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About Coffee Tables

One of the most undervalued but incredibly helpful pieces of furniture could be a coffee table. It is also one of the most versatile pieces of furniture in your home. You can use it for keeping remote controls, waiting-to-be-read newspapers and magazines, tossed keys and tired feet.

Coffee tables serve so many purposes that it’s easy to get lost in preference and come in so many types, shapes and materials. Even though it won’t be the biggest piece of furniture in your room, this table will become the core of your living room. So, it’s worth giving it some time and attention. There are quite a lot of things to consider if you want to find the right type of table. Read this article to learn everything you need to know about these tables. Having a better understanding of them will help you make the right choices when you are making the purchase.

Different types of coffee tables to beautify your room

It is the coffee table that marks the centre stage of a living room. It is like the orchestra pit in an Opera hall. Moreover, it offers a place for things like small books, magazines, remote controls, a vase of fresh peonies, dinner plates, newspapers, coasters and, of course, coffee. Coffee tables are basically catchalls. But how do you know what type of table is suitable for your living room? Well, to find that out, you should consider the shape, material, and design of the table. Here is a list of the four most common designs that are available.

Shaker coffee tables

This particular style of table has an interesting origin. Shaker furniture is a distinctive furniture style followed by the United Society of Believers. This group is also called Shakers. They had guiding principles of simplicity, usefulness and integrity. So, all Shakers furniture has a minimalistic design. This style gives priority to usefulness over aesthetics. So, instead of using ornamentation that was seen as prideful or deceitful, there will be asymmetrical drawer arrangements and multipurpose forms to add visual appeal. That means, no inlays, no carvings, no metal pulls, and no veneers.

Cottage coffee tables

In certain respects, the cottage style is as much a frame of mind as it is a decorative approach. It celebrates imperfections and simple designs. Also, there is everyday ease in this approach. Cottages strive to be modest, unpretentious and full of heart, which are some of the qualities that most of us would be proud to claim. Another interesting thing about the Cottage tables is that it has subtle femininity in their design. Detailing such as curved lines on the knees is a notable example of this approach. Other popular features of country and cottage coffee tables are painted and distressed finishes.

Parsons coffee table

If you have seen a table with square legs that are almost as thick as the perfectly flat top, you have seen a Parsons table. They first appeared during the 1930s. At that time, this style was way ahead of its times. This style avoids any overt embellishments or carvings. Because of this, the style looks almost rustic. However, you will notice that it is a bit more thorough than that. Although it has a plain shape, it is possible to embellish a Parsons coffee table with upholstery or various materials to fit many design schemes.

Mid-century coffee tables

Modern mid-century refers to the interior decor style that was common between the 1950s and 1960s. Well, this is the design from the same era that some people would consider old fashioned. However, rather than keeping the old design intact, modern mid-century tables incorporate a slight touch of modernity as well. They use asymmetrical drawer arrangements and multipurpose forms to add visual appeal. This design is characterized by smooth, clear lines and construction of bent wood or moulded plastic. Wood furniture uses a plain finish to show off its natural beauty.

Tips on how to buy Coffee Tables online

When you first think about it, selecting a coffee table for your living room seems like an easy enough job. Besides, you can search for it online, pick your favourite item, and get it delivered to your home. Easy enough, one might think. But there are quite a lot more options than you might imagine when it comes to coffee tables. So, finding the right one out of all these different models can be a little tricky. But it is possible if you know what factors to consider in them. Here are a few tips that you can follow while you are shopping.

  • Look for the size – To suit the space you want to put it in, the table needs to be of the right size. Calculate the amount of free space you have in the room and where you want to place the table. In case you find a nice table in your budget that is better than the free room you have, it would be better to move around the things in your room to make more space.
  • Select the material – Consider your hygiene habits. If you don’t frequently clean your house, you can’t afford to have coffee tables with surfaces that are easily stainable, such as glossy metals or glass. In that case, you can go for wood-like materials. If you have small kids or pets in the house, then don’t go for tables with glass tops. Also, take into account the material of the rest of your room decor. You don’t want to buy a table that makes your space look unorganized and messy.
  • Choose the style – If there are lots of curves in your other furniture, a round top table will look fine. A rectangular or square coffee table would look fantastic if there are a lot of angles and complicated lines in the room. You can go for an oval or rectangular coffee table if you want to fit the coffee table in a tiny space.
  • Look for the storage & other features – Pick one with a storage shelf on the bottom if you want to use the table as a storage space. This will help you keep your stuff away from view. And some of them even have storage boxes or drawers. Some tables have tops that you can push forward and raise to bring them closer to where you are seated. These tables will be a perfect alternative if you choose to use your table to work on a laptop.

These are some of the essential tips which come in handy while picking the right table for your home. However, the price and the colour of these table plays a big role in beautifying your room within the budget. So, you can browse, if you wish to explore hassle-free shopping experiences. Plus, shop from the mind-blowing collection of furniture from reputed brands. Hurry while stock lasts!

Question & Answer

Are coffee tables out of style?

Yes, they are definitely in style. Even if you happen to buy into claims or think that a specific type of home decor looks better without a coffee table, that doesn’t mean that coffee tables are out of style. To this day, the greatest and newest designers integrate them into living rooms. While our world is becoming increasingly digital, our beverages and food will stay in the real world and need to be put down on a real surface. So, unless there are going to be drone style cups and saucers that don’t need a table at all, these tables are going to be in style.

Are coffee tables useful?

Ask any interior designer, and they’ll tell you, in any case, purpose trumps type. Why build a lovely room if you never use it? That’s why it’s so important to decide how a room will be used before you start shopping. You will probably be watching TV in your living room, entertaining friends, and relaxing with your family. It’s a room that’s meant for warmth. Get onto the coffee table. It’s the most significant piece in your living room after your sofa and chairs. The coffee table holds drinks, your remote, reading content, and is a place to put your feet up. In fact, every living room needs one.

Do glass coffee tables scratch easily?

Yes, glass tables do tend to catch scratches. Some would realize that if scraped, the glass will scratch. However, not all glass scratches when you scrape it with all kinds of materials. When scraped with a decent razor blade, properly tempered glass won’t scratch. Tempered glass is extremely tough, and it’s built to be tough! But even if your table doesn’t use tempered glass, there are ways to avoid scratches. You should avoid placing hot things like plates, pots, or cooking utensils directly on the table to protect your tabletop from scratches.

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