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About Drawing Boards

Sometimes simple solutions can fix some annoying problems. Drawing boards are an example of this. They are really simple designs, and cheap solutions yet will make your life a lot easier if you are a student, an engineer or an artist.

It doesn’t take you much to get a good drafting board. But if you are somebody who is going to need it, then a board is worth every penny you spend on it. Basically, they are just a flat, stable, and clean surface that you can move around. While you can technically avoid the need for a drafting board if you have a clean and flat surface, it is so much easier to use a dedicated drafting board for most people out there. Read this article to find out more about them. Having a better understanding of these boards will help you make the right choices while you are shopping for them.

Four best drawing boards you can buy

Those who are keen to showcase their skills with creativity know the importance of a drawing board. They will also know that there are different types of boards available in market. Not everybody needs the same kind of drawing board. There are some functional differences between different models of these boards, and it can be significant for some use cases. The first step to understanding what kind of board you need is to know about the different types of boards and their features. Here is a list of the four most common types of drafting boards. In this article, you will also find some really helpful tips that you can use while shopping for drawing boards.

Field sketch boards

Sketch boards are much smaller than large tabletop drafting boards. Sketch boards are primarily designed for handheld use for light artwork, note-taking or for making sketches. Therefore, these boards use lighter materials like hard cardboard or plastic for construction. It is not possible to make this type of board large enough to be suitable for large drafting papers. Therefore, people mostly use A4 or A5 papers on these boards. If you want to use a sheet larger than that, you will need at least a regular-sized portable drafting board.

Portable drawing boards

This type of drafting boards is pretty popular among civil engineers and technicians who need to do field surveys often. While this board also can be of hard cardboard, melamine resin or plastic, the difference it has from the field sketch board is that these are quite larger. A portable drafting board can be as big as a standard tabletop drafting board. Therefore, if you are not doing a field survey, you can place it on top of a table and use it as a normal drafting board. However, with this board, you won’t be able to adjust the angle of tilt.

Adjustable drawing boards

The main difference between a portable drafting board and an adjustable board is the presence of the mechanism that is present behind the board that will let you adjust the tilt of the board. However, portability is not a concern with this board. That means the materials in this type of board tend to be heavier than that of portable boards. That also translates into better quality and durability as well. Most popular materials for adjustable drafting boards are wood, plywood, and MDF boards. On top of the heavier board, the tilting mechanism also adds weight to the whole thing.

Artist drawing boards

At first sight, an artist’s drawing board might look no different from an adjustable drawing board. While this is true to a certain extent, there are some functional and aesthetic differences as well. Design-wise, artists’ boards tend to use more natural materials that give a more pleasing and less “technical” finish. The main functional difference is that artists’ boards will have a more upright position than a technical drafting board. This is because traditional drawing and painting require the canvas to be at an angle of about eighty degrees.

Tips on how to buy Drawing Boards Online

A drawing board is a must-have for students, professionals, and artists alike. A wrong type of board can significantly affect your productivity negatively. But finding the right type of board can be harder than you might think. One of the reasons for this is that there are so many different types of boards with a variety of different features and materials. However, selecting the right one can be easier if you know what factors to consider in them. Here are some tips that you can follow while shopping for them.

  • Type of board – Before you start shopping for a board, you have to decide what kind of board you want for your particular job. If you are a student, then you might probably need a smaller sketch board. An engineer or a technician who works on large drafting papers might need a larger portable or adjustable board. An artist board is useful if you want something to support your canvas.
  • Size – Not all boards come in standard sizes. While it’s true that most professional boards follow a standard dimension when it comes to the length and width of the board, sketch boards and artist boards can vary quite a bit. For example, sketch boards are available for A4 size papers and A5 size papers. Similarly, an artist board can be large or small.
  • Material – The material of the drafting board is really important. Sturdiness is not the only thing to consider a board. If you want the board to be portable, the material should be lightweight as well. The options of material you have to vary depending on the type of board you want.
  • Price and durability – If you want your board to be durable, then you ought to look for a board with durable materials. Generally, a thicker and heavier board will have more longevity than a thinner board. Also, some materials are more resistant to humidity and water.

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Question & Answer

What is the purpose of a drawing board?

Drawing boards are very versatile accessories. That means it is possible to use them in a variety of different ways. Most students and teachers use these boards for holding papers and taking notes. Professionals who do field surveys use sketch boards or portable drafting boards for making drawings while outside their office. Then there are non-portable and adjustable boards that are meant to be used with a stand or by placing them on a table. However, there are other creative ways to use them. You can use them as a notice board or for pasting sticks on notes.

How do you maintain a drawing board?

For the best results, it is important to keep the drafting board clean and free of dirt. Otherwise, the surface will become rough and irregular, and the dirt on the board will ruin your drawing paper. So, how exactly do you take care of a board? One thing that you should do regularly is to wipe the board clean after every use. This will help you avoid the buildup of large dust particles. However, once in a while, you should use a cleaning agent like a household degreaser for cleaning alcohol. Cleaning agents like these are not too harsh on the board material itself but will get rid of the dirt.

Are drafting boards useful?

Whether or not drafting boards are going to be useful for you or not depends entirely on what kind of work you do. Not surprisingly, the majority of the users of drafting boards are either students or professionals. This itself will give you an idea about to whom it is going to be useful. So, if you find yourself needing to take notes or make drawings while holding the paper in your hand, then a drawing board is going to be really helpful for you. Apart from these groups, artists also find these boards useful for some purposes.

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