About Birdbath

Do you know that the earlier birdbath was a simple depression in soft grounds? Birdbaths are a sure-fire way to attract more birds to your yard by just using water.

Birdbaths are artificial puddles or small shallow ponds that have a water field basin. This basin is specially designed for birds to drink, bathe and cool themselves using fresh, clean water. At times, the birdbaths are also used as garden ornaments, outdoor sculptures, small reflecting pools, or a part of a wildlife garden. It is a great attraction for many different species of birds to visit gardens, specifically during summer and drought periods. At times, birdbaths can be a pre-made basin on a pedestal or hanging from the trees, or they can be carved out of depression in boulders and rocks.

Things to know before installing a birdbath bowl

Birdbaths not only add aesthetic value to your garden or patio area but are meant to welcome more birds. So, if you want to enjoy seeing a wide variety of bird species while sitting in your yard, garden birdbaths are all that you need. Luckily, there are dozens of brands offering a wide range of birdbath styles, colours, sizes, and other specifications. However, at the time when buying the right type of birdbath is a task itself, it is also important to use these garden accessories appropriately. This is why before heading to sharing tips on how to buy one, we are going to share some thoughts on the necessary information you should have before buying an outdoor birdbath.

The right location is crucial

When we speak of using a birdbath, location is of great importance. As birdbath fountains hold both aesthetic and functional importance, it is important to position them in a way that offers comfort to birds and aesthetic value to your property. Birds prefer to cover as it makes them feel secure. Therefore, an ideal place for the birdbath is near trees, shrubs, and other covered areas. Also, make sure your birdbath is away from direct sunlight. Besides offering comfort and shade, it will also protect water from getting too hot or dried. Hence it is important to pick a position with sufficient shade and fresh air.

Going big can never go wrong

When it comes to the birdbath, bigger is always better. Bigger the size, the more water it will have hence more space to welcome birds. We know there are many small size cute decorative birdbaths in the market but imagine how limited the number of birds they can serve at a time is. These items can never be effective in attracting birds. So, the solution is to look for a bigger birdbath that comes with a broader bowl on the top. It will provide ample room for multiple feathered beings to stop in big bunches.  For style and comfort, you can opt for a birdbath with more than one shelves of different sizes.

Freshwater is crucial

Another best thing that you can do to attract maximum birds to your bath is by keeping it filled with fresh water. You can easily do that by adding refreshing water to your birdbath by making it a part of your daily yard or watering routine. It is a simple thing but can truly make your space a lot more appealing and welcoming to birds. You can also adjust the birdbath in a way that the water from trees or plants drips into the bowl. Or otherwise, you can use an artificial automated drip watering system to keep adding fresh water with periodic gaps.

Useable temperate – All year round

The water in a birdbath must be at moderate temperature. For winters you can add a water heater in the bowl and keep welcoming birds to your home. However, keeping the water cooler in the hot season might demand many considerations. At first, you should keep the birdbath in shadow. Prefer placing it under the tree in a way that it is entirely under the shadow of the tree but still visible to the birds. Secondly, make sure you are adding fresh water daily. You can also add ice blocks in the water after intervals as it will keep the water cooler for a bit longer period.

Tips on how to buy Birdbaths online in the UAE 

When it comes to searching bird baths for sale, you will come across unlimited options. There are dozens of brands out there that are selling top quality best birdbaths and feeders online in the UAE. But with varying demands of your space and wish to help the little flying creatures, there is much to consider while buying the best birdbath. With so many options available online, it can be not easy to pick a reliable and economical item from the list. Therefore, we are here to help you deal with the purchase process effectively. Below are the points you need to consider during the selection of birdbaths for your property.

