination of cotton and nylon. They’re available in different styles, designs and colours. These are mostly braided into four legs to give complete support to your greenery. They look beautiful on the balcony or patio. Flower plants or creepers with flowers look sumptuous in them. Their beautiful colours add charm to the beauty of their style. Many macrame plants are also made up of walls. You can put plastic wall planters in them. It’s a convenient option for indoors, especially if your interior is the bohemian style. Plastic plants please the eyes and don’t create any mess inside the home. 

Winter hanging baskets

Summer is coming to an end, and you’re seeing leaves and beautiful flowers falling off the branches. You may be worried that you won’t see colour again before next year. Well, do not worry because now you can have winter hanging baskets to feel less sad in the grey time of the year. You can hang a winter basket right outside the door or may decorate the balcony with it. You can also use small hanging baskets for decorating the larger area with a variety of plants. You can grow violas, ivies, thymes, primroses and little cyclamen. They’re suitable for winters and don’t need much care daily. Thyme and ivies bloom during winters.

Tips on how to buy Wall Hanging Planters online in the UAE

As we know, plants lighten up the aura, and this is why selecting the right plants and planters are essential. We hope that by this time you may get an idea about the hanging planters and most probably you have chosen one from the above options. But only selecting the basket won’t work, there are some other things which you should check before buying planters. Here we are providing you with some tips to help.

  • Size of the planters – Pick the size of the planter based on the space in your room and consider how many types of plants you want. If you buy a large size pot, it will hold more soil, and roots can grow steadily. However, it is advisable to purchase planters where plants are more noticeable than the pots. So it’s up to you to pick the place and number of planters wisely.
  • The material of the planters – Mostly, planters are made up of metal. They are very cost-effective and easy to take care of. However, ceramic planters are more beneficial than metal ones because metal planters might rust after a specific time. But if you’re planning to grow plants that need more water, then you must consider plastic or metal ones because they prevent the water from evaporating in the atmosphere.
  • Season – As we know, each material has different properties, and they react differently in a distinct environment. It would help if you considered seasonal effects on the planters. If you have full-grown plants and want to put them outside, you can buy wooden planters or cement ones. However, if you’re looking for indoors, ceramic ones are the best choice.
  • Drainage system – As we know, each plant has different watering needs. So you must buy planters with a dependable drainage system for the plants which need more water. The pots that come without a hole at the bottom are designed for plants like cactus or ferns. However, plastic ones are the best hanging planters for ferns. So choose the planter carefully.

Ultimately, after going through all these tips, you can choose the right planter for your garden or home. However, you need the right platform if you want high-grade quality products. The good thing is you can choose good quality products at a reasonable price right here. From our product search engine, you can buy cheap hanging planter baskets offered by renowned brands such as Umbra, West Elm, Ikea, Orla Kiely and many more. So start exploring and buy your favourite products before the stocks end.

Question & Answer

What are wall hanging planters?

A hanging planter or basket is a container that is used for growing decorative plants. You can hang them on the balcony, garden space, patio or backyard. It can serve a variety of functions, from accenting the porch to decorating an empty wall. Traditionally hanging baskets were used with three plants of the same array. But you can buy an open-sided basket to plant on the sides as well, in this way you can have 3 or 4 plants in the same basket. In this way, you can mix colours or textures.

Where to buy hanging planters online UAE?

Online stores offer you several types of cheap baskets, but browsing through the collection on each one of the stores and finding the right product is an endless hassle. Well if you want to buy hanging baskets online in the UAE effortlessly, you can choose Our product search engine allows you to compare the products and the price from over 500+ online stores on a single platform. You can also compare prices here to find affordable products. So, go ahead and explore now!

How to tie hanging planters?

With a little rope and potted plant, you can weave hanging planters. All you need is a rope, a metal ring and a potted plant. Take four strands of yarn each 8 feet long and fasten them on the metal ring evenly at the ends. Measure 2 feet and tie two strands in an overhand knot. After that, at 6 feet, take a strand from each piece and tie them in an overhand knot. After this, secure the bottom at 3 inches below your second knot. Trim the excess one and place the plant in it.

However, if you don’t want to tie the knots and make your hanging planter, you can always buy hanging planters for sale online in the UAE. On our product search engine, more than 500 hundred shops offer hundreds of products from renowned brands such as Umbra, West Elm, Ikea, Orla Kiely and many more. We hope this guide will help you choose the right basket. Happy shopping!

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