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It is essential to have a dedicated storage space in a bathroom. While there are different ways to do this, a bathroom mirror cabinet is obviously the most efficient option. It adds to the appearance of the bathroom as well.

A mirror cabinet is basically a wall shelf that is made for the bathroom. Unlike regular wall shelves, these cabinets require to be resistant to humidity. Also, the mirror will cover most of the front portion of a bathroom cabinet. This eliminates the need for a separate mirror and saves up some wall space. So, you can access your toiletries and skincare cosmetics without moving away from the mirror, which is a great convenience. Read this article to know more about bathroom cabinets. Having a better understanding of them will help you make the right choices while you are shopping for them.

Top four best bathroom mirror cabinets

Despite the fact that there is a wide variety in the material and style of these cabinets, most bathroom cabinets follow similar builds. All of them will have a door with a mirror on it, and inside, there will be storage space separated with glass or wooden racks. But that doesn’t mean all of them are exactly the same. Some are better than others in obvious ways. Here is a list of the top four-bathroom cabinets that you can buy. Even if you are not going to buy any of these models, knowing the features in them will definitely help you. You will also find a few handy tips that will let you choose a good cabinet.


Minimalism has been a common theme among IKEA furniture . Not only does this enable them to keep their furniture affordable but not having a lot of pieces means it is easy to fit them into rectangular packaging, and anybody can assemble it without difficulty. And like most of IKEA’s other products, the Hemnes mirror cabinet also follows a familiar modern design. It is also taller and more spacious than the average cabinets out there. So, you can store all your bathroom toiletries and other accessories on this shelf. Furthermore, it is heat and impact resistant.

Roper Rhodes Mirror cabinet

This bathroom cabinet has a more sleek and futuristic design than the IKEA one. The front side of the cabinet consists of a large mirror with a very thin metal border. Interestingly, there is another mirror on the backside of this door. And the racks inside the cabinet are also made of transparent glass. Because of the use of glass and metal in the construction, this cabinet takes up much less space than other cabinets. Nonetheless, the construction of it is strong and sturdy. It is easy to clean it as there are no parts that absorb water or stain.

MADE Elona wall cabinet

MADE is sort of a fashion brand among furniture makers. All of their products give more importance to the design aspect more than any other furniture brand out there. Therefore, it is not surprising that the Elona wall shelf is one of the best-looking mirror cabinets. This cabinet features a medium-sized rectangular mirror with rounded corners. Unlike other cabinets in this list, this one features a sliding door mechanism. Because the sliding rails are offset by an inch from the top and bottom of the door, the mirror is effectively larger than the shelf itself. However, this shelf doesn’t offer much space for storage.

John Lewis double mirrored cabinet

With the mirror covering the entire front side of the cabinet, John lewis double mirrored bathroom cabinet looks a lot like Roper Rhodes bathroom cabinet. But in this case, there are no visible borders around the mirror, and also there is a small chrome handle at the inside edge of the bottom of the mirror. While the body of the cabinet is made using MDF boards, the racks inside the shelf are made of glass. You can adjust the height of the glass racks by using any of the slots in the cabinet. This is the cabinet you want to get if you want a futuristic-looking cabinet with plenty of storage space.

Tips on how to buy Mirror Cabinets

Buying a mirror cabinet has a lot in common to buying any other kind of furniture. And similarly, finding the right cabinet can be much harder than you might think. Because there are so many different models of them with minor differences looking for the right one among them can be an overwhelming task. However, it will be easier if you know what factors to consider in a cabinet. Here are some tips that you can follow while shopping for them.

  • Size – A bathroom cabinet is, first and foremost, a storage space. So, you should choose a model that has enough room for storing all your toiletries and other essential items. However, you should also consider the size of your bathroom as well. If the bathroom is quite small, a cabinet that just out too much from the wall can be an inconvenience.
  • Material – These days, most mirror cabinets are made using MDF boards. They are popular because of their affordability and resistance to humidity. But MDF boards tend to deform over time. After a few years, you will notice that it will start to bend in the middle.
  • Design – Being a relatively large piece of furniture in the bathroom, the mirror cabinet is going to affect the overall design of your bathroom. So, you should put some thought into finding a cabinet that looks good. Make sure that the design of the cabinet blends in well with all the other elements in the bathroom, including the dressing table.
  • Construction and durability – Several companies like IKEA make cabinets that are ready-to-assemble. This means that the cabinet is going to come unassembled in a box and you can assemble and fit them yourself. Then there are cabinets that come already assembled. While these cabinets tend to be sturdier than RTA cabinets, they are not the easiest to transport.

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Question & Answer

Are mirrored cabinets out of style?

No, rather they are becoming more and more in-style because of the recent advancements in technology. These days you will find several bathroom cabinets that incorporate modern design standards that seamlessly blend in with the rest of the bathroom appliances. Moreover, they are even more useful today than they used to be. Recent cabinet models come with built-in charging sockets, lights, mirror defoggers, and even adjustable shelf racks. The really expensive one even features TV screens on the mirrored door.

Should the mirror cabinet match the dressing table?

Most of the time the only visible portion of a mirror cabinet is the mirror itself, which takes up most of the front area, and the exterior of the cabinet, mostly its edges. Because mirrors do not look much different from each other, it really comes down to the finish on the exterior of the cabinet. In fact, the finish of the cabinet doesn’t necessarily have to blend with the finish on the dressing table, even though that would be nice in most cases. But they should definitely blend together. This will work if the dressing table and the mirror are of complementary colours.

How to install a mirror cabinet?

The first step to installing a mirror cabinet is to find the right place on the wall. It will be more convenient if you position it directly above the basin or right next to it. Considering the size of the cabinet and also the space on the wall will help you decide it. Cut newspapers in the size of the cabinet and try placing them on the wall to see whether the cabinet will fit there. Then mark the correct position with a pencil and mark where the screws are supposed to go. Take off the doors of the cabinet if possible, and use a drill to hang it on the wall. After that, you can put the door back.

If you are looking to buy mirror cabinets online in the UAE, look no further as you are in the right place. There are more than 500 shops and brands offering them here on Here you can find shops that offer products from popular brands like IKEA, Menards, Homebase, Victoria Plum, B and Q, and The Range.

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