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About Children's Tables

When people think about children’s tables, what comes into their mind are brightly coloured, easily breakable and noisy furniture. Even though that used to be true, they come a really long way over the years.

Kids who are around six years of age will love having a table and chair set for themselves. They can use them to play games, do crafts and artwork, or even do their homework. Most kids’ tables are designed for kids between the ages of four and eight. Then there are study tables for high school kids as well. Instead of buying any random table that you come across, there are things to consider while buying them. Read this article to know more about these tables. Having a better understanding of them will help you make the right choices while you are shopping for them.

A beginner’s guide to children’s table

Kids will use their tables, mostly for playing. Well, that is not surprising. But where can they use them? Mostly indoors, of course. But what about when they go to a park? Can they bring their tables along? A lot of questions similar to this might be going through your mind since the moment you decided to get a table and chair set for your children. This article will tell you everything you need to know about them and will answer all your questions. You will also find some really useful tips in this article that you can use while shopping for children’s tables.

Benefits of children’s table

Children’s tables can be more than just a toy. The best way to teach the kids table manners is to sit them down at a table and let them eat themselves. Then it will be easy for you to teach them the dos and don’ts of the dining table, and it will be easier for them to understand. Moreover, it provides them with a comfortable place to sit and play or do some artwork. So, you can keep them from running around like cave people. But on top of all, having a table and chair for themselves makes them feel like grownups and enables them to think independently.

Outdoor children’s table

You might have already seen this type of table in parks or schools. Such tables are designed to stay outside all the time. And because they will have to deal with all kinds of weather conditions like sun, snow, heat, rain, and cold they use durable materials like wood and hard moulded plastic. Such tables also have a pretty high weight carrying capacity as well. A typical outdoor kid’s table can carry more than one hundred kilograms. One side effect of this sturdy construction is that they are heavier than indoor tables.

Children’s dining table

Kids’ dining tables are extremely helpful when you are trying to wean them off breastmilk and start teaching them to feed themselves. Generally, these tables are less colourful than play tables and look like mini versions of normal dining tables. It is common for them to come with a set of two or four chairs as well. So, it is better if there is more than one kid. This table might help you if you are finding it hard to make them eat. They might even enjoy eating themselves if you give them a dining table that looks like adult dining tables.

Folding children’s table

Folding tables are useful if you don’t have enough floor or a dedicated playroom for kids. So, if you don’t want the table to hog up space, you can fold up the table and put them away when the kids finish playing. You will be able to find a set of folding chairs to go with this type of children’s table. The presence of the folding mechanism comprises the weight carrying capacity of the table to some extent, though. Even then, you can expect this table to last for several years under normal use. These tables can also be useful as picnic tables.

Tips on how to buy Children's Tables online

Children’s table gives your kids a dedicated place to spend time and explore their creativity and play with their friends and cousins. They will also love to enjoy their mid-morning snacks and even finish their homework, if they have already started schooling, at the table. However, finding the right table for your kids can be harder than you might think. As there are so many different models of kids’ tables, going through all of them to find the perfect one can be an overwhelming task. But it will be easier if you know what criteria to consider while selecting them.

  • Height – One of the reasons for getting a kid’s table for your children is because the regular sized table in the house is too tall for them. So, when you are buying a kid’s table, make sure that its height is suitable for your kid. You can also get a table that is a tad bit taller so that your kids will be able to use it longer before they outgrow the table.
  • Shape – Children’s tables are available in much more varieties than regular tables. There are rectangular, round, and square tables. Interestingly, you will find some other unique shapes as well. Usually, these tables come with a set of chairs that matches the table as well. But if the table you are buying does not come with chairs, then it is possible to buy the chairs separately.
  • Material – There are kids tables made from traditional materials like wood, MDF board, and metal. But budget tables mostly use hard plastics to keep the cost down. Plastic tables are more suitable for really young kids, while wood and metal tables are more suited for older kids. But if you are buying plastic tables, make sure that it is free of toxic chemicals like BPA.
  • Storage – It will be nice for kids’ tables to have storage space within them. It can be a basket in the centre of the table to keep their toys or drawers where they can store their sketch pens and books. Another option is to look for tables that do not actually have a storage option within themselves but has rails that can hold storage boxes underneath them.

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Question & Answer

Are children’s tables safe?

Well, not all tables that claim to be children’s tables are safe for children. You have to be especially careful while buying wooden or metal tables. Wood and metal tables that do not follow strict safety guidelines will have sharp edges. Such edges can be dangerous while kids are running around the table. Even if the table is square, the corners have to be rounded for safety. Another thing to consider is the stability of the chair and the table. Neither of these should be easily tipped over by the children. The base of the table and chair should be wide enough to be stable even when kids move around.

How tall are children’s tables?

This depends on the age range of the table. Because kids differ in their heights depending on how old they are, the tables also tend to be of different heights. The easiest way to figure out the right table height for a kid is to pick a table that falls in the same age range. But if you want to be extra sure about the height, then you can actually measure the height of the table or look at the dimensions if you are shopping online. Typically, a table for a four-year-old kid will be twenty to twenty-two inches tall. For kids of age 5-7, this will be between 22 and 25 inches.

Are there stud tables for children?

Yes. In fact, there are different types of desks for preschoolers and elementary school kids. One obvious difference between these two desks is the height. Because elementary school kids are going to be taller than preschoolers, this difference reflects the height of the tables as well. Secondly, the design is also going to be different. You will find that tables for elementary school children usually come in muted colours to avoid distractions. One thing to keep in mind is that preschoolers are going to outgrow their table in a couple of years. However, in the case of elementary school children, they will be able to use their tables longer.

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