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About Computer Cabinets

Whether you’re upgrading your computers or just updating your case to make your system look better, the best computer cabinets can do wonders for your computers. The PC cases offer you better cable management and hardware options. But there’s more you need to know before you head out to buy a computer cabinet online in UAE. Scroll on to know! 

Computer cabinets or cases serve mainly as a path to physically mount and contain all the actual components inside of a computer. The cabinets include the motherboard, optical drive, drive, etc. There are several reasons to use computer cabinets. One is for protection. Dust, dirt, liquids, etc. can easily damage the internal parts of a computer if there isn’t a sturdy case to protect it. Likewise, it’s also a way to hide all those internal parts of the computer that nobody wants to see when they look at the computer. Finally, one of the most important reasons is to keep the area cool. The usage of computer cabinets ensures proper airflow over the computer components. But remember, not all computer cabinets are the same. You’ll find many different types out there on the market. Let’s take a look at the few popular ones in the next section. 

The different kinds of computer cabinets to choose from  

Over the years the computer cabinets have evolved almost as much as the computers itself. They’ve evolved from the boring white boxes with no charm to brushed and sleek aluminium housing with a clever design. Many even have clever mounts for hardware, nooks for cables, and several options for multiple radiators and chambered power supplies. If you want to ditch the usual optical drive mounts and make the most out of your space, then know that you’ll find plenty of computer cabinet options out there. Let’s take a look at the few. 

The finest CPU cabinet

CPU cabinets were just usually boxed in the earlier days. They could hold just a motherboard and other computer stuff. However, now, things have changed. Today, these cabinets come in various designs and for different uses. Besides, each model have peculiar features as well. Some of the unique traits of the cabinets include input ports, cable management straps, liquid cooling systems, and much more. Some of the best quality computer cabinets offer you various features apart from the protection alone. The popular model that you can consider buying includes Corsiar Carbide Series, Ant Esports, Cooler Master, CHIPTRONEX, and many more as such. 

The best gaming PC cabinet

The finest PC cases provide a jumping-off point for your gaming PC. However, they can also be the finishing touch that makes your machine stand out from the crowd or the rest of the cabinets. Luckily, you have a wide selection to choose from when it comes to computer cabinets for gaming. Some of you might like it big and flashy, while some of you might prefer a more minimalistic and straightforward approach. The model you choose depends on your PC size and build. Know the size of your motherboard, the storage you require, and your graphics card size. Some of the well-built gaming computer cabinets include models like Cooler Master Cosmos, Corsair Carbide 275R, Phanteks Evolv X, and more. 

The transparent PC cabinet

The hardware looks amazing, and you plan to set it up as neatly as possible. But, quite often, in most cases, you’re looking at only have one small window showing the internals! This is common with a lot of gaming towers. But thankfully, there’s been an emergence of beautiful, clear computer cases that give as much transparency to your build as possible. Also, the best open frame cases and ones with more than one window are available today for all sizes/budgets. Besides, you could always find a cheap glass computer cabinet that suits your budget. This not only saves you some bucks also serves the purpose. 

The small computer cabinet

Big, flashy PCs may get more attention for their looks and all the packed power inside. However, there’s a lot to love about a compact that is the Mini ITX build. With this case, you can pack in all you need for your computer into a compact build. It’s not just about the size but also you can now put powerful components into these builds. Graphics cards and processors just keep getting better. Now, you can find many powerful components that run cool enough to live inside the tighter quarters of a Mini ITX case. They’re ‘the’ best computer cabinet for small spaces. And yes, not all pricey ones, you can easily find cheap minicomputer cabinet online.

Tips on how to buy Computer Cabinets online

Choosing parts for a computer is a lot like choosing car parts. Looks are important but only to a certain extent. But many times you want your computer to work in a certain way. Unlike picking the rest of your PC, choosing the case is a lot more like clothes shopping. As long as your motherboard and some other parts fit into the case, you’re going almost entirely for cosmetics. Here are some tips to consider while you head out to buy computer cabinets online.

