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PlayStation was a game-changer in every sense of the word. PS2 games democratised the gaming through its groundbreaking graphics and by eliminating the need to have expensive computers to play the best of the best at the time.

Two decades have passed since the world first came to know about PS2. It managed to revolutionise the way we played games all throughout the 2000s. Today, those days live in the nostalgic childhood memories of the millennials. If you want to travel back to those times when dial-up internet was still a thing, get a couple of PlayStation 2 game CDs and start playing them again. But before you start shopping for them, read this article to get a better understanding of PS2 games. This will help you make the right choices when you shop for games.

Best PlayStation 2 games that you can buy

Everything about PS2 was a success. In a matter of a few years, Sony sold more than 150 million gaming consoles all over the world. One of the main reasons for this incredible success was the availability of amazing game titles. Here are four of the best PlayStation 2 games that you might want to play again. However, keep in mind that these games might not interest everyone equally. In this article you will also find some really useful tips that you can follow while shopping for them online.

Resident Evil 4

This is the game that showed the world how to make horror video games. Not surprisingly, the movie gave birth to a successful movie franchise as well. The game first came out in the year 2005. Although it is more than fifteen years old, there are still people who like to play this game. In the game, you have to play the lead role of the officer Leon Kennady, who is trying to save his beloved daughter from a cult that has abducted her. The gameplay of Resident Evil 4 was very different from the rest of the horror games at the time. This game relied less on lazy jump scares and focused more on actual thrilling action.

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

This video game franchise existed long before the release of PlayStation 2. In fact, the first edition of Prince of Persia came out in 1989. Quite a lot have changed since then. In The Sands of Times edition, the graphics and gameplay are much better. It didn’t take the game to be one of the most popular PS2 games upon its arrival in 2003. You can also attribute the success of this game to feature in the game that allows players to rewind time and amazing fights. Both of these were an unprecedented improvement over the games that came out before Prince of Persia.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Vice City managed to garner more controversy than other games by Rockstar. At the time, there were only a handful of games that allowed players to roam around freely in the game world. But the point of controversy in this game was the presence of violence and suggestive content. However, despite all the controversies, the game marched quickly to the list of the best-selling PlayStation 2 games. Players have to complete several missions to complete the game. And alongside the missions, the game allowed the players to do a tonne of other things as well.

Shadow of Colossus

Japanese video games are distinctive in the way they look and feels. Shadow of Colossus is a prime example of that. The game follows a young man who set out on a dangerous journey to rescue a girl. Along the way, he faces numerous things that try to kill him. To complete the mission, he has to slay all the beasts and overcome the hurdles one by one. In the game, there are a total of sixteen Colossi. Each one of them has massive bodies and. You have to climb on top of their colossal bodies and find the weak points to slay them. And when you are busy trying to finish the game, don’t forget to look around as well.

Tips on how to buy PlayStation 2 games

Selecting a PlayStation 2 game might not seem like a difficult thing at first. But there are dozens of things you should look for while purchasing a game. PS2 games are available in plenty even after two decades. There is no shortage of good games. However, there are also games that are not so good. Here are some tips that you can follow while shopping for PS2 games.

  • Check the compatibility – PlayStation 2 is a two-decade-old console. Most of the new titles are not compatible with PS3, let alone PS2. Although there are plenty of titles that support PS2, you have to be careful when you shop. Luckily, it is not that difficult to verify if a game is PS2 compatible or not.
  • Select the genre – The easiest way to find a game that you will love playing is to look specifically in a genre. Some people like sports games, while others like fighting and adventure games. Some people like to finish a game alone while others like multiplayer games. Find out which category, or categories, you like the most.
  • Gameplay speed – Even in two games of the same category, the major difference will be in the gameplay speed and use of strategies. If you are a person who likes playing games once in a while on lazy evenings, games with slower gameplay will suit you the best. Fast games are for people who like to fully immerse in a game and don’t like winning without putting up a fight.
  • In-game transactions – Different games have different purchase options. Some PS2 games only charge you small money when you purchase the game. But such games tend to have microtransactions in them that might end up costing you more. This is especially important when you are buying games for your kids. If your credit card details are saved in your game account kids might be able to purchase in-game items without you knowing about it.

All games have ratings by Videogame Rating Council. You can use these ratings to check if a specific game is appropriate for children or not. Games that contain violence and suggestive content can harm young children. Finally, don’t forget to check out other amazing collections from the Games category.

Question & Answer

Do PS2 games work on PS4?

PS4 officially does not support PS2 games. Compared to PS4 standards, PS2 games are far outdated. So, if you try putting a PS2 game in a PS4 console, it simply won’t run. That being said, recently Sony added a special feature to its PS4 consoles that allow users to download in the US and some countries in Europe. But if you do not live in those places, or if the PS2 games that you want to play are not in the list of the games provided by Sony, the only option you have is to get an old PlayStation 2 console and play the games using CDs.

Is it worth buying PlayStation 2?

The only reason for buying PlayStation 2 after two decades of its initial release is either because you are nostalgic about those games you played in your childhood, or you have a huge collection of PlayStation 2 games that you don’t want to throw away. But before buying a PS2 console, you can consider other options. One of them is to look for older models of PS3 that are backwards compatible with PS2 games. But remember that later models of PS3 do not support those games. Another option is to install a PS2 emulator on your PC. This does not give you the same gameplay experience of the original console but should be sufficient for most people.

Which PS2 games are rare?

As gamers have moved on from the PS2 era, some PlayStation 2 games have gotten really cheap. You will find a lot of old gems that will cost you next to nothing. However, not all games depreciate in value. Quite the contrary, some old gems are extremely hard to come across. So much so that, they will cost you double or triple of their original cost to buy. These games include the collectable ones like Rules of Rose, which is a psychological horror game; Kuon, a Japanese survival title; Haunting Ground, again a survival horror game; and Blood Will Tell.

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