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About Balcony Barbecues

Medical studies suggest the massive benefits of grilled vegetables and meat. Therefore, when you head to buy an expert chef’s cookbook, there will be a list of gilled recipes in it. And to cook these items like a professional you need to have special cook tools like electric or balcony barbecues, pans, spatulas and more.

A balcony barbecue grill is a special, unusually portable, device that cooks food by providing an evenly distributed heat from below. These grills are available in many different types that mainly fall into three categories: charcoal, electric, and gas fuels. Luckily you can find a barbecue setup that can fit in any home or location. Therefore, when it comes to buying a grilling device for the first time, make sure you have the right type of grill. You can either pick an electric barbecue to use both in and outside of your home. Or you can opt for small size balcony BBQ grills that are specifically designed for securely grilling food even in the smallest balconies.

Types of balcony BBQ grills

We know there is nothing better than the smell of juicy hamburgers and sizzling hot dogs on a grill. Whereas to many, spring is the best tie to enjoy unique culinary experiences. So if you don’t have a grill, now is the time to buy one. Luckily you can find many options online in the UAE with easy booking and delivery services. Even if you have a traditional grill in your garage, upgrading to modern griller options can help you enjoy more variety and taste of food. We know if you own a garden or an open yard, grilling is easier than ever. But for limited space and small balconies, you need to be a little more careful while buying a grill for barbecue. Here is how you can choose a balcony BBQ for your small home.

The Campingaz party grills

These may not be attractive to look at, but they come in several settings. These balcony grills can offer a wide range of eats. At times you can also use them as a stove part from use as a grill or a griddle for all the balcony grub needs. A 400 model comes with a lid that doubles as a wok for stir-frying. Additionally, some models come with bags allowing you to slot them away after the end of the party. Hence you can save a lot of space by keeping it in the store. These grills are also easier to clean part by part.  The variety in size helps you pick a griller as per your cooking needs.

The lotus grills

These types of balcony grills come with built-in battery-powered fans that helps to reach the ideal cooking temperature within 4 minutes. This quick and accurate heating ability is the reason why it is one of the most loved items of many grillers around the globe.  The built-in fan works like a pair of bellows and forces cold air over the charcoal to heat it. It also makes efficient energy consumption as a small handful of charcoal offers about an hour of grilling time. These grills are the best option if you need a smokeless barbecue to meet community laws and care about the comfort of your neighbours.

Charcoal balcony barbecues

Although many communities do not allow grilling or barbecue in the building balconies, there are times when you can enjoy the smoky grilling. If you are lucky enough to enjoy grilling on your balcony, a charcoal bbq on the patio is a must-have. These grills have you enjoy the best and most authentic smoky flavour that can come only with charcoal grills. These grills are smaller in size and compact in design. However, a tradeoff is that you need to struggle and wait a lot to prepare the coal. Additional time is taken by the grill to heat up. However, charcoal grills are an ideal option if you have an abundance of time, and want to enjoy the real taste of barbecue.

Tips on how to buy Balcony Barbeque grill online in the UAE  

Balcony grills are great for outdoor cooking and the perfect option for smaller areas like closed apartments with no lawns. However, they are multipurpose, and you can surely use them in your garden areas or in backyards. They are powerful, convenient, rapid options that will not take much space in your small balcony or kitchen cabinet. However, to enjoy such perks of perfect taste and ease of use, you need to be smart while buying an option online. We know that many options from hundreds of brands online can make the buying process daunting for many of you. Therefore here is the little point you need to consider while buying a balcony griller.

  • Start by deciding the power source – Do some search on different brands and look for a grill that has the power wattage of at least 1000 to 1500 watts. Anything less than that will not get you any good meat or those most needed grill marks on your meat.
  • Check the grill style carefully – The spacing between your grills lines matters. It would help if you looked for ridges that cover all over the grill. Plus they should be closely spaced together. With such a construction you can enjoy must more even cooking.
  • The storage and size of grillers – These grilles are usually used in small balconies, so the size of the setup matters a lot. Likewise,  size matters when it comes to storing these machines in the cupboard, before and after use. So consider your balcony and kitchen size and space while buying.
  • The design features of balcony grill – Drip pans are the messiest parts of these grills. So look for a model that comes with sufficiently larger drip pans to catch all the melted fats from the meat. Also while using try to set the grill on a big aluminium foil for quick cleaning.
  • Cost and brand – These grills are a one-time investment and thus have more significant price tags. But if you are limited on budget, explore more than one brand for the size of the barbecue you are looking for. You will indeed find varying prices and features—a bit of research will give you better options to buy.

In the end, we always recommend our customers to read the product description section with care. This section helps the buyers to understand the basics care, installation, size, and material specification of the selected item. Suppose the product looks satisfying in every way, head to the customer review sections. This is where you will come to know what previous users have to say about the performance, durability, and other aspects of the tile. Try to pick a product that has higher reviews.

Question & Answer

Can you use a charcoal grill on a balcony?

Yes, you can surely use charcoal grills on a balcony. However, there are many other options that you should avoid using. According to the laws and basic rules, the grill on balconies must be at least 30 inches away from the building. Using a propane grill near a building with more than 20 tenants is strictly prohibited. Besides charcoal grills you can also use the electric balcony grills but only if the community allows you to.

Are electric BBQ grills good for balconies?

Yes, these grills are a comparatively good option for several reasons. At first, they are economical and cost lesser than the charcoal-based grills when it comes to cooking. Secondly, they help you enjoy smoke-free grilling. They also take lesser time and effort to heat and thus help you heat the grills and enjoy well-grilled meat or vegetables. So if you have a small compact living space, these grills are a lifesaver, with an extreme environment-friendly approach.

What is the best balcony BBQ grill?

An ideal option may vary from one user to another. These grills are available in different sizes, shapes, weights and watts or power consumptions. Some options are costly with some advanced features, while others may have basic grilling and barbecue features and big price tags. So the idea of perfection depends on your needs and budget. However, some of the best-selling options that you can explore Weber Q1200, Cuisinart CGG-240 Gas Grill; Char-Broil Portable Grill Deluxe; and Char-Griller 3001 Grillin’ Pro Grill.

Where to buy an electric BBQ grill online in the UAE?

If you wish to buy products from trusted brands like Ikea, Geepas, BarrelQ, Eva, Solo, Somatic, and Outwell, explore A product search engine is the best place to explore all the possible options available across the globe. It gives you easy searching and comparison of price, features and other specification of an electric barbecue machine. So take some time out to compare products from brands mentioned above with Russell Hobbs, or Touchmate and make a wise and well informed buying decision.

In the meantime, you can explore all the top trusted shops to compare and buy the best option in the market.

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