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About Key Cabinets

Key cabinets are a more elegant and much safer solution for having to leave the key under the doormat or in a plant pot. That way, you can secure the key inside the box using a passcode and share the passcode so that the other person can access the key.

Situations may arise when you have to give the key to the office or your home to someone else. But if your timing doesn’t allow you to meet the other person, then you will have to leave the key somewhere they can find it. People often prefer to leave it under the doormat. Most people do this despite the inherent risk because of the convenience. In that case, it is worth investing in a good key cabinet. Read this article to know more about them. Having a better understanding of them will definitely help you make the right choices when you are shopping.

Four best key cabinets to buy

One way to ensure the safety of your home, office or any other place where you use a key cabinet is to get a really good quality product. Trying to save money on it by going for a poor quality safe can turn out to be a costly mistake. This does not mean you have to empty your pocket for security reasons. You can still buy an affordable product if you research and plan your shopping well. Here is a list of the four best key safes that you can buy. Even if you are not buying exactly the same model, knowing about their features will help you. In this article, you will also find a few tips that you can use while you are shopping for key safes.

Supra C500 key cabinet

This key cabinet might not be the best-looking model you will find. However, it fares much better than other models when it comes to functionalities. The outer material of this key safe is not made of regular steel but incredibly powerful zinc alloy. Because of this, it is not only safe from burglars, but also from corrosion. The locking mechanism in the lock is completely mechanical. First, you have to set the combination of the safe using the mechanical buttons on the front of the safe. Then you can repeat the code whenever you want to access the keys.

Electronic key cabinet

In this day and age, when almost everything is going electronic, it is the right time to switch to an electronic key safe. This safe brings quite a lot of smart features with it that are not conventionally available in mechanical safes. There are two ways to access this key safe; you can either use a mobile app to unlock it or just dial in the passcode. You can also set a temporary password for the safe over Wi-Fi. So, if you want to give access to the keys but don’t want them to open the safe again later, you can set a temporary key for the safe and share it with them. One great feature of this safe is that it lets you view the activity log through the mobile app.

Burton Keyguard XL key cabinet

This is the second mechanical key safe in this list. But this one is actually better than the Supra C500 in a few ways. Both the keypad and dial in this model is a high-vis, which makes it easy to use in low light conditions and for people with poor vision. So, you don’t have to fumble in the dark or turn on your mobile flash to access your keys if you come home at night. After dialling in the combination, you also have to turn the lock to access the keys. So, this adds an extra layer of security. There is also a hard plastic cover that protects the keypad from weather conditions.

Rhino Lock combination key cabinet

This key safe features an old-style four-digit combination lock with turning dials. So, there are ten thousand possible combinations you can make. Even though a person can break-in if he manages to find the right combination by trying all of these possible combinations, that would take him a really long time. If a person manages to try one combination in a second, it would require nearly three hours to try out all ten thousand combinations. But the benefit of this locking mechanism is that it is pretty durable. The turning dial system has been in existence for centuries, and it has been tried and tested.

Tips on how to buy Key Cabinets

Shopping for a key cabinet is a serious business. It is basically a safety feature of your house, and you have to put a lot of effort into finding the right one. But finding the right type of key cabinet can be harder than you might think. There are literally hundreds or even thousands of different safes out there. While some of them are really good, there are plenty of bad ones as well. You should know what factors to look for while selecting them. Here are a few tips that you can follow while you are shopping for key safes.

  • Locking mechanism – The three most common types of locking mechanisms are mechanical keyboard lock, mechanical rotating dial lock, and electronic lock. Then there are more advanced biometric locks, but they are not as common. The safety of the key cabinet depends on the locking mechanism and its implementation.
  • Size – It is obvious that when you are selecting a key cabinet, it should have enough room inside for you to keep your keys. Even though most house keys come in standard sizes, there are keys that are larger than usual. So, make sure that the key safe you buy has enough capacity.
  • Design – A key safe is going to be on the front of your house probably right next to your front door. So, it should blend into the overall design of the house. Even though it is not possible to find a safe that matches the colour of your wall, you will be able to find one that follows a similar style of design.
  • Durability and price – The safety of your house depends on the safety of the key cabinet. So, don’t let the key cabinet be the weakest link in the chain. So, don’t just look at how secure the box is when you buy it. The safe should be weatherproof as well to avoid it from being breakable over time after being exposed continuously to outside weather.

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Question & Answer

Where to install a key safe?

Key safes are useful in regular homes, offices, hotels, holiday homes, and rental fasciitis in general. That way, you can have a single key or access card, and the person who wants to access the facility doesn’t have to have a separate key for himself. So, where should you install a key cabinet? Well, it is usually convenient to install it right next to the door itself. However, if you don’t want it to be too conspicuous, it is better to install it on a different device. It would be even better if the colour of the key cabinet blends in with the colour of the wall.

Are outdoor key cabinets safe?

If you think about it, it would be safer if you don’t keep the key inside the key cabinet at all. But the key cabinet is about convenience. And it is definitely safer than leaving the key under the doormat. But how much are you compromising when you keep your key inside a key safe? That depends on the quality of your safe and where you install it. Always stay away from poor quality safety. Also, be mindful about where you install it. It is better to install it somewhere not visible to passersby. Even if the safe is really tough and durable, better don’t tempt random people to try to break it.

What are the benefits of electronic key cabinets?

Electronic key safes offer a lot of different features that are not possible in regular mechanical safes. Unlike mechanical safes, it is possible to set multiple passcodes to electronic safes. Some of them even let you set a temporary passcode for a guest or a delivery person. That being said, there are a few downsides to electronic safes. Some electronic safes experience signals that fail when you try to open it with your mobile app. Yet another problem with electronic safes is that they are susceptible to hacking like any other electronic devices.

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