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As the focal point of the most meeting rooms, conference tables are kind of a big deal. They’re the gathering spot for sharing your ideas, insights, engaging in debate, and building meaningful relationships with your fellow colleagues. So, if you’ve been tasked to outfit your meeting spaces with new tables , then you’ll need to familiarize yourself with these meeting room tables first. Fortunately for you, this is exactly what we’re going to do in this guide. So read on!

The conference table that most of you think of is a boardroom table that’s often the focal point of your organisation. Yes, this is true to some extent. But, the meaning and importance of the meeting table has changed over the years. As the companies have made their work environment less formal and more collaborative, meetings often happen anywhere. A perfect meeting table is still a very viable item for fulfilling this function. In the modern context, these meeting tables are less grand. Nowadays, people use the conference tables for mingling, watching videos, eating, and teleconferencing with their teammates miles away. Nevertheless, you still ought to choose the best boardroom conference table to ensure a productive work environment. This might seem like a Herculean task, but we’ve got your back. Scroll on to find out some of the finest meeting table models to purchase.

The finest meeting table to choose from

You’ll come across a lot of options when you set out to buy conference table online in UAE. Some of them facilitate passive learning while others encourage group discussions and personal interaction. Generally, manufacturers categorise the conference tables based on their shape and the number of persons that can sit around the table. For instance, you’ll find a rectangle conference table for 10 and also 8 persons. Similarly, you’ll also find large round tables as well as small oval shapes. Better yet, you’ll also find them in different materials and colours too. Therefore, you ought to know which one suits your space the best before you begin your search. Below we’ve compiled a few trending models that you can consider investing in.

The Mahogany conference room table

If you want to impress your clients and visitors alike then go ahead and purchase the best and cheap mahogany conference table from Regency Prestige. With a solid structure and two-tone inlaid edge detailing, this table design stands out with its exquisite craftsmanship. Their sturdy build withstands loads should you choose to place heavy items on its surface. Furthermore, it comes with an ornate base as well as rich mahogany-finished walnut veneer that feels smooth and luxurious to touch. You can also find this table in cherry colour and can seat up to 10 persons.

The boat shaped modern conference table

As the leading manufacturer of meeting tables, it’s impossible to go wrong with the Global Total Office’s boat shaped table. The table comes with a beautiful and contemporary design. The design not only is a welcome addition to the office space, but it also blends well with any décor, weather modern or traditional. Meanwhile their slab base structure offers high stability and strength. This feature ensures that the table doesn’t topple over even if you concentrate the weight on one side. Better yet, their boat shaped structure lends a classy aesthetic to the room and increases the seating capacity.

The small round conference table

For those craving for a practical, cheap and small conference table the Basyx round conference table offers an elegant design. It manages to look contemporary even with its small size. The round-edges of the table comes with clean cuts with no unsightly burrs. Besides the wood grain on the meeting table is fine and smooth. What’s more, the table comes with a mahogany finish with a dark hue that goes perfectly with other furniture in the office. Further, the round nature of the table serves best for small groups and informal workplaces. So, this model is a great choice small, start-up companies.

The folding white and black conference table

You primarily need meeting tables in the office boardrooms. However, there will be times when you’ll need them in business forums, symposiums, and other events. Lugging a massive table around isn’t practically possible. So, Lifetime has brought in a folding conference table particularly useful for event organisers and venue managers. The long and narrow design of the table is unobtrusive and their legs fold down flat for an easy storage. Owing to its light weight, the table comes with truss beams for added stability. In short you can use these cheap office conference tables at various events.

Tips on how to buy Conference Tables online

We just saw few popular models of conference tables among the many out there on the market today. This means, you might have a tough time sorting them out and picking the best one from the wide collection. But, you can turn around this situation if know what to look for when buying the meeting tables online. Here are a few expert tips to guide you while purchasing your perfect conference table online.

