Medicine Cabinets

About Medicine Cabinets

A medicine cabinet is one of the essential parts of any bathroom. Not just a mirror, it also offers ample storage space to keep medicines, cosmetics, toiletries, and more. Depending upon your interior’s size, shape, and style, different kinds of cabinets may suit your requirements. Let us explore how to choose the best.

A medicine cabinet, also popular as a bathroom cabinet, is a cabinet people keep in the bathroom. It typically stores toiletries, hygiene products, and various medications. You can find them placed above toilets or above the sink. However, their spot can also vary as per personal choices. Back in the old days, bathroom cabinets were just a shallow set of shelves that people would place behind doors. However, today, you can find designers and even technologically modern models such as ambient lighting, anti-fog technology, Bluetooth audio, and more. On this page, we will explore much more about them so that you can choose the best. Towards the end, you will also find some tips to buy a medicine cabinet online in the UAE.

Things to know about bathroom medicine cabinets

To have a bathroom that is not messy and stressful, you need to have a quality storage option, especially a medicine cabinet. This becomes necessary if you have a small bathroom and you run out of space every now and then. Medicine cabinets are a practical and functional piece of bathroom furniture . The best-mirrored medicine cabinets offer concealed storage for many items like hygiene products, medications, and more. The best part is that there is a wide range of options to choose from. Different models may suit diverse requirements, décor, and choices. You can find them varying in styles, installation types, colours, sizes, shapes, and more.

Corner and surface mount medicine cabinet.

The corner medicine cabinet is the best fit for those who have a corner sink in their washroom. It will be a good choice if you have a little space in there. Hanging at the corner, this unit will take up tiny space without making the storage suffer. Surface mount, on the other hand, is an old school style. It sticks or hangs on the wall. Most of the models will come with multiple shelves and four inches of depth that will be enough to store many of your products. However, it’s best to go for a length and width that best suits your bathroom space. Some people also prefer recessed models that go into the wall. For the installation, you need to drill a hole into the wall.

Kohler medicine cabinet

Kohler is popular for its wide range of medicine cabinets to suit different applications. They come in different sizes, storage capacities, and features. Some even feature LEDs and electrical outlets as an added convenience. You can choose from surface mounted and recessed options depending upon the available space. They come with multiple adjustable glass shelves offering additional storage. Most of the models have aluminium construction with chip-free and rust-free surfaces. Since it has many advanced features, you might require a professional installation. It is important to go for the one best compatible with your requirements and budget.

Ikea medicine cabinet

Ikea medicine cabinets have many tasks to perform, ranging from giving you a place for fixing makeup and hair to storing your shampoos, medicines, toothpaste, and other stuff. Most of the models are also heat and humidity resistant so that your products remain safe. They are designed in a way to fit the common space above the washbasin. Not just storage options, but they also add beauty to your interiors. They offer a concealed look that would have been full of clutter otherwise. Also, their mirrors come with a safety coating as an added protection. The good part is that you can find them in a range of colours, sizes, and shapes to suit various applications.

Tips on how to buy Medicine Cabinets online in Dubai

Medicine cabinets come in many varieties of sizes, shapes, materials, and finishes. When you step into the market, it can be an overwhelming experience for you to pick one. Some go for wooden options, whereas others choose metal. Some prefer surface mounted cabinets, whereas others look for corner storage options that occupy little space. If you are confused looking at so many options, you should keep some important factors to pick the right one. So, here are some useful tips that will help you.

  • Consider installation type – You can find medicine cabinets in two forms, mainly that are surface mount and recessed models. Surface mount is an old school and common style. It sticks or hangs on the wall, whereas recessed cabinets go inside the wall. This is perfect who have little space and still want a concealed look.
  • Consider material, colour, and finish – These cabinets also come in various materials, colours, and finishes. The material may range from wood to stainless steel. Go for the one as per the other accessories you have in your bathroom. Choose a colour and finish that compliments that existing décor.
  • Consider the size – Size is another important factor to consider while picking cabinets. Choose the size that best fits the available space you have in your bathroom. If it’s way too large, then you might bump your head in it. If it’s way too small, then there will be a problem with storage. So, go for the one as per the space you have.
  • Go for the right brand – It is an important consideration while picking the medicine cabinet or any other product. If you are looking for quality options, then it is safe to go for trusted brands. Some of the best medicine cabinet brands are Kohler, Zenith, Afina, and Ikea.

The above tips will help you narrow down your options for cabinets. However, if you wonder where to begin the search, you will be glad to know that you are already in the correct place. On our retail search engine, i.e., you can find a huge collection of medicine cabinets offered by the best brands in the industry. Here, we have brought together more than 500 online stores offering products at affordable prices. So, make no delay and pick the best styles before the stock ends.

Question & Answer

How to install a medicine cabinet?

It depends upon the type of medicine cabinet you have. There are different ways to install different types of cabinets. For example, installing a recessed model requires first drilling a cut in the wall, whereas surface mount cabinets stick or hang on the wall’s surface. If you have the latter one, you need first to decide its position on the wall. They work well if they are 72 inches above the floor. However, it may vary as per personal preferences. Now, drill pilot holes and drive screws. Now put the cabinet on and attach the door and shelves. The procedure may vary as per the type of cabinet. So, follow the instructions that have come along.

Where to buy a medicine cabinet online in the UAE?

If you want to buy a medicine cabinet online in the UAE, then look no further. You have arrived at the right place. Here, on our retail search engine, i.e., you can find a wide assortment of choices offered by popular brands operating in the industry. Also, if you feel overwhelmed with the results, you can use multiple filters to narrow them down. The best is that you can find the best brands and sellers here. So, do not wait and choose the right one before the stock ends.

Which medicine cabinet should I choose?

Your selection depends upon your requirements and various other factors. If you keep certain factors in mind, you will be able to go for the best. First, you need to consider the installation type of the cabinet. You can choose from recessed, surface mount, and corner cabinets. Surface mount cabinets are a common choice, whereas people go for recessed for a concealed look. The latter is also fine to choose from when you have little space in your bathroom. Consider the right size, shape, and colour of the cabinet as per the existing bathroom interior.

The above guide will for sure take you towards the right product selection. However, you might be wondering where to find the best options. Well, you have arrived at your destination. You can find many options offered by the best and trusted stores on our product search engine . Find cheap recessed medicine cabinets, surface mount models and many more varieties right here. So, what are you waiting for? Make no delay and choose from the best options before stock ends. Have a happy browsing experience ahead!