Filing Cabinets

About Filing Cabinets

If you work in a traditional office environment, the chances are that you will be dealing with truckloads of documents regularly. And storing and organising them can be a real pain in the neck. But a good filing cabinet can make that Herculean task a lot easier.

Documents are an inevitable part of every office. Without them, day-to-day operations and transactions will come to a standstill. Therefore, you need a safe place to store them. One piece of furniture that has been used for this purpose is a cabinet. These cabinets are specifically designed to help organise the files and to protect them. Read this article to know more about them. Having a better understanding of them will help you make the right choices when you are shopping for them.

Different types of filing cabinets

One of the best things about file cabinets is that they are quite flexible. You will be able to find a file cabinet model that suits the type and size of files you want to store, and also the space available in the office. There are large horizontal cabinets that are sometimes more than two meters wide, and there are compact rotating cabinets. Here is a list of the four most common types of file cabinets on the market. This article will help you figure out which one of them is going to be useful for you.

Lateral file cabinet

This type of file cabinet features large but shallow drawers that are suitable for small file sizes. If you are looking for file cabinets that you can place in office hallways and areas that are not particularly wide, this is a good option. Because of their shallow drawer extension, they do not take up too much space. Most lateral files are 32or 36 inches wide. This is large enough to accommodate both legal and letter-size documents, and you can arrange them in a side-by-side or front-to-back format. These types of cabinets do not come with a lot of drawers.

Tall filing cabinet

Vertical or tall cabinets are almost the opposite of lateral cabinets. These are much narrower than lateral cabinets. Instead of being wide, this type of cabinet makes use of the vertical space. Drawers in vertical file cabinets are often deeper than lateral cabinets. These typically measure around fifteen to twenty inches wide and almost as deep. Because of their unique form factor and limited storage capacity, these cabinets are better for private spaces. Most people place them in room corners as the walls can give them extra support.

Mobile file cabinet

As you can understand from the name, the key feature of mobile cabinets is their portability. There are cabinets on wheels similar to office desks with wheels. This type of cabinet won’t be too tall or too wide in order to fit under work surfaces. Furthermore, most of them will only have one or two drawers. Besides four wheels on four corners of the cabinet, there will be an extra fifth wheel on the bottom of the cabinet. This wheel is to provide additional stability to the cabinet while moving. Many mobile filing cabinets feature lockable casters so that they don’t move around accidentally.

Rotary file cabinet

This is probably the unique kind of cabinet on this list. Rotary cabinets feature a rotating storage space with many drawers. While each one of these drawers will not be that big themselves, there will be dozens of such drawers in a typical rotary file cabinet. The benefit of this design is that they provide ample space to store and organise files without taking up much floor space. In this model, there will be a stationary outer frame and a rotating inner column that contains the drawers. You will be able to access the files on the opposite side by rotating the inner column. Effectively, you are compressing two cabinets into one.

Tips on how to buy Filing Cabinets Online

At first, these cabinets might seem like simple furniture. After all, all they do is hold some files, right? But in reality, they are more complicated than they look. Not only do they come in a variety of different shapes and sizes, but they also differ from each other in features as well. That being said, it is going to be easier to select the right type of cabinet if you know what to look for in them. Here are a few things to keep in mind while you are shopping for file cabinets online.

  • Type of cabinet – First of all, you have to decide what kind of cabinet you want for your home or office. Think about the number of files you generally have to organise. The more files you have, the larger the cabinet should be. Also, consider how well you want to sort and organise those files. Having a greater number of drawers helps you organise better according to the file types.
  • Material – File cabinets come in a variety of different materials, and each material has its own pros and cons. For example, metal cabinets are incredibly durable and can withstand a substantial degree of abuse. But metal file cabinets are many times heavier than their wood or MDF counterparts. Therefore, if you want to move the metal cabinet to a different location, it is going to be a significant challenge. Wood, plywood, and wicker cabinets will naturally blend in with your other wooden furniture and are lighter than metal.
  • Size – Choose a cabinet that is of the right size; not too large or not too small. The type of documents you want to store plays the single most important role in determining how big of a cabinet you want. A vertical cabinet is your best bet for your regular files and paperwork. At the same time, a lateral filing cabinet will give you more space for storing bulky documents, such as charts and drawings. Also, make sure that there are enough drawers as well.
  • Features – Not two file cabinets are identical when it comes to features even though they might look identical from the outside. Like most pieces of furniture, you will find a slew of features in these cabinets. Many of them come with extra features for added protection and mobility. One of the most helpful features to have in a cabinet is caster wheels. These wheels are especially useful on a heavy metal cabinet.

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Question & Answer

Are file cabinets better than standard cabinets?

File cabinets are, in fact, a lot like regular cabinets. The only difference is that there will be some features in them that make file cabinets specifically useful for storing and organising files. Firstly, the size of the drawer. The dimensions of a file cabinet drawer will be such that you can arrange the files in a side-by-side format. This helps you access any file without moving or lifting other files. Moreover, unlike standard cabinets, file cabinets tend to have many more drawers with separation within them to help you organise the files.

How to organise a filing cabinet?

Probably the most challenging part of storing files in a cabinet is making sure that you will be able to find them easily whenever you want to. In order to be able to do that, you have to organise them so that you will know where to look for what. There are multiple ways to organise files in a cabinet. It can be based on the serial number, file type, name of the file or the persons, and so on. The method you should be using should be suitable for your organisation or your line of work.

Where to buy filing cabinets online in the UAE?

One of the most important pieces of furniture to have in an office is a file cabinet. But for the cabinet to be useful and durable, you have to buy it from a good place. Luckily, there are numerous places where you can find them in the UAE. Moreover, it is incredibly easy to find the right model using our retail search engine. You will also be able to find some excellent file cabinet models in for affordable prices.

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