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About Garden Posters

Only a house owner can understand that every bit of the property is important and close to our hearts. So when it comes to decorating the home, every inch inside out demands equal attention. Luckily advancement in home renovation technologies has made it possible to decorate these spaces. A wide range of wallpapers is one of the most obvious items on the list. With a wide range of wallpapers for every bit of your home, the garden posters or garden mural also hold great value.

These garden murals are usually sold in rolls and are applied to walls using special paste and adhesive materials. These borders are either available as plain lining paper (that you can use to cover uneven or torn surfaces on the wall) or repeating patterns to add aesthetic value to your interiors. But mostly the natural views, landscapes, and other exotic views are appreciated. The wallpaper printing techniques include gravure printing, surface printing, silk screen printing, digital printing and rotary printing. People use these murals on an entire wall or in specific sections to add aesthetic value to any garden.

Reasons you should use garden wall murals

When we hear of garden wall murals, two options can come to the mind of the listener. Either these murals are a small garden canvas that you can use in your lawn areas to add aesthetic value or these are the indoor murals that you can add inside your home for adding a special feel in the area. Besides their value as indoor wallpapers, they are also important for outdoor use for a number of practical and aesthetic reasons. Today we are going to shed light on some of these aspects. Later we will help you decide on how you should pick one for your needs online.

Filling up spaces

When it comes to decorating an entire home, even the expert mind will run out of ideas. Specifically, if you are not a professional interior designer you will surely end up having a lot of blank space in your home. Generally, we tend to start decorating our home from the inside and go out step by step. At such times, as we reach the garden or backyard, we are out of creative ideas. As a result, we end up applying standard paint on the walls, that’s it. Luckily a garden mural can do the job far much better leaving your property a unique piece of art inside out.

Adding aesthetic values

The designers know that every home and its owner have its own demands and taste. Therefore, every now and then they are coming up with their unique idea in garden wall murals. For instance, you can find a wide collection alone in outdoor Buddha wall art. Likewise, you can find a variety of options floral, vintage natural landscapes, or urban street art. Considering your taste, you have a lot of options to choose from. And with the ease of pasting you can get the wall art done in just a day. And the results will be an entirely new look and feel of your backyard or patio area.

Covering the flaws

Besides adding aesthetic value to your space, these wall posters also have reliable practical usage. Garden or backyards are commonplace to deal with changing and aggressive moods of the weather. As a result, they get damaged quite often. However, it is not possible for everyone to get the entire wall or area treated for perfection on regular basis. A backyard wall mural or garden mural painting can do the job – quickly, efficiently and economically. All you need to do is to evaluate the damage, measure the area you need to cover and get a mural accordingly.

Cheap renovation idea

By far garden canvases are the cheapest lawn renovation items that you can find in the market. With special make and material, these murals or posters can also pass all the tests of time. They are also efficient in dealing with moisture and can stay on the walls without fading or showing any bad scars. With that many benefits and the fact that they are a one-time investment for years to come, these murals are an economical option to consider of your outer walls in the yard, patio, or any outdoor area in your home or office.

Tips on how to buy Garden Mural online in the UAE

When it comes to buying garden murals for sale online in the UAE, you can find endless options in size, material, printing and adhesive options. There are dozens of brands selling products on retail search engines online. However, with so many options online, it becomes a tricky task to choose the best garden poster for your lawn area. To do so, you may need to consider many factors about both the poster and the lawn area. Here are some points you might need to keep in mind while making the purchase.

  • Why you want a poster – These posters can cover the damaged wall for you and leave your lawn a flawlessly attractive look. Or you can use them to add more value and scenery to the sitting area. But for that, you need to decide what print or view you want on your mural and look in the same category while shopping.
  • Consider your space – At first start by evaluating the area of your lawn you wish to cover with the poster luckily you are free to choose from a plethora of size options. It’s better to take measurements of the wall inch by inch and find a poster accordingly.
  • Brand – Always picks top trusted brands. Either you can ask for peer suggestions or search online and choose top rates brands.
  • Price – Branded products are always a bit expensive, but they are worth buying for their higher quality and subtle finish. It will be better if you set a realistic budget for wallpaper borders.
  • The pasting system – Different murals have different pasting methods. The installation methods also depend on what type of wall you want to place them on. For instance, some adhesives might not work in wet conditions. It’s better to consult an expert to know what installation method will work fine on your wall.
  • Material – Always look for high-quality material that can give you a longer and more refined finish. You can also pick murals with self-adhesive material as they are easier to apply and remove.

If, unfortunately, you lack professional help or can’t find any person to suggest what will suit your needs and whatnot, look online. You should explore murals you find the ideal for your garden and visit the customer’s review section of the specific product. Here you will find reviews and suggestions from real-time users. These reviews can easily clear the fog off your mind and give you an idea of if you should go with the specific item or look further.

Question & Answer

How to choose a garden poster?

The best way to choose the best garden poster is to start by evaluating your needs and taste. Here you will also need to review the type of mural that will work fine on the wall. Also, make sure the item is chosen matches or mixes well with the surroundings. If you are a beginner in the field of mural and wall painting, you should consult a professional or look for expert advice from your peers. They can give you a better idea of what options you should consider in terms of creativity, colour, size, material, pasting options and more.

How to protect a wall mural?

At first, it is important to pick the right type and high-quality mural from a trusted brand online. Secondly, they must be printed or applied properly as recommended by professionals. Another must-do job is to use a clear water-based archival varnish. This is a special chemical that will protect your outdoor poster or mural from the negative effects of ultraviolet light, water and other weather-based issues.

Where to buy a garden mural online in the UAE?

Wallpaper borders come in a wide range of materials, prints, widths and pasting techniques. To find the best suitable option, explore online stores. This is how you can find all the latest variety of garden murals and wallpapers or pasting borders online in the UAE. At, you can also find products based on your budget preferences. Use can use the tool to find cheaper yet high-quality products from top brands that are known for their exceptional and creative ideas on garden décor.