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About Drawer Cabinets

The drawer cabinets are also known as chest of drawers, bureau, drawer tables or simply chest cabinets. This is a special type of furniture item that has multiple horizontal drawers installed parallel.  

The drawer cabinets are usually used for stacking the things one above the other. Traditionally and historically these cabinets were constructed to store clothing, more specifically socks, innerwear and items that you cannot hang open or store in a closet. They were meant to be placed in the bedroom or walk-in closets, but the time added versatility in the purpose of use. Today they are used in hallways and other places of your home. Special types of drawer cabinets are also used in offices for storing important documents and storing data in an organized manner.  

Types of filing cabinets for document storage  

When it comes to keeping the workspace organized, file cabinets can provide all the needed storage space. You can use this pace for storing papers, files, and documents rather than stacking them on the desk. These cabinets are made of a wide variety of uses and therefore come in different shapes, sizes, and styles. AS each office has different demands in terms of aesthetics, and the preference of storing documents, there are different varieties to explore and choose from. Here we are going to share some words on different types of office filing cabinets that you can buy.  

Lateral file cabinet 

It will not be wrong to count them in as horizontal filing cabinets. They feature wide yet shallow drawers that are ideal for high-capacity filing. Due to their shallow drawer extensions, these are ideal for walkways and areas that demands massive file storing in tight spaces. Generally, they come in 32” and 36” wide, which means they are wide enough to hold both legal and letter-size documents. Here you can arrange these documents both side by side or front to back configuration. They are available in as least as two or as many as seven drawers at a time. Most of the two drawers’ items can easily be set under your working table.  

Vertical file storage cabinets  

They have narrow yet deep drawers that usually measure about 15” to 20” in width. These items are ideal for long term and high-capacity use. Here you can keep the files vertically and are ideal for daily use and in the personal workspace. Due to their unique style, they take lesser wall space. However, the deeper drawers need often cleaning as compared to shallow lateral file cabinets do. Generally, you can find this style in a wood filing cabinet, and unique designs in the vertical vintage filing cabinet to offer an aesthetic upgrade to your interior.  

Mobile file cabinets  

With more portability, ease to manage, and additional versatility, these cabinets are among the popular choices of users. A distinct feature is that they have small wheels attached at the bottom that makes it easier to move this cabinet from one place to another with stuff still in it. They are available as two drawer filing cabinet as well as a four-drawer filing cabinet. Also, due to the size, they can easily fit underneath a table. However, in metal filing cabinets you can also find large-sized mobile file cabinets for added storage while enjoying portability.

Tips on how to buy Drawer Cabinet furniture online in the UAE 

Luckily, there are dozens of brands offering a wide range of cheap filing cabinets online in the UAE. However, choosing the right option depends on the needs of the individual user. Here the choices may depend on if you are about to use it at home or in the office and what are specific benefits you want to enjoy from the cabinet. As there are many types and purposes of drawer cabinets, here we are going to share some tips on how you can purchase an item matching your needs.

  • Intended use of the cabinet – At first you need to decide for what reason you need a drawer cabinet. An appropriate kitchen item is different from the one you can use in the office or in the bedroom. So, define your needs and pick your style of cabinet.
  • Your existing furniture – Review what you already own at your home or office where you want to put the cabinet. The material, size and colour should be matching or delivering a fine mix with the exiting items in the room.
  • Material – Next comes the decision of what material you should buy. These drawers’ cabinets are available in wood, metal, plastic, and a few others. If the room contains wooden furniture, you should look at material from the same league.
  • Size – Always get the right sizes of the space where you want to place the cabinet. And when buying online, go to the product description section to know the size specifications of the item you choose to buy.
  • Price and brand – The price of drawer cabinets will vary with size, material, finish, look and brand. So, it is better to settle a price limit and look for product options from assorted brands. Here you can use the price comparison tool at for easy search.

While buying you may also need to consider the aftercare of the item as you can clean the wood finish with a slight finish and dry it thoroughly. At the same time, mirrors and the white glass must be cleaned with a cold damp cloth. In such cases, it is better not to use glass cleaners or furniture polish. These chemicals are hard and can cause damage to the polish and paint on the wardrobe. In such cases, you can consult the user manual that comes with the wardrobe.

Question & Answer

Are kitchen drawers better than kitchen cabinets?

Yes, most people now prefer using kitchen drawers over kitchen cabinets to keep the dishes. At first, it is better because you do not need to stick your head in the cabinet; the drawer will come to you. Secondly, they are easy to organize and can ensure no dropping when you try to take out one or two items for use. They are also accessible for kids to use without causing any damage to the things it contains.

Why are cabinets expensive items to buy?

The main reason for such cost is the quality of these furniture items.  As they are not meant to be changed the year, they should be made in a way to protect the utilities, important documents, clothing items or dishes. Also, they must not fall apart when encountering food or water. It means a lot of time and effort goes into producing these cabinets.  Estimated it takes about 6 hours to build one standard size piece. With that much effort and resources invested; these items are expensive to buy.

Can you put a drawer in a cabinet?

Yes, you can do that. But it depends on the type and style of the inside of the cabinet. However, adding drawers in an already built cabinet demands some serious remoulding job done. There are certain ways to retrofit the existing self-style base cabinets. If you are handy enough and own your place, install some add-on drawers. You can also get the same effects by stacking dishes in a crate or bin.

Where can I buy a drawer cabinet online in the UAE?

When it comes to buying drawer cabinets, storage closets or any other furniture item for your home or office, online stores are the best place to shop. On a retail search engine, you can find all the viable options in terms of style, size, material, make and any other specific features from global sellers. At, you can find top brands like Ikea, Bisley, Hon, Caracole, Adriana Hoyos, Fireking, Godrej, and Poppin. Here you can also use the price comparison tool to find cheaper items from the said brands.

Meanwhile, you can also use to find products from stores like Winsome, Brown Built, Global, Hirsh, and Pottery Barn or explore global shops to make the best buying decision.