  • Know your computer – The first step to consider before purchasing the computer cabinet is to know your computer well. Know their build, style, storage capacity and more. But, if you do not know these things, its best to take a look at the specifications given on your system. This is important as it decides your purchase process ahead.
  • Explore the types – Even before you start your search online for the finest computer cabinet out there, it’s very important to figure out your options first. You’ll find computer cabinets in all sorts of designs, colours, materials, and shapes. It’s better to know and understand their features to pick out your ideal one online.
  • Consider the space inside – You must get your computers the cabinet that has ample space inside. In short, buy a huge cabinet if you have space. A big build promotes airflow and keeps your system cool. A spacious computer cabinet ensures that your computer motherboard has ample space to vent out the heat generated by the working computer parts.
  • The size matters – Before buying any model, decide what size case you need. You’ll find three major case sizes – the full tower, the mid-tower, and the mini ITX. Each has a different property. The full and mid options fit standard ATX motherboards. Whereas, the mini fits only the small ones. Remember, exact size varies from case to case.
  • Assess the aesthetics – Make sure you like the look of the computer cabinet you’re going to buy! Remember, you’ll be staring at it for the years to come. So, this is not a superficial consideration that you overlook. Every retailer indeed shows PC cases from different angles on their website. Therefore, you can easily leave out the ugly looking and choose the best one. The computer cabinets come in all sorts of colours, materials, and designs.
  • Set aside a budget – Once you decide on the size of the PC case and the style, next figure out your budget. If you plan to spend less than AED100 you’d probably end up getting a case with bare-bones, nondescript cabinet with a few additional features. Things open up in the AED 150-AED500 price range, which has seen a lot of advancement over the past few years. If you’re looking to purchase the best budget computer cabinet, then do shop for the computer cabinet for sale online in UAE.

All in all, the features purely come down to your personal preference or the requirements. Some case has more fans for higher cooling, while others do not. Look at the model that you need. Be sure to weigh the pros and cons of each option you explore before making the final call. This not only assists you in securing the best among the lot but also allows you to curb unnecessary expenditure.

Question & Answer

How to clean a computer cabinet?

All systems have some of the other types of moving parts inside them that needs regular maintenance. Computers aren’t an exception. It has CPUs, power supplies, video cards, and many more parts as such. The maintenance of each of these parts is important. Indeed, the computer cabinets offer the parts a high degree of protection. But, the cases themselves require regular cleaning too. You can clean the cabinets with a spray of air and remove any dust stuck on the parts. Likewise, you could also use a cloth to do so.

Which computer cabinet do I need?

This depends on various factors. First is, of course, the design and size of your computers. The size and the design of your computers determine the type of computer cabinet you need. Make sure that the one that you choose perfectly fits your computer parts. Any misfit might cause damage to your computer’s internal parts. And yes, you should also choose the one with the best quality. Also, you need to go for a good and trusted brand.

Which computer cabinet is best?

The computer cabinets offer a high degree of protection to the internal computer parts and other hardware. Besides, the finest cases come in sleek designs and unique features. Above all, the best computer cases come in high-quality. Popular brands like Home Centre and Ikea bring you a range of the best computer cabinet options online. Make sure you go for a good and reliable brand so that you remain assured of the quality and it lasts for long too. You can find many varieties here itself on

Where to buy computer cabinet online in UAE?

With numerous online stores bringing in several kinds of computer cabinets on to the market, you’re bound to get the one that suits your computer parts. But, the sheer variety doesn’t guarantee you quality. If you’re looking to purchase the best of the bests, then go ahead and visit Check out the various computer cabinets from popular brands and online stores. Better yet, you can compare prices and purchase them from these stores right here on our product search engine.

While many of you might have already ticked the most significant boxes to buy the best computer cabinet, there’s plenty to know to separate the best PC cases from the good ones. We hope this guide has served the purpose and has offered you credible information about this furniture piece. Surely, it will help you make an informed decision when you’re buying the computer cabinets online.