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Nintendo Switch is a popular gaming console that you can conveniently carry around in your pocket. Whether you’re on the couch, bus or plane, you can play and have fun with Nintendo Switch games.

Unlike a conventional home console, which is often big and bulky, the main attraction of Nintendo switches is its small size. This makes it possible for you to use this console virtually anywhere without being too conspicuous. The graphics support of Nintendo Switch far exceeds smartphones. Also, the ergonomics of the console is very well crafted. The only thing you have to take care of is to install the best games on your Nintendo device. Read this article to know more about the Nintendo Switch console and the games available for it.

Four best Nintendo Switch games

The console that everyone considers to be the predecessor Nintendo Switch is Nintendo Wii. Despite that, there are some big differences between the two. One of the most obvious differences is the size. Nintendo Wii is ten times bigger than Nintendo switch despite being one of the most compact gaming consoles for its time. Also, the Nintendo Wii does not have a built-in screen. In order to use it, you have to hook it up to an external monitor. Another major difference between the two is that Nintendo Switch has a hundred times more game titles than its predecessor. Here is a list of the four best games for it.

Scott Pilgrim vs The World

After over six years of waiting, this beat-em-up game based on the iconic comic series and film is finally available. In this edition of the game, you will have access to the DLC packs that let you play as Wallace Wells and Knives Chau, as well as Ramona, Kim, Stephen and Scott are all other basic casts. To win in the game, you have to beat the seven evil exes of Ramona Flowers in order for Scott to date her. Each of the characters has a special moveset that gets better as you gain experience. On top of these skills, these characters can also use special weapons.

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity

This game, which is basically the prequel to Zelda’s Legend: Breath of the Wild, is set in a world before descending into chaos. Instead of just adventuring around as Link, this game also lets you play as all the heroes of the kingdom as you take on vast armies commanded by Calamity Ganon. You will know what this entails if you’re aware of the Dynasty Warriors series, or the original Hyrule Warriors game. With other friendly soldiers and an optional co-op companion, you have to go to different battlefields around Hyrule, accomplishing unique objectives in each area.

The Legend of Zelda

This is probably one of the well-known titles among Nintendo games. Zelda’s Legend: Breath of the Wild will set you loose in a huge, beautiful open world where you can fight through dungeons, solve puzzles, paraglide through the skies or just cook some food. This game truly redefines what an open-world game can be. In this open-world, every mountain is climbable, and every secret path leads to a new adventure. With unforgettable boss fights, loads of challenging puzzle shrines, a stunning art style and some of the thrilling fight sequences, you have more than enough reasons to explore this game.

Super Mario odyssey

Super Mario Odyssey is the most vast and imaginative 3D adventure game that is available for Nintendo Switch devices. You begin the game in a series of beautifully crafted sandbox worlds packed with thrilling secrets. If you’re taking charge of a T-Rex or a stack of Goombas with your sentient hat or warping through a wall for some classic 2D Mario gaming. In short, it’s a relentless bombardment of joyful exploration. The open world in this game is beautiful and beautifully strange. It manages to strike a perfect balance between the classic 2D Mario games and the possibilities of a 3D world.

Tips on how to buy Nintendo Switch Games Online

Finding the right game for your Nintendo Switch console might not seem like a tricky task at first. However, it might be harder than most people imagine it to be. The reason for this is that there are hundreds of thousands of game titles out there. Only a handful of games among these are really popular. If you want to be able to select the right kind of game, you should know what factors to consider in them. Here are a few things to keep in mind while shopping for Nintendo switch games online.

  • Theme – one of the first things to consider before buying any games is the theme. Each person will have a liking for a particular genre of games. Some of the popular game genres are racing, battle royale, war, action, adventure, role-playing, and platform. The level of detail, story, and gameplay duration of the game can depend a lot on the theme of the game.
  • Single-player vs Multiplayer – Always consider how many players can play the game. If you are somebody who enjoys playing games yourself, single-player games, like Mario, are a great option. But some people tend quickly to get bored with single-player games. Such gamers tend to like the flexibility and unpredictability that multiplayer games offer.
  • Gameworld and graphics quality – Some games are open-world games in which you can go wherever you want and do whatever you want when you are not in a particular mission. Games like GTA and Cyberpunk are great examples of open-world games. But in other games, you won’t have much flexibility apart from the actual missions inside the game. There are pros and cons to both. The quality of game graphics is also something to keep in mind.
  • Gameplay speed – The time it takes for a player to finish the game or a session of the game varies wildly between different games and game genres. In some mission-based games, the time it takes to complete a mission can vary with each mission. In other games like online chess and battle royale games, the duration of the game will be fixed.

Gaming is a great way to have fun and kill boredom. Fortunately, every year we get to see more and more games and newer and better gaming consoles. So, there is no shortage of games that you can play these days. There are hundreds of different games for each type of console. You can find all kinds of exciting games using our shopping search engine. It will also let you compare the prices and features of different products and pick the best one among them. So, don’t forget to check out all the other amazing products from the Games category.

Question & Answer

Can you play Nintendo Switch games on Nintendo Wii?

Nintendo Switch came out more than a decade after the original Nintendo Wii. Games and gaming consoles have developed a lot in this decade. Gaming graphics have undergone groundbreaking changes, and the devices have become ever more powerful and compact. Even though Nintendo Wii is larger in size than Nintendo Switch, the latter packs in more powerful processors and also a built-in display. Because of all these reasons and more, it is not surprising that Nintendo Wii does not support games made for Nintendo Switch.

What Nintendo Switch games are VR-compatible?

VR has been a very polarising thing since its inception. Some people loved it while others hated. These days, VR and VR games are not as popular as they once used to be. However, VR lovers do have enough game titles for Nintendo Switch. Some of the popular VR titles for Nintendo Switch include Captain Toad – Treasure Tracker, Super Mario Odyssey – Astro Not, Super Smash Bros Ultimate – Wasted Potential, The Legend of Zelda: Breach of the Wild – Blur of the WIld, and the VR edition of Spice & Wolf. In order to play these games, you will need any VR device.

Where to buy Nintendo Switch games online in the UAE?

Games are a great way to have fun and kill time. But not every single game out there is enjoyable. While it is not always possible to tell what factors make a game good, you can recognise a good game when you play it. Fortunately, there are plenty of places where you can find Nintendo Switch games in the UAE. One of the best places to shop for them is, of course, It is incredibly easy to find the right game using our retail search engine. Moreover, from, you will be able to buy them for really affordable prices.

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