  • The size of birdbath – Small size baths are easier and convenient, but a large item can accommodate more birds without causing any territorial issues. But bigger options are generally heavier thus difficult to move and clean. But on the other hand, a smaller bath will dry out quickly and need a constant check. Keeping all the pros and cons in mind, make your choice wisely.
  • The appearance of birdbath – Your birdbath will be a part of your patio or backyard interiors and will play a great role in the ambience and outlook. Luckily, there is a wide range of sizes and styles of birdbaths available in the market to choose from. Make sure you pick the one that you like as you will feel more inclined towards keeping it clean and filed.
  • The proportion of your landscape – You should pick a visually attractive birdbath, match your garden and is also well proportioned to the size of garden and space available. At times, a larger ornate birdbath can look pretentious and really out of place in a small yard. Likewise, a small and simple design can be lost in the lush if you install it in a bigger garden.
  • Consider the comfort of birds – Remember one of the main reasons you are buying the birdbath is to offer comfort to the birds. An ideal bath will be 1 to 2 inches deep. You will also find models with both shallow and deep areas in the basin. It can easily accommodate different types of birds. Also, a narrow lip is a convenient perch for smaller birds.
  • The movement of water – Moving water can attract more birds. So, try picking a birdbath that includes mister, dripper, bubbler, water spray or fountains. IT will help you attract more and different species of birds to your yard. Also, a birdbath with moving water is a less welcoming environment for insects and algae growth.
  • Consider the height  – The height is of great importance for which birds will mostly drink from it. Small birds are comfortable at taller baths as it gives a then better view. Contrary larger birds like quail, ducks or doves prefer water sources near to ground level. If you plan to serve both categories, look for a bath with 2 -3 levels of basins.
  • The cleanliness – At , you can find many bath designs with delicate mosaics and detailed sculptures. They may look enchanting, but cleaning and keeping them away from any damage is a real task to deal with. Therefore, it is better to opt for a more simple and sleek design. Also, look for materials like copper and glazed basin as they are natural cleaners.

In the end, you might also need to consider the climate and pick a material accordingly. It is never a good idea to own an outdoor plastic bird basin if you live in hotter parts of the world. Instead, a ceramic basin is an ideal option to consider. But the price can be a challenge if you are keen to buy a pitch-perfect product for all your needs. So, you should set a budget for your basin and look for the products accordingly. Here you can take help from our price comparison tool to quickly find top-rated, high quality, branded yet cheap birdhouses from Smart Solar, Alpine, eBay, Disney, Evergreen and more.

Question & Answer

What is the best material for a birdbath?

With simple styles and durability, concrete birdbaths are the most adored bird bath materials. For a lightweight yet durable option, you can opt for plastic bins, but they are not an ideal option in extreme summer seasons.  However, if you are looking for natural cleaners, choose birdbaths that have glazed basins or the one that comes with copper birdbaths. Some of the best-selling items that you can find online are Vivohome Double Birds Garden, Monarch Abode Hammered Copper Bird Bath, Lixit Quick Lock, MUMTOP 11-inch Bird Bath and Hiluckey Solar Bird Bath Fountain

Do birds like birdbaths?

Yes, all breeds of birds like to have birdbaths. However, this need depends on the supply of clean and fresh water for drinking and bathing. This water supply can be from anywhere, including shallow pools, puddles, or slow streams. As in city life, it is not possible to find such places the birds get attracted to the artificially installed birdbaths. So, if you are thinking to have a birdbath in our yard or patio, be sure of welcoming a lot of flying guests.

What types of birds use birdbath?

Almost all types of birds prefer using birdbaths now and then. Some to name are sparrows, crows, owls, hummingbirds, hawks, and other such kinds of birds. All such birds love to take advantage of fresh streaming cold water. Besides these birds, there are many other backyard wildlife like butterflies’ toads, and squirrels that can take benefit from this fresh and clean stored water.

Should I keep the birdbath in the sun or shade?

Birds prefer to cover more than the sun and hear. A cover also makes them feel secure and protected. This is the reason why gardening expert recommends placing the birdbaths in shaded areas. You can place them under the trees, shrubs, or other covers. By doing so, you are increasing the chances of these guests coming to your place more than often. Also placing the bath in the shade will keep water fresh and cold for a longer time.

At, you can also find products from brands like Flower Power, Gardman, RSPB, and Wildlife World.

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