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A table is a type of furniture. It includes a flat top and one or more supporting legs. Tables are the unique surfaces for placing items and restoring order in a room. It also creates a sense of working and eating routine. The most common types remain in the dining section of a house. That is where people take meals from or place decorative items to enhance the appearance of a room. In this regard, acquiring furniture with durable parts saves on costs that may be incurred through replacement and repair. These also improve the room’s appearance.

Table parts are vital components that link together through great craftmanship to develop a complete and effective structure for placing objects. Tables are available in many styles and sizes. Virtually all of them have common parts with unique names that are contingent on their mode of operation. The most popular parts include the top, drop leaf, knee, leg, apron, and foot. The top includes the flat surface on the upper side of the table. The apron is the under-framing that links the top with the legs. The foot comprises the lower part of the leg that touches the floor. The stretcher is the structure that connects the legs to ensure the stability of the overall structure. Understanding the diverse parts fosters the right purchase decisions and eases communication between retailers and clients.

What you need to know about table parts 

The history of tables dates back to 2500 BC. At that time, they were common for the ancient Egyptians. The antique varieties were of alabaster and wood. The tops were of stone for the placement of heavy objects. Specifically, the ancient communities made different designs and painted them to enhance their aesthetic value. People would keep them under the beds after use to facilitate their durability. During the Middle Ages, table parts were made of metals and wood, and people would mainly use them for eating purposes. The knowledge and art of making different parts have spread across the globe. The use of the structure varies from one region to another.


The top is the most essential part of a table as it serves the purpose of providing a surface area for you to work on or place objects. The tops vary in size, shape, and design, and your choice is based on personal choices and the purpose of the structure. Further, manufacturers make tops using different materials, which affect their level of appearance and the load weight they can handle. For instance, some are of glass, wood, and metal. Metal and wooden varieties are more durable than glass ones since they can withstand strains from heavy objects. On the other hand, glass tables are highly sensitive to busy environments. The most common shapes in diverse tables from different brands on include rectangle, round, and square.

Table apron

An apron includes the frame under the structure that links the legs to the top surface. The apron usually stays at a right angle to the under-neath of the table. The contemporary aprons may extend between the legs and the top to offer the table a unique design. For instance, a design is where the apron is fixed on the front rather than the underside of the table. Other aprons are pierced or curves and are positioned below or on the side of the top. When purchasing an apron on consider its length and the desired place it will be fixed on a table. In brief, the primary function of the apron is to offer structural support and stability to the table.

Table legs

These entail the vertical structures that raise the table to the required height and offer ample support to other table parts. The folding table hinge bracket contains adjustable height legs that employ unique levelling devices. You are able to change the height for varying purposes. Tables commonly used in entertainment joints including bars and clubs have an approximate height of about 42 inches. The counter tables often used in the kitchen and workshops have a measurement of approximately 32 inches which averts you from leaning over to perform an activity. The majority of the table legs have a lever at the bottom, which helps the user to adjust the height in case of a rough floor. Therefore, understanding the most apposite table leg height is effective in making the right purchasing decision when presented with the wide varieties in the market.

Tips on how to buy Table Parts online in the UAE

When acquiring dining table parts, you should consider their aesthetic value and their aptitude to endure the strains of a busy environment. With the wide range of table parts for sale online in the UAE to choose from in, you may experience difficulties in selecting the most appropriate design. The following factors offer effective guidance on how to make the most apposite purchasing decision.

  • Construction materials – Though the majority of table parts are made of wood, it is critical to consider other construction materials available in the market. For instance, softwoods are comfortable but are prone to scratches. On the other hand, hardwoods are durable but slightly expensive.
  • Design – Table parts are sold in different sizes and designs. You should first access the available space in a room to determine the size of the table to purchase. The design of the table parts offers an aesthetic value to the entire table.
  • Cost – The cost of the table parts should closely correlate to their overall quality. You should consider purchasing products that are within the set budget. An individual should assess the available brands in to determine the best offer in the market.
  • Colour – You should consider the colour of the table parts prior to making purchases. The colour of the table parts should complement a room’s decorations. Tables parts with bright colours are ideal for enhancing the aesthetic value of a room.

Tables are types of furniture comprising flat tops and one or more supporting legs and are often used for placing items, restoring order in a room, and creating a sense of working and eating routine. Table parts are vital components that are linked together through great artistry to develop a complete and effective structure for placing objects. Explore the various designs of table parts from more than 500 prominent brands across the UAE on!

Question & Answer

Where to buy table parts online UAE?

To buy table parts online in UAE, you should explore the various varieties available in We feature exceptional glass patio table parts from over 500 brands across the UAE. Here, you can find various parts such as the best massage table parts from different shops and brands like Ikea, Hettich among other recognized firms. Cheap parts for the pool table are available in different sizes and designs on our online search engine. You can also filter and sort products depending on your preferences.

Which are the essential table replacement parts?

The most important table parts that you should consider for replacement include the apron, legs, top, knee, and stretcher. The pedestal table legs play an important role by offering sufficient support to the table and raising it to the required height. In this regard, purchasing replacement table legs ensures the proper functioning of the structure and maintains its stability when objects are placed on top. The top part offers adequate space for you to work on or place valuables. In case the top of the table is damaged, the table parts may fail to fulfil their intended purpose, which necessitates an immediate replacement. Replacing a damaged apron is critical as the feature offers support to the tabletop and links it with the legs. Additionally, replacing the stretchers enhances the strength and stability of the entire furniture.

Which are the best brands of table replacement parts?

To understand the most suitable brand when considering purchasing table replacement parts, you should first gain insight into the defining characteristics of diverse table parts. Nevertheless, comprises prominent brands that offer superior table parts at an affordable rate. Our online platform comprises over 500 brands and stores. These include SICO, Hettich, IKEA, and Muji, to name a few. And if you want more selections, hurry and explore today! The best part is that you can get your hands on top-quality items at amazing prices. Thus, shopping on our retail search engine is a win-win.

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