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About Playstation Vita Games

PS Vita games are also known as Playstation Vita Games, PS Vita or simply Vita. These are handheld, portable video gaming consoles.

These games were majorly developed and marketed by Sony Computer Entertainment. Initially, these games were released in Japan in 2011. PS vita games are the successor to Portable Play Stations and are a part of PlayStation brand gaming devices. They are the eighth generation of video gaming consoles that compete with Nintendo 3Ds. The original model of these devices includes 5 inch OLED (it is a multi-touch capacitive touchscreen); two analogue joysticks; one front and one shoulder push-button inputs. Other supporting features include Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and 3G in some cases.

Everything you need to know about PlayStation vita games

For the gaming enthusiast, nothing can be more entertaining and fun than having a high-quality PS Vita portable gaming console. These small gaming devices come with endless benefits for the players on the go. These devices come with unlimited options making it is a true classic. A PS Vita has an OLED display, a d-pad with a slickly exterior and an expertly responsible operating system. Besides the overall design is so compact yet very comfortable to hold which make the new PS vita games a good addition to any youth’s personal collectables. Here is what you may need to know about these games before buying one.

Buying PS Vita for kids – Good or not?

When it comes to this tiny handheld gaming gadget, the price is more important than if you want to give this game to a kid or not. But there are certainly more things that you need to consider while giving out the cash to buy a PS Vita for your little one. At first, you need to learn everything about a PS VITA and what you need to consider while doing a purchase. Besides the PS Vita also come with parental control that gives you more leverage on how you can manage and keep a check on kids’ activities even while gaming. And this is why it is a preferable choice for most parents.

Endless games for PS Vita

For a gamer, what matters is an exciting and high-end experience delivering a game. Everything else goes behind. But if you compare the list of PSP gamin list with the PS Vita games, the difference is incredible. The PS Vita games have more variety, and each has incredible stages, challenges and VFX to keep a gamer engaged and challenged. An Intu-Aim along with many other PS Vita controls is also important for the games and help in playing games well. So make sure you have all the essential tools while you head to buy something online.

Non-gaming software for a PS Vita

Besides a range of games, PS Vita has an array of software available. Most of this compatible software is focused on facilitating social networking. But you should also expect increased productivity software and various other apps in the list of pre-installed and available software for a PS Vita. These include special music players with web browsing apps to download and listen to all formats of audio and video files. You can also access and use online portals to purchase games, audios, videos and other apps with free demo download. You can also use this software to customize your PS Vita as per preferences for background wallpapers, sound system adjustment and much more.

List of accessories for PS Vita

When we speak of PS Vita, there are gams you will love to have and then there are some amazing add-ons that will help you protect the investment. Some basic accessories that you will get with the PS Vita include; a protective case, a screen protector, pair of headphones, an external memory card (you can upgrade the external memory card as per your need), a handlebar also known as a trigger grip and a car adapter. Besides these basics, you can also find a number of other accessories to upgrade your audio and visual experience with the PC Vita.

Tips on how to buy PS Vita Games online in the UAE

When it comes to buying a new gaming device, the changing task for anyone. Initially, you may find it easier to pick any device displayed and you will feel excited until you will get home and find that it does not contain everything that you will need to play. At such times, you cannot do much; even if the seller is offering a replacement (refund is a rare case). Besides, there are many companies offering a variety of PS Vita games for sale online in the UAE. Here is a set of tips on how you can buy cheap PS Vita games without much worry and loss of money.

  • Look for connectivity options – A PS Vita is more than just a gaming console. You will need to connect it to the internet for upgrading the games or software. At such times Wi-Fi or 3G/4G are the most needed features. So read the product description section to find if the device has such features or not.
  • The games – PS Vita is all about games that come either with digital downloads or physical game cards from stores like GameStop. You should pick a device that is compatible with most of the available digital versions. Once again, the product description section will give you all these details.
  • The battery life of PS Vita – Remember you will be playing for hours and hours and for that you will need good battery life. Poor battery life will offer you nothing more than 3 to 5 hours of gaming. So look for a fine quality battery and options for connecting portable charger accessories.
  • Import friendly software – Look for an option that has the latest software and can support PS Vita and Vita game cards that are region free. It will make your PS Vita an import friendly gaming system. You can consult the customer review section to know if the selected device has such features or not.

Luckily you can find all these details before adding something to your cart. All you need to do is to explore the product description section on and read it carefully. for any additional information, you can either consult online sources or reach out to the manufacturers. It is important to know your product before purchase. it will save you the hassle of return or exchange as well as secure your money invested. We wish you a happy shopping venture before you actually start enjoying the games themselves.

Question & Answer

What PS vita games are best to buy?

Some of the bestselling, visually high quality and challenging PS Vita games that you can find in the market are Lost Dimension, Uncharted: Golden Abyss, Wipeout 2048, Lumines: Electronic Symphony, The Walking Dead, Minecraft, Don’t Starve, and the Killzone: Mercenary. Luckily you can find all these games for easy download as well as in trial download version to give a free trial before you head to purchase one online.

Will PS Vita games work on PSP?

No, you cannot play a PS Vita game on a PSP console. A PS vita is actually of a relatively new generation of gaming consoles available in the market. It is a modern Sony portable console that came forth in the time of the PlayStation 3 generation. Here the graphics and the hardware are much powerful as compared to that of the 6th generation PSP. However, there are chances that you may find some smaller games that were released as PS minis. At times these games became compatible with the PS Vita.

How many different types of PS vita games are there?

Currently, there are about 1525 different types of games that are specially designed and compatible with the PlayStation Vita gaming consoles. These games are available on different platforms for both free and paid downloads. The best place to find all these games and download them is on the Sony PS Vita gaming console website. However, it is also important to read the details about the games and product features carefully. Always do that for products if you are buying them for the first time. It will save you from many hassles.

What PS vita games are compatible with PS TV?

Luckily all the PS Vita game formats (it includes both digital and physical) can be played on the PS TV. However, in certain cases, there can be a lack of compatibility for reasons like; incompatibility with camera and motion sensors when you cannot play certain games on the PS TV. Some of the games that can work fine include; 2013: Infected Wars, Actual Sunlight, Aeterno Blad, The Age Of Zombies, Angry Birds Star Wars, Angry Birds Trilogy, Another World: 20th Anniversary Edition and many others.

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