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About Gameboy Advance Games

Games are one of the things that both kids and adults love. There is now a separate range of games for grown-ups that one can enjoy if they like to indulge. Amongst the popular Play Station and Xbox variants, Gameboy advance games are also a prevalent kind.

Gaming has always been a hot favourite. While for some it’s part of their profession, others see it as a stressbuster and for most of them, it’s a habit and a need. Whatever be the case, today, we are fortunate to have so many gaming options. It’s not only the men, but even women love chilling out with their favourite games after a stressful week. The best part is that we have so many choices today that it’s not only about cars and superheroes. Gaming is known to relieve stress, brings up the ‘happy emotions’ and leave you feeling better than before. Although long stretches at a time are not recommended, a few hours a week won’t do much harm. At times, people see it as the much-needed ‘break’ they can take without even having to step anywhere.

Different types of games that you can pick for your indulgence

With the advancement that technology and the animation field has brought, there are mind-blowing games by so many brands today. The visuals and graphics are a real treat to the eyes and can keep you glued to the screen for hours at a stretch. It’s surprising how time passes away when you’re playing an exciting game. A lot of folks often spend their weekends playing Gameboy advanced arcade games and similar counterparts that leave them fascinated. Plus, there are so many versions and games available on the internet that you’ll never run out of content. The best part is that you can easily buy the best Gameboy advanced games online with some exclusive discounts.

Game Boy advance games for PC

The best part about the Game Boy is that you can quickly get to playing these remarkable games even on your PC now. Yes, its compatibility factor is very similar to the Xbox or play station. Since compatibility was a big issue with the original one, this factor means that you can easily stream everything on your home PC and play it as you desire. The original games, as well as a lot of newer variants, are now available, all of which have some stunning graphics and details. The emulator is one thing that is most important. This means you need a hardware or software device to be able to make sure the computer can read and play the game like the Game Boy.

Game Boy advance games for PSP

The PSP is one that everybody is familiar with. Even if you have never actually played on one, you still know what it is and its popularity in the gaming world today. A concept that is known and loved all over the world, it has games that can truly leave you amazed. The exact definition of a gaming addict can be realized when you see someone glued to the PC for hours at a stretch. A lot of options for advanced games Game Boy for PSP are now readily available. The only thing left is to check out what works for you and go ahead and buy it. It’s all a one-time investment, and you can also share with friends.

Gameboy advance arcade games

Gameboy advance arcade games are popular because they give you a complete experience. Any Game Boy advance game grows to a greater magnitude when you merge it with an arcade unit. The entire experience is much real than playing it on the Game Boy or PC. It also sometimes surpasses the PlayStation or Xbox experience in its ways. For a lot of folks, the arcade means nostalgia, and that’s why they love it even more. However, the thrill is one part of playing in an arcade that will never get old. Again, there are several variations of these and most of them can be conveniently played on an arcade platform.

Game Boy advance games to play on handheld game consoles

The original style is something that we all love. Where it all started from, the handheld device is simple, gives you the gaming thrill, and you can pay it just about anywhere. The best part is that you don’t need any other gadgets or devices to make it work. You can play it anywhere at your convenience, and the gaming console is all that you need. Pretty much all Game Boy advance games are available to play on a handheld device as per your requirement. You can still buy Game Boy advance games on several online stores. It’s just one of those evergreen things that will never get old.

Tips on how to buy Gameboy Advanced Games

It isn’t a necessary fact that if games have never attracted you, it will be the same when you’re an adult. A lot of people found them fascinating when they grew up. This is also because you start understanding things like thrill, graphics and the beauty in the way the game has been designed in a much better way. Whatever the reason, it is never too late to own a Game Boy or any gaming gadgets for that matter. Here’s what to keep in mind when you take the plunge.

  • Check out the features – The features are the most critical part of any gaming gadget. Make sure you check this out and take time to do so. You can also ask a friend to help you.
  • Keep a budget in mind – Buying a Game Boy, PlayStation or Xbox can be a costly affair. Though it’s a one-time investment, you need to keep a budget in mind and then go with it.
  • Check its compatibility – If you plan on playing the game on more than one device, then harmony is a significant element. See if it is friendly on different gadgets and, if not, if there’s a way to make it work.
  • Opt for value for money options – The gaming platform is pricey. But what can make a hole in your pocket is buying expensive games to play on it. For this, it’s essential to research and pick something with reasonable deals.
  • Storage and travelling – If you keep travelling or won’t be using it often, then the Game Boy needs to be travel-friendly. You should also be able to store it without concerns. Invest in a bag for this purpose.

It isn’t necessary to make the entire significant investment in the beginning. Since it can be quite an amount, go only for the essentials when you buy the game. For starters, you can pick just one or two games to start. Then, the next time you’ll be travelling, opt for the bag later. This way, if you split up the expenses, it won’t feel much. It’s an excellent idea to keep an eye out for those discounts and sales when everything becomes pretty affordable.

Question & Answer

How should you take care of your Game Boy?

The game boy is a pretty rugged gadget that has been used for gaming through the years. It is one of the earliest modes of gaming, even when there were no phones and PCs for this purpose. If you won a Game Boy, make sure you use the right games in it. It is best to have a case to store it. This is also very handy while travelling. The basic rules of all electronic gadgets apply to this one too. So, keep it away from harsh sunlight, moisture and handle it with care.

Where can you find Game Boy advance games for sale?

The best place to shop is probably online. A lot of online platforms that deal with electronics are sure to have a few models of it. However, before going that far, check online to see which are the new models. Once you gain an understanding of what you’re looking for, shopping gets more comfortable. You can pick it up online or in a retail store as per your preference. The essential thing here is to make sure it’s genuine and being sold to you at the best price.

Which are the best Game Boy advance games?

Depending on personal preferences, the definition of the best games may change. However, thanks to its popularity, today the internet is full of suggestions. There are millions of people all over the world who still prefer the humble Game Boy over other modern and sleek gaming choices. The best part of sticking to a basic one is that it never gets old. Some of the best options today are – Mario Golf: Advance Tour, Car Battler Joe, Advance Wars 2, Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town, Drill Dozer and Fire Emblem.

Where can you buy Game Boy advance games online?

With games growing in popularity, the world is your oyster when it comes to choices. Living in the UAE makes it even better because there are countless online stores to make your decisions easier. You can find many options at the best prices, and you can stock up your favourites. is a fantastic product search engine to make your decision easier. With over 500+ online stores in one place, it’s the best.

So, the next time you’re not feeling like yourself or too stressed out, get your Game Boy out and let it work its charm!