Work Tables

About Work Tables

Every profession demands something special to deliver a creative piece of work. From a perfectly equipped and comfortable computer table to anything that a craftsman or a handyman needs, work tables hold an important place   in professionals’ lives 

A workbench worktable is a name for unique sturdy tables that are used for any type of manual work. They range from a simple flat surface to a complex design that can carry all the needed tools in themselves. These tables vary in size from tiny jewellery tables to huge tables used by staircase makers. Normally these tables come in a rectangular shape. The design varies according to the type of work for which they are used. They are meant to be of comfortable heights with the provision of seating, they also provide a mounting facility with storing and accessing tools easily. Normally you can find them in materials like stone, metal or wood.

Common types of work tables you can buy online

Unlike most of the tables that we use in day to day life, the workbenches are extremely sturdy and heavy-duty. An industrial level workbench can hold up to 750 KGs of weight at a time. So while picking any type of workbench you need to know the weight restrictions for your workshop. So while selecting a bench for you needs to consider how you plan to use it. Will you use it for woodworking, gardening, and metalworking or just for organized storage of tools in our storeroom? You may also need to find if you need a worktable with drawers or shelving? Or if you will be using it for tasks that require a power source. Because in that case, you will need an electronic workbench or additional investment in an electric power strip add-on? Read more to know about different types of workbenches and find what suits your needs. 

The workbench tables  

They are comparatively simpler items to hold. They consist of a table-top surface which is usually made of metal or hardwood. This flat surface is set atop sturdy wood or metal legs. This is the most versatile and popular type of workbench because of its simpler design and sturdy construction. This style of the table provides little as no storage options. So you will need to find other easy to store your equipment’s and tools. However, in some models, you can find a single open shelf underneath the work surface of these tables. As these tables have an open base, they are best for tasks that involve gripping or clamping.  

The workbench cabinets  

Unlike worktables, the workbench cabinets offer an abundance of storage which makes them an ideal choice for many handymen who need to work with a lot of tools. They are also ideal to keep the equipment handy when you do not have any other helping hand. They come with a variety of built-in storage options like cabinets, drawers, or shelving to give easy access and convenience while you are working. Here the cabinets are normally made of metal and tend to be expensive as compared to other types of worktable styles. But the investment can be well worth it as you can let go of other storage options that you might need to buy otherwise.  

Portable workbenches

Today everything is getting remote and thus many handymen are offering their services at the client’s doorsteps. However, they still need a bunch of tools to carry with them. A portable workbench offers complete peace of mind in such cases. These tables are easy to move wherever they are needed. There are two main types of portable worktables: rolling worktables and folding worktables. Rolling tables or mobile work tables come with the sturdy structure of a standard workbench and an added bonus of casters attached to the base. Here the wheels give you the easy to roll it around with you. Whereas a folding work table is smaller, collapsible and lightweight yet sufficient for most common tasks.  

Wall-mounted worktables  

They are the complete opposite of portable work tables. A wall-mounted work table is ideal for smaller spaces where floor space isn’t enough. Another benefit of a wall-mounted tool table is that you can hang them anywhere or according to the height you prefer. Not only it does add comfort to your work but will also ensure that the tools are away from the reach of kids. However, a drawback is that these tables have a limited capacity to support the weight. They are also prone to wear and tear as compared to standard workbenches that come with a heavy-duty support system.  

Tips on how to buy Worktables online in the UAE

Just like any other type of furniture, worktables are also of great importance. When you head to hunt the best portable work tables to buy you will have an idea of how much people are concerned about the minor details that you might have not known at all. To the fact, there are dozens of brands offering a wide range of worktables to buy as per your needs. Hence when it comes to buying there is much more than just looking for small worktable prices online in the UAE. You need to consider many important aspects of the matter. Here we have discussed some of these pointers for you.

  • Choose on the basis of uses – Each type of handyman work has its own demands. So, if you are looking forward to buying a table to do some particular job, make sure it is according to the demands of your work.
  • The height of bench – Some crafts need the person to stand while other demands you to be seated while doing the craft. At such times, the height of the bench will define the level of comfort you will enjoy while working. So, look for the appropriate height as per your needs.
  • The width of the table – Just like the height, the width of the table will explain everything about the level of comfort you can enjoy while working on it. It is thus important to pick a width that provides you with enough space to work comfortably.
  • The material of benches – These benches are available in a variety of materials including wood, plastic, iron, steel or a combination of any two or more. Always look for durable, comfortable material to buy. Remember your table must also have a well-built foundation.
  • The add-ons – If you are buying a work table for special jobs, you will love to have some additional ease like spaces to keep special tools and ease to adjust or rotate the table when needed. To find such items you will need to do a bit of market search. Explore to find unlimited options.
  • Settle a budget limit – For added security, finish, and higher quality of make and material, brands are bound to charge a bit extra. But investing in these products is always a worthy decision to make. The competition of price between different brands can offer you an edge to buy a cheaper item online.
  • Know about customer opinions – To ensure that you are investing in the right brand and product, look for what other customers have to say. While buying online, you can go to the customer review section to read the comments about the performance and quality of the product to choose to buy.

In the end, it is important to look at the functionality of the table. Unlike a centre or side table in your home, a workbench is supposed to offer you comfort at work and keep all your tools handy. Besides they must be able to deal with any type of load or pressure that they face during the job. Therefore investing once in a high-quality product will be the best decision you will make to secure your investment and time.

Question & Answer

What is a working table?

A working table is also known as a workbench. It is a sturdy flat plank that is used for doing manual work comfortably. These tables range from a simple flat surface to complex designs that also serve as a tool themselves. Almost all types of working tables are rectangular in shape and come with a comfortable height for facilitating the workers while standing or sitting. It also has ways to fix workpieces to the surface so that the person can work with both hands. Also, most of the time they facilitate the storing, mounting and access to tools with their special design

What is the best workbench to buy for kids?

Kid’s furniture is always different from that used by an adult. The make, material and comfort to use are designed according to the ease and experience of kids. So if you are thinking to buy workbenches for kids some items that you can consider are Master Workbench by Hope; Melissa & Doug Wooden Project Workbench; Black Decker Junior Power Workbench Workshop; or Little Tikes Tough Workshop. Else you can also consider buying FAO Schwarz Solid Wood Toy Workbench; Step2 Big Builders Pro Workshop; Ever Earth Toddler Workbench; or Step2 489099 Pro Play Workshop & Utility Bench.

Are portable worktables worth buying?

Yes, portable worktables are actually versatile and can be used in a number of ways. At times you can also use them as an outdoor station. Some of the best-selling items that you can buy online are Kreg kws1000 portable folding workbench’; Worx pegasus portable folding workbench; Keter portable folding workbench; and the Black & decker wm1000 portable folding workbench. Also, you can explore to find and buy products like X-tra hand 2-in-1 portable folding workbench; Black & decker wm425-a portable folding workbench; or Worx wx066 portable folding workbench that is highly in demand by professionals.

Where can I buy working tables online in the UAE?

You can explore a retail search engine to find top trending furniture items online in the UAE market. Here you can find all the latest designs from top brands and stores online. Some brands that you can explore and buy here are Ikea, Husky, John Boos, Black & Decker, Gridmann, and Wolfcraft. You can also find and compare the prices of these products with other brands like Rockwell, Snap-On, Solid Work, or Stanley to pick the best option for your home and living needs.