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Nightstands are probably one of the first bedroom essentials you should have on the list if you’re planning to renovate your bedroom! Nightstands work similarly to a coffee table in your bedroom.

After deciding to stylise your bedroom with a bedside table, a lot of questions might come up in your mind. Do you need one with plenty of room for storage? Are you going to need a large tabletop for a lamp or other bedroom décor? Do you want a nightstand with drawers and shelves? There are so many different kinds of nightstands to choose from. The real challenge is finding a bedside table that satisfies your needs, fits your style, and also falls within your budget. Read this article to find out more about them. Having a better understanding of bedside tables will help you choose the right one while shopping.

Four different types of bedside tables

Bedside tables have come a long way over centuries. They are a really helpful bedroom accessory and also a fashion statement in your bedroom. Historically, people used side tables to house chamber pots. Some old people do that even to this day. These days, there are at least a dozen different types of bedside tables. Every one of them has a slightly different design, but essentially, they all have the same functions. Here is a list of four of the most common types of nightstands that you will find out there.

Bedside cabinets

This is a cool, contemporary nightstand that offers a lot of punch. The tabletop is large enough for a table lamp, an alarm clock, and a jug of water. There is also a combination of drawers and doors, which give the table a unique look and create plenty of extra storage space. While there might not be locks in these drawers, they will keep your things securely out of sight. So, it becomes easier for you to sort your clutter! A bedside cabinet is perfect for storing books, toiletries and other items that you might need very often.

Campaign style nightstand

The handsome brass hardware and corner caps distinguish this type of side tables from other models. But why are they called campaign-style nightstands? Well, historically, it was easy to tear down this type of furniture and take on campaigns and long journeys. Legends have it that Julius Caesar used this type of furniture when he was travelling with his army. While modern campaign style side tables might not be as easy to disassemble, they follow the old-style design. These kinds of side tables give traditional aesthetics to your room.

Built-in nightstand

As you can probably tell from the name itself, this type of side tables is, in fact, a part of the bed frame itself. Because it is not technically a separate piece of furniture, you can’t buy a built-in side table separately. Therefore, if you want a built-in side table, you have to make that decision while buying the bed. These beds have headboards with shelves that you can use as a nightstand. The benefit is that they don’t take up too much extra floor space. Some of them also come with built-in wireless charging stations. However, they are mostly only available on low-profile bed frames. So, you’ll have fewer choices to choose from.

Open-shelf nightstand

This type of bedside table has an open shelf and many levels for storage space. Design-wise, it is pretty minimalistic and is usually taller than the bed. Usually, they won’t have drawers and instead employ a light frame. So, they are also more economical than heavier bedside tables. But the downside is that you don’t get as much storage space. But you can use baskets that work as drawers to add room for storage. The open space makes them a little higher maintenance because there is no place to stash clutter, but these nightstands might be just right for you if you like showing personal items!

Tips on how to buy Nightstands Online

Bedside tables mainly serve two purposes. They provide a surface for you to keep the things that you frequently use, such as a lamp, books, an alarm clock, or a jar of water. Many of them have storage as well. Secondly, they complement the design of the bed. This makes the bed appear fuller and keeps it from looking like it’s all floating in the room. Here are a few things to bear in mind while you are shopping for bedside tables.

  • Size – Bedside tables should be around the same height as the mattress. Anything far higher or lower won’t look right. You do not want something much wider than about 24 inches either. Anything bigger than that will make getting in and out of bed a little uncomfortable. As long as it’s still functional and suits your needs, it’s okay to go for a small table.
  • Storage – Most individuals choose bedside tables with storage space. These types of tables are more useful because you can store books, slippers or anything else. However, if you want a minimalist look, then you might want a table without the storage space. Instead of using a conventional table, you can also mount a shelf or wall bracket near your bed for a cleaner look.
  • Features – Don’t go overboard when it comes to accessorising. All you need on your bedside table is a lamp, a clock and maybe a small vase of flowers or a picture frame. Leave the rest of the table free. You don’t want to unintentionally reach over and knock over your accessories in the middle of the night.
  • Style – Having two matching tables on either side of a wide bed is the most common look. But this is not necessary. You can use two different tables if you love. If you want the room to look better, put matching lamps on each of the tables. Of course, feel free to use conventional-looking pairs for a uniform appearance.

There are many other essential items to have in your home besides a bedside table. These include tables, chairs, beds, mattresses, cabinets, cupboards, office chairs, shelves, drawers, and many more. The good news is that you can find all of them here using our shopping search engine. It will also let you compare the prices and features of different products and pick the best one among them. So, don’t forget to check out other amazing products from the Furniture category.

Question & Answer

Are nightstands necessary?

Bedside tables serve a lot of different functions at the same time. From a strictly utilitarian perspective, they are simply a piece of furniture you can use for storage. But this oversimplifies their application. Nightstands are not like a wardrobe. They can carry a lamp for reading late at night, water for a drink at midnight, or a charger so that your phone can stay near your bed. But this is not the whole story. Bedside tables are also decorative elements in the bedroom. They complement the look of your bed and balance the layout of the room.

Should you have two nightstands?

That entirely depends on the layout of your room and also your personal preferences. The most common style is to have two nightstands in a bedroom. Each one of them sits on either side of the bed. However, this style is suitable only if the bed is in the centre of the room and if there is equal space on both sides. On the other hand, if your room is small and you put the bed with one side near the wall, it is better to use only one side table. In the second case, it is both impractical and looks unpleasant to have two side tables near the bed.

Can you use end tables as nightstands?

Could you repurpose your end table as a nightstand? Yeah, but be careful. In general, end tables are shorter than nightstands. So, check the height to make sure that your end tables aren’t too short. Moreover, end tables do not provide as much storage as nightstands. You can use an end table as a temporary nightstand if none of these is a problem for you. The only other concern worth considering the symmetry of your bedroom. Mismatched nightstands can look amazing in some cases! So, the final outcome depends on what kind of end table you use and how you arrange them.

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