  • Determine your needs – Of course the first step in buying any furniture online is to know what you need. This holds true for the meeting tables as well. Know what you’re going to put on the table. Will it be for your employees? Selection interview? Other meetings? Make sure you take all this into account before you start your search online.
  • Think about your space – Next, you need to look at your room space. Have you measure your office thoroughly? It’s best to note down the precise measurements of your room before you buy your conference tables. Yes, you could also create a customised meeting table. However, for that too you will need your room measurements.
  • Keep in mind the other furnishing to include – Once you know which model to pick, you should take into account the other furniture pieces too. Will they match you table? Do they have a complimentary colour? How big are they? Make sure you have all these questions answered before you make the final call on your chosen model of conference table.
  • Consider the number of people to be seated – You need to check out the number of persons who’ll sit around the table. Understanding this is important to determine the right size of the table. Remember, it’s possible to seat more people with a rectangle-shaped or boat-shaped table when compared to a rounded or squared one.
  • Keep an eye on the design – The first thing that the clients or visitor see in your meeting room is your meeting room table. So, having a practical yet impressive model is imperative to ensure both productivity and impressiveness. Therefore, always take a look at the table design, it’s construction and build.
  • Evaluate the material – Several types of materials are used in making conference tables. The most popular is the solid-wood. The solid wood usually come with beautiful grains, carved details, or even inlays. All these are enough to wow you customers. Hardwoods like mahogany, oak, and cherry are particularly popular.
  • Consider the shape – Small changes in the environment affects the behaviour of a person, and the shape of the table is one among it. For instance, small round tables are ideal for free discussions or for contributing ideas. However, they’re unsuitable for large groups and important board meetings. You can usually find different shapes of tables like round, rectangle, oval, square, and more.
  • Size and fit and important – The size and fit of the table typically depends on the available space and the number of employees in your office. Generally, an ideal meeting table should allow three to four feet of free-space for people to freely move around. Also, the correct size make sure that you do cramp up the product in your room.
  • Look out for additional features – Meeting tables are fairly versatile. Beyond meetings, people can convert this table to host parties and luncheons. You can also use them as a workstation for employees. Therefore, it’s best to look at features like data cable grommet to keep them at bay. Similarly, small touches like an abrasion resistant coating, also makes a huge difference.
  • Set aside a budget – Conference tables come in different price ranges. You’ll find cheap conference tables for sale online in UAE as well as expensive models. Thus, always set aside a budget that you’re willing to spend on the conference tables. This way you can narrow down your choices and make sure that you do not overspend.

Since, you now have some ideas on how to choose the conference table why don’t you go ahead and purchase one. But, wait, there’s more! Be sure to carefully weigh the pros and cons of the product you finalise on. We hope the above tips and tricks will guide you in the right direction and help you choose the best model from the wide range.

Question & Answer

How high is a conference table?

Choosing the right height for your conference table is extremely important, as not all the clients who attend the meeting have a similar build. Besides, you do not want them to be uncomfortable throughout the meeting. Ideally, the best height for a meeting table is 30 inches with a table top thickness of around 1.25 inches. Generally, buyer go for this height. However, you should keep your requirements in consideration to find yourself a good suit.

Which conference table do I need?

This typically depends on your needs and personal preference. However, generally there are a few factors like your available space, your existing furniture and your budget to consider when you’re buying the conference tables for your office space. In short, whichever model you buy you need to ensure that the clients, visitors, or your own employees using them feel comfortable.

Where to buy a conference table online in UAE?

Several online platforms offer you various types of conference tables from popular brands like Steelcase, Coalesse, Knoll, Vitra, Wilkhahn, Herman Miller, and Kimball. If you wish to explore more table types from several other world-renowned brands then check out the collection at Our product search engine ensures you a fast, reliable and unique shopping experience with the best products. Better yet, you can shop the tables from your favourite stores too!

Have fun considering your options when you’re out searching for that perfect meeting table online. Be open to different shapes, designs, colours, and functions. Solicit the ideas and suggestions of the people in your office who’ll be using the tables. This way you can easily pick your ideal table. We hope you’re now motivated enough to go for a shopping spree. Do not delay, start your search right here right now!

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