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About Picnic Table

Do you wish to put an impression on your guests or visitors regarding your outdoor? Then, the picnic table is the perfect outdoor furniture to grab it! So, whether it’s a yard, patio or balcony, this furniture fits perfectly! Not to forget, it’s an ideal table for any family gathering. So, do you wish to know more about it? Then, read the whole article for smooth shopping experiences. 

Let’s first understand what a picnic bench is all about. It is a table with a bench often attached. And It’s a perfect example of impromptu outdoor dining. Besides, this table is related to the rectangular tables, which have an A-frame structure. And you can use it both indoor as well as outdoor for family or friend’s gatherings. So, while looking for the best outdoor picnic table, you will come across many options in materials. The standard material for this bench is wooden boards. And is made from split logs, concrete, and recycled HDPE plastic. But the frame, benches, and platform might vary with different materials. Besides, you will find it in various shapes from circles to hexagons of different sizes as per your need. However, we believe in experiencing the best shopping; you need to know the product thoroughly. Keep reading!

A brief description of a backyard picnic table for family gatherings

You don’t need any occasion to celebrate a barbeque evening in your backyard with family & friends. But if you lack outdoor seating, then you can consider the backyard picnic bench. It serves as a gathering place for families and friends over dine & wine. Or you can utilise it as the place for your children to finish their craft projects or outdoor classroom. This table blends style perfectly with functionality. Thus, it makes it a perfect addition to your backyard! So, buy a picnic table online in UAE, as it’s available in portable & foldable. This table makes it convenient to use and store when not in use. But there are other kinds of this table which can match with your purposes.

Floating picnic table

Do you wish to have an adventurous vacation with your family? Yes! Then, get yourself a floating picnic bench. It comes with four comfortable spots to sit and a flat tabletop in which you can choose to drink, play games, and lots more. And the most fantastic thing is you can do all this while floating on the lake or pool. Besides, this floating bench comes with durable foam material. Thus, it’s floatable, stable, and lightweight, which makes it easy to carry around. However, it weighs around 65lbs when dry & has a capacity of 600 lbs. So, if you are seeking this picnic table for sale online in Dubai, then shop from the notable brands. Some of them are Outsunny, Ikea, Cosmoplast, and many more.

Portable picnic table

If you are a traveller and loves to hike, camp, & have a picnic outdoors, then this portable picnic bench is for you! It can be the perfect furniture to spend time along with friends or family outdoor. However, many people think that travelling around the world makes you sacrifice the day-to-day amenities. But in reality, you don’t have to along with this table! You can enjoy your meal together with your family and friends at this table. However, while you seek cheap portable picnic tables, you will come across many choices. But picking the right table depends on your family’s space and needs. Some products come in a foldable table that is stain-resistant & easy to clean.

Kid’s picnic table

This table is designed keeping in mind the little ones. And it’s the miniature version of the adult size picnic bench. There are some models who look like the real ones while other products provide unique features. Some of them are colourful umbrella attaches and kid-friendly materials. So, it creates an ideal place for your children to play and eat. It is a versatile toy for your toddler to keep them engaged. You can also buy this kid’s cheap garden picnic table to add to your backyard, patio, or porch. However, you can also choose to shop from the best shopping search engine in UAE. And choose from the myriad collection of products from notable brands. Plus, enjoy all these products at an affordable price! 

Tips on how to buy Picnic Table online

By now, you have understood how a picnic table is helpful for you. Besides, you also learnt about the varied kinds of these benches available in the market. Some of them are folding picnic tables, wooden picnic benches, kid’s picnic tables, and so on. But picking the best folding picnic table among all is tricky! You must know that every house has different requirements. Thus, this bench comes in an array of materials & configurations. So, if you are looking for a folding picnic bench, you need to keep certain factors in mind. The table needs to be portable yet attractive, withstand wear & tear, and dings & dents of travel. And there are many other factors which you can get through a valuable tips & tricks section. So, below we have listed some of the factors you need to go through before heading to shop. Check out!

  • Check on materials – It is essential to consider while shopping for the backyard picnic table for your home. So, you can select from hardwood, softwood, plastic, to steel. However, you need to check on its durability, portability, and maintenance as per your requirements. Thus, you need to consider all these points while you head to shop online.
  • Look for maintenance – This is the foremost thing to consider while you head to buy an octagon picnic table. Suppose if you choose the wood table, then you need to be aware to maintain it properly. The treated wood is diffused with various pesticides to protect it from decay & termite attack. On the other hand, sealed wood helps in protecting give a clean & shiny look.
  • Select the design – Now, design is equally essential while looking for wooden picnic tables. Suppose if you need portability, then go for a folding picnic bench! This table will save your time in packing. On the other hand, if you need durability, then you need a stationary piece. And consider the aesthetics and material longevity.
  • Look for seat & weight capacity – You need to check on this factor while heading for a concrete picnic table to ensure safety for your loved ones. So, young kids need a lower table for easy climbing. In contrast, adults need a high & long bench for ample space for food & activities. Besides, there are some models which come with a separate seat arrangement.

Other factors like dimensions, shape & size depend entirely on your requirements & family strength. And the price of the product depends on your budget. So, what are you waiting for? Commence your shopping voyages along with And explore the mind-blowing collection of tables at an affordable price tag. Plus, you enjoy the exciting offers & deals to add more fun to your journey.

Question & Answer

Where to buy picnic tables online in UAE?

There are many options to shop! But out of many options, online shopping is the best & convenient way. Besides, it comes with bundles of benefits to add more fun and thrilling on your shopping voyages. You get amazing offers, deals, and promos to save your money. Additionally, you get innumerable options to shop from reputed brands & shops. You can also try the filter option on the shopping page to narrow down your choices in size, dimensions, colour, shape, and price. So, if you wish to experience such hassle-free shopping, then your search ends here! Browse We are the best Dubai search engine with 500+ brands & shops allied with us. Thus, you explore the jaw-dropping collection of products at the best price in the market.

How much is a picnic table?

A family gathering or friend’s get together isn’t complete with a barbeque or party outdoor. So, to provide the seat for altogether, bring picnic beach at home. Some products are durable and last longer. Besides, the legs are made to last longer & protect from rot, mould, decay, and termites. And it has a non-treated top which is safe for keeping foods. If you are worried about the rain, snow, or moisture, then be assured about this product. It comes with a stain, paint, or water sealer to protect from all-weather & soaking into the wood. Besides, this table comes with pre-drilled holes for quick assembly. Thus, you can get this brilliant piece at around 437.09 AED. However, keep in mind that the price might vary with materials, size, features, and shapes.

Which picnic table should I buy?

Cosmoplast is a notable brand name in the domain of outdoor picnic benches. Besides, it has earned a reputation so far for its excellent products. So, it comes with a plastic table with varied shapes & sizes. Thus, you get small to large, round, square, and rectangular choices for indoor & outdoor. Besides, it has ergonomically designed to ensure durability and anti-fading properties from UV rays. On the one hand, the lightweight construction of the product provides portability. At the same time, a foldable picnic table has an accessible storage facility. Some foldable models also come with umbrella slots to store umbrellas of various sizes. However, you can also try other popular brands’ products. And they are Outsunny, Ikea, and many more.