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About PS5 Games

The ps5 is something that has been in a buzz for months, especially in between gamers. It is still something of a unicorn. If you want to get your hands on ps5 games, it is still a legendary feat. However, if you have already one or looking to buy one, fortunately, you are landed on the right page.   

Sony released the PlayStation 5 games, which are also known as ps5 games, in November 2020. The ps5 games can run on an AMD CPU chip based on the third generation of AMD’s Ryzen line. This game is built with eight-core and is custom made. Moreover, ps5 harnesses the power of the last-generation Zen CPU architecture. It is based on the company’s new 7nm Zen 2 microarchitecture. This is in conjunction with AMD’s freshly revealed Navi graphics architecture.   

Everything you need to know about ps5 games   

A PlayStation 5 is a buzz in itself. From children to adults, every gamer is fond of this game released by the company Sony. This game is quite portable and the most appreciated handheld console available in the market to date. If you already have previous versions, you must be super excited to get this latest variant. And it has certainly not disappointed its users with all the new features. But before getting your hands on it, let’s understand everything about the ps5 console. This will make you master based on a ps5 game. Also, you can validate your purchase if contemplating amongst different choices.

Entertainment and gaming features of Ps5  

Ps5 game comes with a massive library of game stores where you can connect its device with the internet and download the games. You can do it by accessing the Sony Play Station Store. Besides gaming, the ps5 game also serves as an entertainment manoeuvre. You can also use it to play audio, videos, watch photos, etc.  It has a faster loading time as compared to the previous version. All thanks to the new SSD! On top of that, it is capable of 4k/120fps gameplay and supports 8K/60. Overall, it is a fast and beautiful UI you do not want to miss out on. 


Modern ps5 come with a USB and serial port. You will get front USB ports and back USB ports. On the front, there is 1USB type-C. It is a super speed USB port of 10Gbps. The second port on the front is USB Type-A, and this one is also a Hi-speed port. On the back, you will find 2USB type-A with superspeed of 10Gbps. It also has additional connectivity features such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth that allows your device to connect to the internet. These features are quite simple to apply and use. And these features make it challenging to use the controls on these devices as well. You can also have the arrow buttons in order to change the view on the screen while playing the game.   

Memory slot  

The Ps5 uses a memory slot, just like other consoles. It comes with the memory card slot, located just on the left and covered with a thin rubber. You will need to peel off the rubber to access the slot, and then you can insert an external memory card for additional space. It has some of the other video settings where you can select different languages and increase or decrease the volume of media played. However, most of the people used to search for this game and want at a lower price. So, you can also search for cheap ps5 games online to get your hands on the game at the best price available.  

Tips on how to buy PS5 Games

Once you make up your mind about buying ps5 games, you need to consider many things before making a purchase. Ps5 games give you comfort and endless entertainment if you shop right. Luckily, various brands offer a vast collection of ps5 games online in the UAE. But before you get your hands on them, let’s consider some of the tips that will help you these games better for your smooth purchasing online.

  • Know your needs – Before you get your hands on ps5 games, you need to figure out your needs and requirements. Ps5 console works in various ways. So, before you make a purchase, review them once for what reason you want it.
  • Be an expert – If you are thinking to buy ps5 games, you should look for advice and a set of games designed for beginners solely for gaming purposes. You also need to consider the age of the user.
  • Check out the features – With ps5 games, you will need a higher ram for better speed like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, internal memory, or external SD card supporting slots.

If you get any confusion, you can always go through the review section to determine what customers have to say, like performance, features, and budget. You can go through them and then make up your mind accordingly. These reviews will properly give insights into the pros and cons of the product and guide you through it.

Question & Answer

Can ps5 games be played on ps4?

The answer is “No.” You cannot play ps5 games on ps4. The games which are designed for ps5 will not play on ps4. Sony has come up with ps5, which are explicitly designed for the next-generation console. So, it will not work on ps4. So, if you are searching to buy ps5 games online in the UAE, you can hop on It is your one-stop destination for buying games and software at the best prices. So, what are you waiting for? Place your order today.

Where to buy ps5 games online in the UAE?

According to experts, they recommend exploring product search engines to search, review and buy the latest games and their accessories from top brands online. You can also compare the prices of products to make the best buying decision. On, you can explore top brands where you can use the unique price comparison tool to compare the price of products from different brands. And you can find a variety of shapes, colours, and features you wish to have in your ps5.

How expensive will ps5 games be?

If you are a serious gamer, only buy it. Otherwise, it costs higher than your expectations. PlayStation 5 console will cost you around 3000 AED. Sony has also noted how games have become costlier to produce as they have gotten longer and flashier. You can get this on any product search engine. But before getting it, always do some research and development of the product to get your hands on the ideal product.

Which ps5 games have 3d audio?

PlayStation VR headset comes with the tech capable of simulating sound coming from 50 sources. But its 3D audio uses the object-based spatial sound tech that delivers an even wider soundscape. This is the one that will have the best audio tech on the previous PlayStation consoles. You can also compare the prices of products to make the best buying decision. On, you can explore top brands where you can use the unique price comparison tool to compare the price of products from different brands. And you can find a variety of shapes, colours, and features you wish to have in your ps5.