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About Folding Tables

Even if you have really nice tables in your home, you will still need a more portable folding table for some occasions. Moreover, they are great for both outdoor and indoor events, parties, and banquets.

People use foldable tables for a lot of different purposes. Some people use it as laptop tables if they don’t have enough room for a regular table. Because of the excellent portability of foldable tables, they are also useful as event tables and picnic tables. But the tables that you actually need in each of these cases are different. Read this article to know more about them. Having a better understanding of foldable tables will help you make the right choices while you are shopping for them.

A brief guide to folding tables

Foldable tables are available in so many different varieties. The difference between these tables can vary from the type of material that they use, the shape of the table, the strength and design of the table frame, and many more. The first thing one should do in order to be able to select the right type of foldable table is to learn the subtle differences that exist between these tables. This article will tell you everything you need to know about the types of materials and designs in them. You will also find some really helpful tips that you can use while shopping.

Folding table shapes

Because of the wide variety of shapes that foldable tables are available in, they are useful for a lot of different uses and purposes. You can find foldable tables in round, rectangular, serpentine, or quarter-round shapes. While rectangular or round shapes are useful for most occasions, you might need a serpentine or quarter round table for some specific applications. For example, serpentine tables are great for buffet dining and outdoor kiosks. Quarter round tables combine the benefits of both round and square tables. You can also use quarter round tables for corners in the rooms.

Materials for foldable tables

Similar to the variety of shapes, there are a variety of different materials as well. The cheapest and most common material for foldable tables is plastic. These days, melamine resin is also getting more and more popular. When it comes to the aesthetic of the material, melamine tables offer a better finish and overall strength. Likewise, melamine surfaces are harder than plastic surfaces and are much more resistant to scratches. Then there are foldable tables made from real wood. However, those tables are significantly heavier than plastic or melamine tables and are not as portable.

Types of frames and legs

The type of table frame is also as important as the material of the tabletop. And sometimes it can be even more important than the tabletop itself. This is because the structure of the table frame affects the folding mechanism and also the stability and weight carrying capacity of the table. The wider the frame is, the more stable the table will be. And if the material of the frame is stronger, the table will be able to support more weight. So, always consider the structure of the frame and also the gauge of steel used in the frame while you select a table.

Special features

Although most foldable tables try to strip down the features to the bare minimum and try to make the table as lightweight and portable as possible, you can still find tables that offer some handy features. One of the most demanded features in foldable tables is adjustable height legs. Then there are tables that have adjustable tabletops that will let you use the tabletop horizontally or flip it vertically, or in between. Adjustable table tops also allow easy cleaning of the table. If you are using the table to set up outdoor kiosks, then having a modesty panel will be really helpful.

Tips on how to buy Folding Tables Online

We use tables almost every day. But in some cases, we might need tables that are not as rigid as regular tables. That is when foldable tables come in handy. But the hardest part of buying a foldable table is finding the right table. There are more things one need to consider in a foldable table than a regular table. However, it will be easier if you know what factors to look for. Here are some tips that you can use while shopping for them.

  • Shape of the table – First of all, you need to consider the shape of the table. While these tables are available in at least a dozen different shapes, some of them are for very niche purposes. A round or rectangular table will be sufficient for most people. However, if you are going to set up a buffer, a kiosk, or an outdoor classroom, you will need a table that is better suited for the purpose.
  • Tabletop material – The tabletop material affects several things about a table. Being the largest part of the table by volume, this material affects the overall weight of the table. So, if the tabletop material is lightweight, the whole table is going to be lightweight. Secondly, it is not enough to have a strong frame if the tabletop cannot support a similar amount of weight. Apart from that, the finish and water-resistance of the table depending on the tabletop material.
  • Size – The table shouldn’t be too big or too small. It should be of the right size. If the table is too wide, you will find it difficult to fit the table into the trunk of your car or to move it around in general. That being said, you shouldn’t go for the smallest table either. The surface area of the tabletop should give you an idea about how much of a table you want.
  • Features – Apart from the basic qualities of the table, you should also look for the features that are going to be useful to you. If you want the table to be useful for both kids and adults, a table with adjustable height legs is going to be of great use. Then there are tables with adjustable tabletops that will allow you to use the table in a variety of ways.

There are many other types of tables besides foldable tables.  These include drawing tables, kids’ tables, picnic tables, side tables, dining tables, dressing tables, balcony tables, study tables, office desks and many more. The best part is that you can find all of them here using our shopping search engine. That will also allow you to compare the prices and features of different tables and pick the best one among them. Finally, don’t forget to check out other amazing products from the Furniture category.

Question & Answer

What are folding tables made of?

Foldable tables hardly ever use a single type of material for construction. Rather, it will be at least two or three different materials and varies between different tables. The most affordable type of foldable tables uses steel or aluminium frame and plastic or melamine boards as tabletops. If you want the table to be durable, there are higher quality materials like plywood, MDF, and real wood. There are also all metal tables that use either aluminium or stainless steel sheets as tabletops. However, all-metal tables are not as ideal as study tables.

How much weight can folding tables hold?

Weight-bearing capacity is not the same for all foldable tables. It can be more or less depending on the material of the table and their built quality. However, even a very flimsy foldable table should be able to support about twenty or thirty kilograms of weight. Then there are extremely heavy-duty foldable tables that can carry weights more than five hundred kilograms. But such tables are very expensive and are generally used for industrial and other professional purposes. It will be easy to identify the weight capacity of a table if you are shopping online because manufacturers usually specify it on the box itself.

What are some of the foldable table accessories?

There are some really handy accessories that you can use along with a foldable table. The most common one among them is, of course, foldable chairs. There is nothing that works better with a foldable table than a set of foldable chairs with a compatible height and a similar design. Another great accessory is a table trolley. But this is only useful if your foldable table is too heavy to be carried by one person. In that case, you can use the table trolley to move the table around without putting yourself in danger. Table skirts and covers are also useful on some occasions.

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