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Do you want to improve the feel and look of your garden ? Garden statues can make or break the sense and look of your garden. It can add up an elegant appearance to your garden. Your backyard looks incomplete until you decorate it excellently. An outdoor statue can turn a regular backyard into a place of inspiration and peace. Give an extraordinary appearance to your home by adding a statue to your garden.

You are finding it challenging to choose a garden statue for your garden which can enhance its centre of attention? Or else you are finding it problematic to select location, size, style, or surrounding environment, which are crucial considerations to take into care while making a decision. Indeed, you want to have a garden statue which not just fits your need but look stylish. In this guide, we will elaborate on everything which can assist you in choosing the right one as per your requirement.

Before buying a garden statue

Buying a garden statue can be a little troublesome. First, you have to think of the design. Options are endless, like religious sculptures, fairy statues, contemporary styles, animals, garden ornaments and many others. You can even dig out art sculptures online or take recommendations from someone with artistic mastery. Material that goes into making also is a matter of consideration. It gives a whole new meaning to the art piece. Spend ample time to find the one that goes well with the space. Do take note of others’ considerations who are going to share the space in the garden area. Before all this, you need to ponder upon the reasons for the purchase. Here, we have listed a few.

Enhance appearance

Elevating your garden looks is definitely the no.1 reason for buying a statue. You need to keep in mind that it is a purchase that will stay with you for a long time. So, the one you choose must have a likeable appearance that uplifts your mood every time you walk in the garden. That being said, avoid impulse purchases in this case. Appearance has a lot to do with placement and nearby garden fashion. The statue you place must complement the area and blend well without overpowering the garden deco . Most of the time, we only focus on the purchase without counting the compatibility factor. Do not forget it this time and make an informed decision for a long-lasting effect.

Smithy face value

Consider your garden statue as an art piece. It becomes important that you scrutinise the brand or manufacturer before buying. The quality of raw materials, along with the ability of a sculpture, gives a whole new meaning to the end product. If you choose appropriately, a sculpture in the garden can solidify the relationship between non-living and living things. Empathy is another word for art, and an art form in its purest form available right there at your place can bring positivity and harmony. Remember decorating your place or enhancing aesthetics is all about bringing your inner character out on the surface so that you can always thrive at the place.

Outdoor-indoor connection

You can connect your indoor and outdoor world however you want. Your outdoor garden can be a place that lets you enter into a different realm altogether. It can also be a place that has similar aesthetics as the rest of the house. The choice is yours! However, a lot depends on the statue you choose. For example, a garden buddha statue requires a much more subtle approach of decoration as compared to fairy statues or animal garden ornaments. Appreciate the nature you have built at your place and scrutinise every single detail to enhance it even more. Rusted steel sculptures or concrete garden statues can look sturdy and sensual at the same time. It all depends on the design and materials you choose. Whatever the case may be, try to maintain the elegance the statue always comes with.

Tips on how to buy Garden Statue

Want to know the artful face to buy garden statues online in the UAE? Do you want to avoid your garden looking like a yard sale, then make a plan and follow the tips to select the right one? Decorating your garden with a statue needs proper planning as your home furniture. Plan all the possible considerations and then make a choice. Buy the one that fits your garden theme and avoid mixing them. Otherwise, it can result in a cluttered, messy, and awkward look. So, read all the tips and then carefully consider the options.

  • Type of statue – The definition of a sculpture is a solid object which reflects a person, thing, idea, etc., made of a specific material such as clay, wood, metal, or stone. So, before choosing the statue for your garden, make sure to consider the type of statue that you would like to add to your garden to enhance its feel. Moreover, this will somewhat depend on the style you are seeking to feature in your outdoor space.
  • Garden style – The overarching style will assist you in deciding the kind of statue that will work or not work for your garden. Suppose you aim to have your garden a zen feel, then having cheap buddha garden statues would surely complement it in a better way as compared to the metal statue. Else, if you aim for a shabby chic style garden, then a traditional clay-based sculpture will better suit your backyard space. In the end, whatever style you choose, make sure it complements your building. Not just follow the latest trends, pick the one which perfectly suits you.
  • Size of the garden – The length of the garden is one of the main factors to consider while selecting the garden statue. If you have a small space in your outdoor, then large garden statues take up most of the area. So, buy a small statue or medium-sized statue which will be perfect. Try to figure out the size of the garden, then select the size of the bust. Also, you can try placing a box that will correctly give you an idea of which size you can buy.
  • Material – The material which your garden statue is made of creates a significant impact. It will not only impact the complete style you are choosing but also how long the statue will last. You can select any kind of material available, from wood and clay to metal and fibreglass. The figures for the garden are available in several options that suit the look and colour of your outdoor. If you want durable material, go for the limestone or concrete material that will work.
  • Cost – The fairy statues are expensive as compared to the small statue available. You need to consider your budget before you make a purchase of the sculpture for your garden. Oddly shaped or massive shaped statues are more expensive. If you want to purchase it at a low cost, buy garden statues for sale online in UAE from, which is a shopping search engine. Consider the cost while you are making the purchase for the decoration of the garden.
  • Placement – Last but not least, this is one of the most crucial factors which you need to consider before making a purchase of animal garden ornaments. You are required to select a place where you can place the statue. The area needs to be aesthetically pleasing and offer protection to your sculpture. Make sure to plan the location of your sculpture before you buy it.

If you consider all the above tips, you will end up choosing the right garden statue for your home. So, do not hurry to consider the facts to get the best one. All the factors play a significant role, so think thoroughly before hitting the buy button. If you are confused about brands, consider known brands like Campania, Stone Gargoyle, Al’s Garden Art. These tips will never let you down in making the purchase.

Question & Answer

What are garden statues made of?

The garden statues are made up of several types of materials. Mainly they are made up of plaster and cement. Plaster is utilised to make the interior statues, but cement and resin are used to make indoor or outdoor statues. The additives in it are mixed up with polyester and synthetic resin to make it durable and withstand extreme weather conditions. Additionally, to make it porous such that moisture does not penetrate and cause harm during the freezing. Also, sometimes fibreglass is mixed with the material to enrich the strength.

Where to buy garden statues online in the UAE?

Once you have decided on the right kind of statue, now you have to figure out which place you can make a purchase. Of course, you want to buy a reliable one and withstand different conditions of weather. So, if you are searching for the best place, stop thinking and discover a various range of garden statues on our shopping search engine . Here you will find more than 500 shops to shop for the best sculpture for your outdoor. So, what is stopping you visit and starting shopping from shops like

How to clean stone garden statues?

Garden statues are simple and easy to clean. You are not required to put much effort into cleaning it. You can clean it using a cloth and wipe it off. If they are of concrete material, make use of the paintbrush to eliminate cobwebs and loose debris or dirt. Other ornamental statues can be cleaned with a water bucket mixed with soap and then wiped off with a cloth or a scrub and allow air to dry them. This will assist you to clean your statue perfectly.

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