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About Bathroom Furniture

If you ever feel like you need some extra space in your bathroom, there is no need to completely rebuild the bathroom. Instead, you can get the most out of the existing room by adding some furniture. Moreover, bathroom furniture will also help you improve the aesthetics of the bathroom.

In a bathroom, you will need space for storing towels and toiletries. Things like bathroom cabinets and vanity units are the best options for this. Moreover, they also come in a variety of materials, like natural wood, MDF, melamine, rattan, wrought iron and even glass. Depending on the style you are after, and physical properties, you can choose a set with sleek futuristic design, or contemporary looking furniture or even the really affordable ones composed of simple materials. Read this article to find out more about them. Having a better understanding of them will help you make the right choices while shopping for them.

Different types of bathroom furniture for your home

Choosing the right bathroom furniture for your home is picky! You need to decide on the size of the room, materials, colour to match with your bathroom style and colour. So, these bathroom fixtures optimise your room space and provide you with space to arrange your bathroom essentials. Most of this furniture comes with a stylish design, varied kinds, sturdy, durable, and affordable. Thus, you seek the best value bathroom furniture, learn about the different kinds of it. To make your shopping experiences enjoyable as well as hassle-free. 

Bathroom floor units

As you can probably figure out from the name, bathroom floor units are basically cabinets or shelves that you can place on the bathroom. Because these types of units offer a lot of storage capacity, it will help you save space in the bathroom. Well, even though they are called floor units, you can also use them as wall-mounted units. One factor to consider while choosing a floor unit is the arrangement of the drawers, doors and shelves in the unit. These should be selected based on the bathroom layout. As the lower shelves of floor units will be so close to the floor, it is better to use the lower storage units for keeping things that you don’t need often.

Bathroom cabinets

Bathroom cabinets are probably the most common type of bathroom furniture. These are similar to living room cabinets in some ways. You can find them in one, two, or three doors, configurations. Furthermore, you also have to choose models that have mirrors and drawers as well. If you want more light in the bathroom, there are bathroom cabinets that feature LED, halogen, or any other low-energy light fixtures. Keep in mind that the storage space you will get in a cabinet will vary depending on the depth.

Bathroom vanity set

These are somewhat similar to cabinets. But the key difference is that the vanity set comes together with the sink or combines with the bathroom sink. You can either buy units that combine both the sink and the vanity cabinet or install a third-party vanity that fits the dimensions of the sink. If your sink has a column, then you are going to get very little space for storage. Vanity sets also have some aesthetic benefits. For basins that do not come with a column, a vanity will hide the plumbing and give a better finish to the bathroom.

Bathroom mirror cabinet

A mirror is often a necessity in a bathroom. Most people do the grooming in their bathrooms. In order to be able to do that well, there should be a mirror in the bathroom that is decently big. However, instead of fixing just a mirror, you can go for a mirror cabinet. The benefit of using a mirror cabinet is that you can use the same amount of space on the wall that the mirror will take up, but you get an extra storage space as well. Mirror cabinets are always wall-mounted. If you already have a vanity cabinet in the bathroom, it is best to go for a mirror cabinet that has the same finish as that of the vanity.

Tips on how to buy Bathroom Furniture

Finding the right set of bathroom furniture might be much harder than you might imagine. One of the reasons for this is the sheer variety of styles, sizes, and materials that exist within this furniture. Buying the wrong furniture can be a costly mistake. That being said, it will be easier if you know what factors to consider in them. Here are a few things to keep in mind while you are shopping for bathroom furniture online.

  • Look for the types – First of all, you have to choose what type of furniture you want in the bathroom. It is common for people to pair the vanity and the mirror cabinet together. But apart from that, you can also have a wall rack, floor cabinet, towel rack, or anything other furniture. Think about how much storage room you want and also your budget.
  • Check the size – It is necessary to calculate the space you have in the bathroom before committing yourself to any purchases. Figure out exactly where you want the furniture to go as well. It will be really helpful if you draw a bathroom floor plan so that you can easily figure out where you can fit each one of them. Furthermore, make sure you leave enough space for opening and closing the door.
  • Check on assembly – Furniture might either come pre-assembled or as separate pieces that you have to bolt together. In the latter case, you will need some basic tools so that you can easily put together the furniture yourself. In case you don’t have any of them, make sure to buy the basic ones. You can find them at very low prices in
  • Select the style and design – It is essential to figure out what style of furniture will be suitable for the bathroom aesthetic. Otherwise, it is nearly impossible to bring harmony between all the different fixtures you have in the bathroom. If you are going for a traditional finish, then try to complement the traditional finish of the furniture with faucets, tubs, and shower fixtures with a vintage or traditional finish.

There are many types of furniture you need to optimise as well as beautify your room. And the bathroom cabinets are one furniture which you need to organise your items & optimise your washroom. So, to shop for such furniture, choose as your default shopping partner. And browse through the mind-blowing collection of products at a cheap price like never before! So, what are you waiting for? Start shopping now!

Question & Answer

What is modular bathroom furniture?

The difference between modular furniture and regular furniture is the level of customizability that each of them offers. In the case of regular furniture, you pretty much have to use it. The extent you can customise regular furniture is very little if it is possible. On the other hand, modular furniture is designed with customizability in mind. Therefore, the joints and assembly mechanism of such furniture will be quick and easy to remove and fit back with minimal tools, even without any prior experience. Furthermore, modular furniture makes it easy to scale up. It is possible to combine together two sets of modular furniture to form a bigger one.

How to waterproof bathroom furniture?

Humidity and wetness are not the ideal conditions for the durability of the furniture. Therefore, you have to have waterproofing on the furniture. This is especially important if the material is wood, MDF, or melamine. So, how do you waterproof them? Well, the answer is tung oil. It is an oil made from a tree that is native to China. All you have to do is to apply this oil on the exposed surfaces of the furniture so as to create a barrier between the furniture and humidity. You will only need to do this once in a month or so.

Where to buy bathroom furniture online in the UAE?

Bathroom furniture has been getting better and better over the years. But it is easy to get deceived by the looks while you are buying them. To ensure the longevity and usefulness of the furniture, you have to buy them from a good shop. Fortunately, there are numerous places in the UAE where you can find good quality bathroom furniture. However, the best place to look for them is, of course, Moreover, it is incredibly easy to find a suitable model for using our retail search engine.

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