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About Barbecue Accessories

Barbecue is a unique method of cooking food that mainly involves smoking to prepare anything to eat. With advanced cooking techniques and barbecue accessories, you can equip almost everything on coal.  

Generally, barbecuing techniques include roasting, smoking, and grilling. The methods for which it is named involves cooking aided by smoke at shallow temperature. But this style of cooking generally demands longer cooking time than usual. At times it takes several hours to prepare a meal. Usually grilling is done over direct and dry heat which is mainly sourced by coal. However, with modern barbecue, you can use methane gas as a heat producer. Sometimes you can also use the direct fire for a few minutes to cook the meal. In simple words, people keep getting creative with their cooking skills. Today we are going to discuss some of the most common practices to enjoy an amazing barbecue.

The common practice to adopt for a perfect barbecue  

Besides getting hold of perfect barbecue accessories, it is also important to follow some care instructions while grilling in your backyard. But the fact is that most of us are terrible barbecues.  It is essential to understand that cooking over direct fire demands some great skills. But mastering these techniques can give you a special seat of honour among your friends. So before talking about the best barbecue accessories for your venture, we would like to share some tips and techniques of BBQ so that you can take full advantage of your tools and accessories and amaze your guests.  

Start by getting the right barbecue  

Whether it is a BBQ grill mat, a Grill rack or a BBQ pizza stone getting the right barbecue accessories to rest your meat and other foods items are of core importance. It may sound very basic, but your burner needs two things if you want great BBQ food. At first, it has to be a charcoal one. So, avoid gas-based barbecue as much as you can. There is nothing wrong with gas BBQs, but they will not give you the much need to smoke and resulting flavours. And the second thing you need is a cover. It can be any grill cover, otherwise known as BBQ covers.  

Fuel changes the taste of food 

Mostly we buy coal at the last moment, just before reaching our grilling destination or on the way back home when guests are already welcomed at home. This is a habit we need to change. Remember the type and condition of coal we use for barbecue has a major role to play in the taste of food. Many barbecue experts recommend using lump wood charcoal. However, putting it on fire demands some serious efforts. You may need to invest a box of two match sticks or use a BBQ lighter to set the coal on fire easily. 

Get accurate temperature  

Speaking of the fire, you should keep in mind that what you are dealing with is a cavemen’s oven. And for a proper cook without burns, you need to control the heat just like a modern oven we use in our kitchen.  To check the temperature, you can either go for a grill thermometer or use manual methods. Hold your hand about 12cm above the grill and how long you can hold it there comfortably. For 6 seconds it means lower heat by 4 seconds we can count it as medium heat. But if it’s just 2 seconds it is hotter than a goat and not acceptable for cooking. And for zero seconds, run to the hospital now. 

Get the best BBQ accessories  

From grill brushes to BBQ gloves, there is a long list of essentials that you may need to grill with perfection, and without putting your house on fire. Luckily in online stores, you can find a wide range of BBQ toolsets that contain all the essential tools and accessories for a standard grilling experience. But if you need any special BBQ utensils or grill tools, you may need to dig deeper into the market. While making a purchase, you need to consider your needs along with other elements. If you are tight on budget, a pair of BBQ tongs, grilling brush, along the main barbecue stove is enough to cook your food nicely without burning you.

Tips on how to buy Barbecue Accessories online in the UAE 

You should buy ready-made BBQ grill sets as they are great for outdoor cooking and the perfect option. They come with all the basic barbecue accessories that you may need for cooking food on fire. Hence you will not need to invest additional time and energy to ensure that all the basic grilling weapons are on board. However, there can be times when you will need to buy some items individually. At such times there are some basic points you need to keep in mind. Here are some considerations that can help you make better buying decisions.

  • Customer Reviews –  When it comes to online shopping, customer reviews are of core importance. Once you get hands-on with some relevant options according to your budget and needs, you should look into the customer review section of every product. It will help you find the real-time performance of the products, thus allowing you to make a smart buying decision.
  • The frequency of use –  When we speak of general barbecue, these tools come into use occasionally. However, many people prefer using some items like tongs and brushes even daily. So, when it comes to buying an ice pack, you should assess and consider the frequency of use of these items. You can ask yourself as well as your family and buy accordingly.
  • Considering your budget – For sure budget is of great importance. Even though the price is an important factor, it must not be the only factor. To the fact, most of the accessories are expensive, and you will need to invest some serious amount to get the high-quality branded item online. On the other hand, opting for cheap items will make you lose money without getting any benefits from them for a longer time.
  • Cost and brand – These products are generally a one-time investment and thus have more significant price tags. But if you are limited on budget, explore more than one brand for the size of the barbecue you are looking for. You will indeed find varying prices and features—a bit of research with give you better options to buy.

In the end, we always recommend our customers to read the product description section with care. This section helps the buyers to understand the basics care, installation, size, and material specification of the selected item. Suppose the product looks satisfying in every way, head to the customer review sections. This is where you will come to know what previous users have to say about the performance, durability, and other aspects of the product. Try to pick a product that has higher reviews.

Question & Answer

What are the best grilling accessories?

Some of the ideal grilling accessories that can make your grilling experience more perfect and fun are marinade injector; charcoal starter; fire starter fan; pro brush; vegetable grill basket; fish grill basket or meat claws. Depending on the items on the menu you may also wish to have a stuffed burger press; Himalayan pink salt block; cedar planks; rotisserie trays; smoker box and pizza grill attachment slow ‘n sear.  Besides some mentioned above, there are still many items that you can consider buying based on your individual barbecue needs.

What BBQ accessories do I need?

Their list of BBQ accessories depends on the type of barbecue you are planning to serve your guest. However, this way or that, some basic accessories can make your barbecue experience more fun and happening. Some of the items on the list are BBQ gloves; Lodge Cast Iron Cook-It-All; Heavy Duty Tongs; Double Head BBQ Grill Brush; Smoker Boxes & Wood Chips; Rotisserie Kits; and Infrared Sear Burners. You may also love to have Grill Racks & Roasters; BBQ Griddles; BBQ Thermometers; Grill Cooking & Cleaning Tools and Pizza Stones for Gas Grills.

What should I season my grill with?

Seasoning a grate demands a very high temperature. So, it is important to use the right type and genuine quality of the oil. Most grill manufacturers recommend peanuts and canola oils. The reason is that these oils have a smoke point over 450 degrees. Alternatively, you can use vegetable oil, avocado oil or sunflower oil. And to do the job properly, you will need tools like a spray bottle for finely coating the grates with oil, a grill brush and a paper towel.

What is the best way to clean a barbecue with?

Luckily cleaning barbecue tools and accessories is an easy way if you know what cleaning materials to use. For mild cleaning, you can adopt the steam cleaning method that also involves the use of the dishwasher and normal dishwashing sponge. For DIY cleaning methods, you can use many products from your kitchen. Some to name are onions, vinegar spray, baking soda, and coffee. These edible products also have clean cleaning properties if mixed and used in a certain specific manner.

Where can I buy BBQ accessories online in the UAE?

When it comes to buying garden accessories, the choices are unlimited. There is a long list of primary and secondary items on the barbecue tools list. To find the best quality out of hundreds of products online, it is vital to search deep in the market. Therefore, it is better to go to a retail search engine online to find the best products from top brands. For instance, at you can find products from top brands like Weber, Charbroil, Napoleon Grills, Landmann or Cadac. Here you can also use the price comparison tool to compare and buy products that fit your budget.

Moreover, you can also explore the website to purchase products from brands like Broil King, Campingaz, Uniflame, Camp Chef, or Dyna Glo.