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The utility of a bookcase goes far beyond storing books. It constitutes an important element in interior décor. Various types, sizes, and styles are available to choose from in the marketplace. A fine product, stocked with the right books, raise the élan of the room.

They come in classic shelves, colourful cubes, floating shelves, glass shelves, and more. The most common material is wood. High-end cases such as oak bookcases have a superior finish and come with transparent glass doors. Many libraries and offices have bookshelf made of metal or wood. When buying a bookcase, browse through the best product search engine, and choose a product that offers the perfect combination of strength, style, and durability. Make sure the style matches the profile of the books.

Difference between bookcase and bookstand

Most people use the terms bookcase and bookstand interchangeably. Although the primary purpose of both is to store books, there is a difference between bookcases v bookstands. A bookcase is furniture and consists of multiple shelves to store books for easy visual reference. Some cases may be open, but most cases have doors. A bookstand consists of simple stalls, shelves, or racks to hold books. Most bookstands fix the wall. Many libraries have large rows of bookstands, which stand independently. Products, which are more ornate and covered from all sides, invariably cost more than the simple and minimalist bookstands.

High-end bookcases

Costly books, such as encyclopaedia, reference books, coffee table books, or even heavy books such as reference manuals, require sturdy, high-end cases. An oak bookcase with a rich collection of classics, works of famous philosophers, and more helps the owner make a powerful statement. Tall bookshelves that cover the entire length of the wall is a good form of interior design. These are also the best bookcases for heavy books. A tall case made of superior wood could also partition the room. Some interior designers make use of high-end cases, but with short height, to create cubicles. The premium prices for these high-end cases are worth the investment, as these last for generations.

Budget bookcases

The best budget cases are mass-manufactured in factories and made using particleboard, paper foil, or similar low-cost materials. They are extremely lightweight and extremely budget-friendly. Skilled craftsmanship makes them very attractive as well. The low cost of such an option does not mean it lacks quality. They may last as long as they are made of premium wood or metal, but the low cost means it offers similar or even better value for money. Customers may replace these items easily and buy the latest product. Small bookcases make up the bulk of cheap bookcases for sale online UAE. The most common types of such budget bookcases are 2-shelf bookcases and slim bookcases. Buy small bookcases online UAE from our online shops.


A bookshelf is a cost-effective way to store books. Most bookshelves come as pieces of rectangular shelves affixed to walls. A corner bookshelf saves space and makes the room attractive. Unlike a bookcase, bookshelves do not come with enclosing and doors. The most common material for bookshelves is wood. The material for low-cost bookshelves is particleboard or similar low-cost materials. Bookshelves made of glass is also popular. Most bookcase doors are in glass, enclosed in a wooden frame. LWithlengthy rows and independent support made of steel or other strong metal, large bookshelves are common in libraries.

Ikea bookshelf

Ikea is one of the most popular brands of bookshelves worldwide. The brand offers a wide range of bookshelves in different styles, sizes, and budgets. Its Lavia model tops the list as one of the best budget bookshelves. This bookshelf is stylish and sturdy and makes a good choice as a bookcase for the living room or a bookcase for the bedroom. Other popular Ikea bookshelf models include the Kallax shelving unit, Hemnes, Fjallbo, and Havsta. These models come in various sizes and colours. The Lack model offers independent shelves of various sizes, enabling custom design. One of the key attractions of Ikea bookshelves is their extremely stylish and neat finish.

Tips on how to buy Bookcases

Buying a bookcase or a bookshelf requires careful consideration, as it has big implications on the overall layout and appearance of the room. The ideal cases for any space depend on the style of the room and the books on hand. Online shops offer various cases, including cases for the living room or the bedroom and even for commercial use. There are offices and libraries with distinct and minimalist styles. All these types of items come in various shapes, sizes, and finish. The price depends on the material, size, and finish. Buying a bookcase is a sizable investment. Consider the following tips when buying such a case:

  • Size of the bookcase – They come in different sizes. Choose the size depending on the number of books available. For instance, cramping many books into a small bookcase gives rice to clutter and disorganised space. But make sure the size syncs with the size of the room where you plan to put the bookshelf. An extra-large bookshelf in a small room will hog up space and become an inconvenience.
  • Size of the shelves – Make sure the height and width of the shelves in the bookcase are sufficient to hold the books on hand. A bookcase with low space between shelves may not hold tall or large-sized books, forcing clutter. Likewise, if the bookcase has to store magazines or other large books on the bookcase, make sure the shelves are wide enough for the purpose.
  • Material – The bookcase comes in various materials, such as wood, particleboard, and metal. Metal bookshelves last the longest but may not be aesthetically pleasing. The particleboard bookcase is lightweight and costs less compared to other options but may have relatively low durability. Look for the value on offer instead of considering the cost of the bookcase in isolation.
  • Design – A good bookshelf adds chic to the room. The design of the bookshelf is a reflection of the style preferred by the inhabitants of the space. Opt for a design that syncs with the room and suits the type of books under the display. For instance, a bookshelf painted in bright colours would suit children’s books.
  • Installation – Make sure it is easy to set up, or better come with installation support. Popular brands such as Ikea offer convenient packages and easy DIY assembly. Other metal or wood bookcases may come pre-fixed and will have to be home-delivered.

So, you don’t need to settle for less when it comes to protecting your beloved books here at Shops. You can find all the top brands that offer the most exciting range of these cases. These cases will not only add aesthetic value to your home but will also protect your books from termites and any other type of damage.

Question & Answer

Where to put a bookcase in the living room?

These products raise the elan of the living room. The best position depends on room size, bookcase length, and furniture layout. Tall, narrow bookcases look best in a corner. Longer bookcases, short or tall, look best when placed at the centre of a wall. In living rooms with limited space, the bookshelf is optimal behind the sofa. Such a layout saves spaces and gives the room an extra chic look. Effective placement of these cases hides weird architectural elements, such as slanted ceilings or electrical joint boards. Buy large bookcase online UAE using our product search engine .

Which Ikea bookcase is best?

Ikea offers the best cases for small spaces and also the best bookcases for large spaces. The best Ikea bookcase is Billy. This bookcase, developed in 1979 by Gillis Lundgren, has withstood the test of time and has sold a whopping 60 million units worldwide. This versatile bookcase is made of particleboard with polypropylene plastic foil on the surface and melamine foil on the sides. Here, the user may adjust the height of the shelves as per the needs. The Billy bookcase standard unit measures 80 cm wide, 28 cm thick, and 202 cm high. Moreover, the Billy height extension unit, available in the same width, offers additional vertical height and storage capacity. Also, a combination of Oxberg with Billy gives doors to the celebrated bookcase. All Ikea bookcases have easily portable packages.

Where to buy a bookcase online in the UAE?

The best place to buy a bookcase online in the UAE is We offer a wide range of cases for books, suiting all rooms and all purposes. So choose from a wide range of low cost yet sturdy and high-quality bookcases, suiting your taste and budget. The best shopping site for bookcases in Dubai allows you to select bookshelf in different colours, sizes, materials, shapes, and styles. Luckily, we offer the lowest prices for bookshelves in Dubai. Moreover, the low-margin, high-volume business strategy further reduces the cost of the product.

Buy your bookshelf in Dubai from the best shopping site, which offers 100% punctuality and reliability. Indeed, our product search engine delivers cheap bookcases for sale online in the UAE, cutting across different brands. Remember, our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction sets us apart from competitors. Here you can also find all the best selling storage closets for your home and commercial needs.

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