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About Barbecue Covers

Barbecue covers are unique textile products specifically designed to fit over a grill to protect the content from outside elements.

These special covers are meant to keep the wind, sun, rain and snow away from the food you are cooking in the grillers. Besides, they are also helpful in protecting the grillers from harmful containments like pollution, bird droppings, and dust. Commonly barbecue covers are made with vinyl-based outer shells and heat resistant inner linings. They also come with adjustable straps or ropes to fit on the grill even in extremely windy conditions. At times the covers may have a polyester surface often with polyurethane coating on the outer surface with a lining of polyvinyl chloride.

Everything about using your grill cover

Since the first person bought a barbecue grill, people have been wondering if to cover the grill or not. At times when the idea of covering was supported by claiming the benefits of up and down heating mechanism as used by hen for eggs, many people still do not agree with the benefits of covering the grill. However agree or not, there are some perks these grill covers have to offer to the users. Today we will discuss some scenarios where you can take advantage of this essential grilling accessory.

Covering in a humid climate

Covering a grill is a hard and fast rule that everyone must follow, and for several reasons. However, at times, it is also beneficial to leave it uncovered. While at other times you may need a combination of cover and no cover. Specifically, if you are living in humid climates and experienced massive weather changes including damp and foggy days, covering is not an acceptable way as it will lock in the excessive heat and humidity and will lead to corrosion. But still, if you feel the need to do so, opt for modern covers with built-in air vents. They will help in releasing excess humidity and giving sufficient air to your grill.

Using grill covers in coastal climates

Indeed living by coastal is relaxing and scenic unless you are a grill. Here the main problem is salty air and erratic weather that are extremely difficult to manage. And at such times, experts strongly support covering especially if you are expecting heavy showers, snow or inclement weather. Moreover, it will also be better if you perform a weekly wipe down of the entire grill plus cover. You can use a clean damp cloth to do the job with perfection. But never forget following the cleaning with a thorough drying. By doing so, you will remove the entire salty residue on the grill and ensure a long life of the product.

Using grill covers in a dry climate

You can opt for custom bbq covers made explicitly for dry climates if there is a dire need. Otherwise, experts support leaving the grills uncovered if you are living in a locality with dry weather throughout the year. But even in this case, covering the grill will protect it from early corrosion, coating of debris or dust. But if you are expecting any extreme weather or rain, you should move to cover the grill as soon as possible. Here you can opt for standard BBQ grill covers that are readily available in online stores at cheaper rates.

All climate grill covers

No matter what part of the world, your life, covering your grill and keeping it in the sheltered area is always a good idea. Also, make sure there is sufficient space between the grill and walls around and out of reach of direct wind. It is still better not to keep the grill in a completely closed space such as a closed garage or storeroom. Also, regardless of what weather conditions you are living in; never cover the grill unless it is completely cooled down. Also covering a dirty grill will leave you no good so make sure you have cleaned it thoroughly before covering it from all around. The more you take care of your grill, the longer it will make great meals for you.

Tips on how to buy Barbecue Covers online in the UAE 

Modern barbecue setups come in varying sizes, shapes and other feature specifications. What remains common is the need to cover them adequately, before, during and after the use. And to do the job, manufacturers and sellers have made a wide range of barbecue covers. Each available cover has its own pros and cons. So It rests with you to search, decide and purchase an appropriate option according to your needs and demands of the existing barbecue setup. But it is not an easy job to do. Hence we are here to help. Before you head to buy cheap barbecue covers, here are the points you need to know how to compare the options available in the market.

  • The type and size of grills – We all know the BBQs come is a variety of sizes and shapes. Form a circular charcoal grill to grand-daddy eight burner grilles, the size of the grill with determines the size of the cover. While searching, you may find covers with tags as small, medium and larger size. Having covered that is a bit bigger is better than having one that does not fit on the grill.
  • The material of your cover – The covers will be protecting your expensive grills from sun, rain, rust environmental debris. So it should be of higher quality and capable of fighting back all the external elements. As a rule of thumb, the heavier the cover, more durable it will be. We would recommend you to buy products from trusted brands like IKEA.
  • Additional features – You need to check on how the cover ties down as it will ensure that the strong gust of wind will not blow it off of the griller. So check the product description section and customer reviews to find what type of fastening methods the cover comes with and how efficient they are.
  • The price of cover – It is important to know that when it comes to covers for grills, the cost of the product varies with the quality and material of the cover. However, it is important to never compromise on the quality of the product to save a few bucks. However, you can surely use the price comparison tool at to find economical items from top trusted global brands.

In the end, we always recommend you buying covers from the brands that your griller comes from. This way, you will have more chances to buy an exact item that is designed for your specific griller model. This way, you do not need to cheap barbecue covers, rather you will find the most appropriate item delivering the real value of your money invested.

Question & Answer

How to clean barbecue cover?

Always start by removing all the debris from the cover and hosing down the grill cover as it will help the cleaner to penetrate the surface material. Now spray heavy-duty BBQ grill cleaner over the entire surface of the grill cover. It is better to let the cleaner settle in the cover for a few minutes. Now scrub the soiled areas with non-abrasive cleaning sponges and a soft-bristled brush. After thorough scrubbing rinses all the surface using a garden hose or a bucket of clean water and allow it to dry naturally.

Which is the best barbecue grill to buy?

Weber Genesis II E-335 Propane Grill is the best overall option to buy whereas NexGrill 4-Burner Gas Grill is the best value grill to buy. But if you are a beginner, we will recommend you buy Char-Broil Infrared Gas Grill also the Weber Spirit II E-310 Propane Grill is an ideal option if you want a gas-based option for grilling. But if you are a traveller, you will need portable items like Napolean Travel Q Portable Propane Grill. Likewise, for those who want to enjoy the authentic taste of charcoaled tinder meat, Weber Original Kettle Premium Charcoal Grill is the most loved option.

Where to buy barbecue grill covers online in the UAE?

If you wish to buy products from trusted brands like Weber, Charbroil, Napoleon, and Brinkmann, explore A product search engine is the best place to explore all the possible options available across the globe. It gives you easy searching and comparison of price, features and other specification of an electric barbecue machine. So take some time out to compare products from the above-mentioned brands with Landmann, Ikea, Kingfisher, and Homeworks and make a wise and well-informed buying decision.

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